Compliments In Malay: #3 Best Facts To Learn Now!

 Want to make some Malay friends? If you’re going to make friends with the locals in Malaysia or Indonesia, you should read up on the art of giving compliments in Malay (or pujian in Bahasa Melayu).

Complimenting someone is a standard method of making friends since it allows you to start a conversation with that person and maybe develop a closer bond with them. Therefore, finding a way to interact with the locals is crucial while learning a new language. However, the norms you use with others may not be appropriate while interacting with Malay people. Even though you know how to compliment in the Malay language, you still need to keep these 3 facts in mind.

Read on for the explanation if you’re curious!

1. The Malay People Are Known For Their Politeness And Courtesy

Compliments In Malay

Since we have been immersed in western society for so long, most Malay people nowadays are more comfortable with making and accepting direct compliments. However, some Malays indeed feel uncomfortable with openly praising others. As a result, they don’t respond well to compliments, either smiling awkwardly or changing the topic. It’s unusual to find a Malay who accepts compliments with a delighted expression and says, “thank you!”.

That’s because Malay people are commonly humble and polite, especially when exchanging compliments.

2. Malays Don’t Overpraise

The Malay culture teaches their people to be careful with compliments. Consequently, it’s important to use caution while offering compliments. The fact that the majority of Malay citizens are Muslim has a significant impact on this. Islamic idea holds that too much praise can do more damage than good.

3. They Like Hearing Praise For Their Excellent Hospitality.

Compliments In Malay

Malay people take great pride in getting positive feedback about the hospitality they have shown to others, although they’re often reserved and humble. So complimenting those in the service industry is a great way to show appreciation and encourage them to keep up the excellent work.

Giving Compliments In Malay

Here are some words and phrases to use the next time you encounter someone attractive or realize that your Malay friends are simply too stunning to go uncomplimented.

Malay WordEnglish Definition
Beri pujian Giving compliments
Mengampu bodekFlatter
Sangat cantikVery beautiful
Sangat bagusVery good or very nice
Sangat kelakarVery funny
Kerja bagusGood job
Suara merduLovely voice
Awak sangat cantikYou are so beautiful
Awak hensemlahYou’re handsome
Awak Sedap makananYour food is delicious
Cantiknya bajuYour cloth is so beautiful
Awak wanginya bau perfumeYour perfume smells so nice
Awak colour ni sesuai sangat denganThis color looks good on you
Pandainya awak lukisYou’re so good at painting

Accepting Compliments In Malay

Knowing how to accept a compliment in Malay is just as important as being able to deliver one. Here are a few phrases and words to get you started.

Malay WordEnglish Definition
Menerima pujianAccepting compliments
Terima kasihThank you
Terima kasih sebab cakap macam tuThank you for saying that
Saya hargai I appreciate that
Saya suka dengar tuI like to hear that
Suka says dangarI like to hear that
TakdelahIt’s not (humble way)
Biasa jeJust normal
Biasa-biasa jeJust normal
Jangan puji says sangatDon’t compliment me too much
Nanti kembang hidingMy nose will be blooming
Kembang hidingBlushing (feeling delighted)

In Summary

It’s surprising, but compliments have become a cultural difference. People in other countries, such as western nations, may be more likely to receive praise with a broad smile and an attitude of confidence. However, Malay people typically avoid embracing it. After reading facts about Malay culture, you could better understand the Malay people’s natural humbleness and politeness. You also learn Malay words about expressing and accepting praises, which is a huge plus. 

Now that you know the phrase “awak sangat cantik, which means “You’re so beautiful,” you can use it to begin a conversation and hopefully build a friendship. We know this will make the Malay people you meet a little embarrassed, but it will, trust us, help you establish a positive relationship with the locals. However, don’t forget that you should not overpraise Malay people.

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