Malay Relationship Vocabulary: 30+ Easy Words

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re interested in learning more about the Malay relationship vocabulary. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Are you planning to travel for the first time to Malaysia? One thing that you should learn first is the Malay language. Malay is the national language of Malaysia and one of the few languages throughout the world that has continued to evolve as a spoken language in a region that has been exposed to multiple languages and cultures. Because of this, the Malay language has a rich and diverse vocabulary that’s not just related to love and relationships but also to friends, family, and society in general.

When it comes to relationships, language can be tricky. There are so many different words for love and compatibility. The problem is that these words differ from culture to culture, making it difficult for two people from different backgrounds to communicate about their relationships.


Common Malay Relationship Vocabulary

Malay spoken context relationship vocabulary

Common Malay Words About Family

Malaysian language (Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Malaysia) and culture are rich in terms of family ties and values. These values are reflected in the many words in the Malay language that describe different family relationships. For example, some words describe the relationship between parents and their children, as well as between siblings.

Let’s look at some important and common words and phrases concerning family relationships that can be used in both Malay spoken contexts as well as formal contexts.

1. Family Members/Ahli Keluarga

Ex. His mother, father, and sister are his family members.

Ibu, ayah, dan kakaknya adalah ahli keluarganya.

2. Younger Sibling/Adik

Ex. My best friend has a younger sibling.

Kawan baik saya mempunyai seorang adik.

3. Elder Brother/Abang sulung

Ex. His elder brother is very good at maths.

Abangnya sangat mahir dalam matematik.

4. Mother/Ibu

Ex. I love my mother.

Saya sayangkan ibu saya.

5. Father/Ayah

Ex. I love my father.

Saya sayang ayah saya.

6. Brother/Abang

Ex. I have a younger brother.

Saya mempunyai seorang adik lelaki.

7. Sister/Kakak

Ex. I have a big sister.

Saya mempunyai seorang kakak.

8. Child/Anak

Ex. They have a child.

Mereka mempunyai seorang anak.

9. Grandparents/Datuk Nenek

Ex. His grandpa and grandma are his grandparents.

Datuk dan neneknya ialah datuk dan neneknya.

10. Grandma/Nenek

Ex. My grandma is very old.

Nenek saya sudah sangat tua.

11. Grandpa/Datuk

Ex. His grandpa likes to play chess.

12. Aunt/Makcik

Ex. Her aunt is very beautiful.

Makcik dia sangat cantik.

13. Uncle/Pakcik

Ex. My uncle is a very smart man.

Pakcik saya seorang yang sangat bijak.

14. Nephew/Anak Saudara

Ex. I love playing with my nephew.

Saya suka bermain dengan anak saudara saya.

15. Niece/Anak Saudara Perempuan

Ex. I love playing with my niece.

Saya suka bermain dengan anak saudara saya.

Common Malay Words About Friendships

learn new words about friendships in Malay

In many societies, a key to happiness has strong, solid friendships. Friends come in all shapes and sizes; they can be anything from siblings to neighbors to fellow workers. They might even be total strangers who live in different parts of the country. But the important thing is that they’re friends. Malay culture places a high value on friendships.

1. Friend/Kawan

Ex. He/She is my friend.

Dia adalah kawan saya.

2. Friendship/Persahabatan

Ex. I value our friendship.

Saya menghargai persahabatan kita.

3. Acquaintance/Perkenalan

Ex. He is my acquaintance.

Dia adalah kenalan saya.

4. Best Friend/Kawan Baik

Ex. My best friend is really clever.

Kawan baik saya memang pandai.

5. A Close Friend/Kawan Rapat

Ex. He is my close friend.

Dia kawan rapat saya.

6. Circle Of Friends/Bulatan Kawan

Ex. She has a big circle of friends.

Dia mempunyai kumpulan kawan yang besar.

Common Malay Words About Romantic Relationships

The language of love is complex, with many different words for different stages in the relationship. When discussing romantic relationships in Malaysia, certain phrases are often used to describe the type of relationship you have with your partner. This article lists some common phrases that you might hear when discussing romantic relationships in Malaysia.

1. Single/Bujang

Ex. He/She is single.

Dia bujang.

2. Dating/Berkencan

Ex. They are dating.

Mereka sedang berpacaran.

3. In A Relationship/Dalam Perhubungan

Ex. Are they in a relationship?

Adakah mereka mempunyai hubungan?

4. Mutual Affection/Saling Menyayangi

Ex. There’s mutual affection between them.

Ada rasa sayang antara mereka.

5. In Love/Dilamun Cinta

Ex. I am so in love.

Saya sangat jatuh cinta.

6. Out Of Love/Putus Cinta

Ex. He fell out of love.

Dia putus cinta.

7. Fall In Love/Jatuh Cinta

Ex. I can’t wait to fall in love again.

Saya tidak sabar untuk jatuh cinta lagi.

8. Boyfriend/Teman Lelaki

Ex. He is my boyfriend.

Dia adalah teman lelaki saya.

9. Girlfriend/Teman Wanita

Ex. She is my girlfriend.

Dia teman wanita saya.

10. Husband/Suami

Ex. He is my husband.

Dia adalah suami saya.

11. Wife/Isteri

Ex. She is my wife.

Dia adalah isteri saya.

12. Engaged/Bertunang

Ex. They recently got engaged.

Mereka baru-baru ini bertunang.

13. Married/Berkahwin

Ex. They got married.

Mereka sudah berkahwin.

14. Break Up/Untuk Berpisah

Ex. They will have to break up.

Mereka perlu berpisah.

15. Get Back Together/Kembali Bersama

Ex. I hope they get back together.

Saya harap mereka kembali bersama.

16. Divorced/Bercerai

Ex. My best friend is divorced.

Kawan baik saya sudah bercerai.

17. Widow/janda

Ex. Her husband died and she’s a widow.

Suaminya meninggal dunia dan dia seorang janda.


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