20+ Easy Malay Words About Hobbies

Selamat datang! Interested to master some Malay words about hobbies? We got your back! In today’s post, we will walk you through the most common hobbies and their translations so that you can easily speak with the locals regarding this subject. If you are ready for that, then let’s start learning!

We live in the 21st century where the world is shrinking. People are no longer bound to their geographical location. They can access information, travel, and learn other languages anywhere around the world. One such language is Malay – spoken in Malaysia or Indonesia for over three centuries, yet still less studied than most modern-day tongues on Earth today.

Learning a new language is an important life skill, not only because it allows you to connect with people from other cultures, but also get a closer appreciation for their traditional values and heritage. Malay culture has deep-rooted traditions, and it is no surprise that contemporary Malaysia regards the entirety of its history as something unique and valuable. After all, it spans thousands upon millennia back to prehistoric times. Learning Malay will allow you to get closer to a culture that still exists in Malaysia today.

One of those Malay values is the importance of having hobbies. Malaysian people have a wide variety of hobbies, ranging from traditional Malay games like Sepak takraw (kicking the rattan ball) and Main gasing (top spinning) to more Western-style pastimes like football, baseball, and golf. Hobbies are not just a way to pass the time in Malaysia. They are important for people because they help them grow as individuals, no matter what those hobbies may be. Whichever hobby brings you joy, mastering the words related to your hobbies can be very beneficial for you in the long run.

If you will ask us, one of the best ways to break the ice with a native is by learning a few words in their language. You can do that and more by using this simple guide on how to start talking about hobbies. Malay culture is a complex and nuanced one, with many different facets that can be difficult to understand. But don’t worry – we’ve got your back in terms of what some common phrases mean, so when it comes time for conversations about hobbies, you’ll know exactly what to say.

Common Phrases About Hobbies

common Malay Words About Hobbies

“Do you play football?” You ask, immediately regretting it, because you don’t know what to say next.

You can see where I’m going with this. It’s not just a matter of asking someone if they want to talk about their hobbies with some foreigner sitting on the other side.

We have already established that Malaysia is a country with rich cultural background. Before we start learning about some common Malay hobbies, there are a couple of phrases that you’ll want to use to successfully discuss those topics with native speakers, so check them out first in the table below. For the sake of simplicity, in our example sentences, we will be using the word football (bola speak).

English Malay Example sentences
 What is your hobby?  Apakah hobi anda?                          –
 I like ___  Saya suka ___  Saya suka bola sepak.
 I don’t like ___  Saya tidak suka ___  Saya tidak suka bola sepak.
 I can play ___  Saya boleh bermain ____  Saya boleh bermain bola sepak.
 I can’t play ___  Saya tidak boleh bermain ____  Saya tidak boleh bermain bola    sepak.
 I am good at ___  Saya pandai ____  Saya pandai bola sepak.
 I am not good at ___  Saya tidak pandai ___  Saya tidak pandai bola speak.

There are many things to do in Malaysia, except for football. From adventure sports like mountain climbing and camping, all the way to top spinning and playing kickball – there’s something for everyone! But how would you know what is popular among locals without knowing some basic words?

Now that we’ve covered communication basics, it’s time to learn some words about hobbies in Malay and get you one step closer towards successfully communicating your interests on vacations.

Malay Words About Hobbies

simple Malay Words About Hobbies

You may be interested in some basic types of hobbies that are popular around the world and you will find them in the table below. Reading books or playing video games can seem mundane to some people, but they’re still quite fun and widely popular. The list of some popular Malaysian hobbies is quite common around the world, such as cooking, watching TV, and gardening. But if we were to look closer at their culture’s roots, many other activities would be revealed, such as tossing the stones (Batu Seremban) or fishing which are all staples within traditional Malay communities.

With that said, some other hobbies on this list might surprise you – traditional Malay ones, that come with their own set rules so I would recommend checking out Ling App for additional details if your natural curiosity wins! Let’s dig in and check them out!

English Malay
Reading  Membaca
Watching TV  Menonton televisyen
Playing computer games  Bermain permainan komputer
Kick ball  Sepak takraw
Flying a moon kite  Terbangkan wau bulan
Top spinning  Main gasing
Playing board games  Bermain permainan papan
Gardening  Berkebun
Painting  Melukis
Cooking  Memasak
Bird watching  Mengamati burung
Walking  Berjalan
Fishing  Memancing
Playing golf  Bermain Golf
Playing football  Bola sepak
Making crafts  Membuat kraftangan
Playing cards  Bermain kad
Running  Berlari
Mountain climbing  Mendaki gunung
 Tossing the stones (game)  Batu seremban
Filling the wooden board (game)  Congkak
Camping  Berkhemah

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