Congratulations In Malay: The 4 Easy Ways!

Congratulations In Malay

In order to get along with the residents of a particular area, it is important to have a basic understanding of their language. While learning a new language, learning the colloquial phrases and expressions in it is important if you do not want to be treated as an outsider. How to say congratulations in Malay is a great way to start connecting with the locals in interesting ways!

Malay is a language spoken in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, East Timor, Singapore, parts of Thailand, and the southern Philippines. If you are living in any of these countries, have colleagues who speak Malay, or just like to learn new languages then you must know how to congratulate them in Malay. Learning the phrases about congratulations in Malay can make people get closer to you as they would feel cared for and appreciated.

How To Say Congratulations In Malay

CongratulationsBoth formal and informalTahniahTa-ne-ah
CongratulationsExtremely informalWei, congratsWay-Congrats
Good luckBoth formal and informalSelamat berjayaSe-la-mat ber-ja-ya

Tahniah and Syabas are the most common words to congratulate someone in Malay. However, Tahniah can be used to congratulate people on any kind of event while the usage of Syabas is a bit limited. Let’s check out the meanings of these words that symbolizes congratulations in Malay.


Translation: Congratulations

The word Tahniah is used to congratulate others on various occasions. It can be used both to congratulate a child on achieving something good and to congratulate your colleagues on getting a promotion. From something as informal as two close friends congratulating each other, to something as formal as a president saying congratulations while awarding a prize. Tahniah can be your magnum opus when it comes to congratulating people in Malay because you do not have to care about the situation or occasion, you can use the word freely.

Example Sentences To Say Tahniah

  • Tahniah kerana mendapat mata pelajaran yang cemerlang dalam Peperiksaan (Congratulations on getting good grades in Exam)
  • Tahniah, dah berkahwin (Congratulations on getting married)
  • Tahniah,kau terpilih dalam Uji Bakat itu (Congratulations, you have been chosen for the audition)
Congratulations In Malay Syabas


Translation: Congratulations

Another word used to congratulate someone in Malay is Syabas. The use of this word has a slight formal or professional connotation to it. It can be used for a renowned academic achievement, promotion, or joining a formal contract e.g creating an account in a bank. It is used more often for/ in professional settings e.g. in schools, proper competitions, offices, etc. Colleagues in the office usually use syabas to congratulate each other.

Examples Sentences To Say Syabas

  • Syabas kerana memilih Bank Maybank (Congratulations on choosing Maybank Bank)
  • Syabas kerana dapat melakukan berjaya dalam temuduga tersebut (Congratulations for being successful in this meeting)
  • Syabas, kamu telah lulus ujian ini! (Congratulations on passing the exam)

Wei Congrats

Translation: Congratulations

Wei congrats is more of a slang word used in the Malay language which has been taken from the English language. Malay people, especially the young or teen generation tend to congratulate each other using “Wei congrats”. It is highly informal and should only be used with someone who is close to you like your close/ best friends etc. Even then you might need their permission or approval to say this. Their level of frankness can tell you if you should use this or not.

Example Sentences To Say Wei Congrats

  • Wei, Congrats sebab dapat Tempat Pertama (Congrats on getting the first place)
  • Wei, Congrats,kau dapat piala Pertandingan tu (Congrats, you got the Trophy)
Congratulations In Malay Selamat Berjaya

Selamat Berjaya

Translation: Good luck

Google translate gives “Selamat berjaya” as the translation of congratulations in Malay which is incorrect. It can however be used with another phrase for congratulations to congratulate and wish luck on the journey ahead. For instance when an application of a student gets accepted and the next step is calling them for the interview, then this can be used.

Example Sentences To Say Selamat Berjaya

  • Selamat berjaya dalam mendapatkan temuduga tersebut (Good luck for getting the interview)
  • Selamat berjaya dalam menjawab soalan peperiksaan (Goodluck for answering the Exam)
  • Selamat berjaya dalam soal selidik nanti (Good luck with the Question/ Answer session)

Extra Tips On How To Say Congratulations In Malay

If you want to congratulate someone but do not want to say the same phrases repeatedly, you can even say Korang dah buat yang terbaik which translates to “You guys did well”. Also, if you’d like to learn more about how to say congratulations in other languages, please check out our previous post for Tagalog and Korean.

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