10+ Colors In Latvian With Meanings – Best Guide

Aim to learn the names of colors in Latvian, so this way, you will have a better exploration of different things and places in the beautiful country, Latvia.

In Latvia, foreigners from all over the world love to cherish the beauty of the country and its colorful places. The beauty of Latvia lies in the green forests (zaļie meži) and exciting blue seaside (zilā jūrmala) destinations. After seeing the fantastic colors spread everywhere, people value the beauty of blue (zils), green (zaļš), and other colors in Latvian. So, learn the Latvian colors with the daily Ling App lessons.

Is The Latvian Language Very Complicated?

Before we head to learning Latvian colors, it is important to have a lesson on whether the Latvian language, also known as Lettish, is hard to learn or not. It is a common question that wanders in the minds of every beginner language learner, often standing as an obstacle in front of them. However, this blog will clear all your doubts.

Latvia is the official language of the country Latvia, and almost 1.5 million people speak Latvian as their mother tongue. It is a language rooted in the Sanskrit script and Indo-European culture, making it one of the most ancient languages of Europe. While Latvian is considered a tough language to learn, especially for English speakers, it is not impossible. It is a comprehensive language with difficult pronunciations, so a native English speaker may find it quite overwhelming.

Nevertheless, proper lessons and guidance can make learning possible with any new language. Similarly, one can get acquainted with the Latvia language effortlessly from the daily lessons provided by the Ling App.

The Name Of Colors In Latvian

Foreigners must know some common colors in Latvian where they need to express their thought and opinion about colors. Being a foreigner, you buy things as a symbol of memory from the visiting country. During shopping, you will choose things based on your favorite colors. 

Whether you have to choose a yellow shoe (dzeltenas kurpes) or a red dress (sarkana kleita) you must know the name of the color in Latvian. Show your affection for colors by learning the name of colors in Latvian from the table below. 

Color Names Latvian Names
Red sarkans
Pink rozā
Yellow dzeltens
Blue zils
Orange apelsīns
Black melns
White balts
Brown brūns
Green zaļš
Purple violets
Crimson sārtināts
Grey pelēks

Example Sentences With Different Color Words


Now that you know the colors in Latvian let us take up the next lesson with some example sentences that will help identify colors with more precision. Read carefully the table below.


Color Name Latvian Phrase Sentence Translation

Skaistas sarkanas rozes

Pretty red roses

Skaistas zilas debesis 

Beautiful blue sky

Skaista rozā kleita

A gorgeous pink gown

Spīdīgi brūnas kurpes

Shiny brown shoes

Veselīga zaļā tēja

Healthy green tea

Violets auglis

A purple fruit

Dzeltenā saule

The yellow sun

Sulīgs apelsīns

Juicy Orange

Tumši pelēki mākoņi

Dark grey clouds

Tīras sārtinātas sienas

Clean crimson walls

Balts krekls

A white shirt

Melna šokolādes tāfelīte

A black bar of chocolate

Meanings Of Colors In Latvian

Let’s find out the meaning of colors in Latvian.

Yellow (Dzeltens)

People of Latvia think that yellow is the color of warmth and affection. You will find this color in the rainbow, birds, and every beautiful thing. People often prefer to mention the yellow (dzeltens) color as the color of happiness and joy.

Red (sarkanā)

The red (sarkans) color of the Latvian flag represents the Latvians’ willingness to give their lives for the country. Every color has its importance Worldwide, especially in the eyes of Latvian people. Natives appreciate every color as they think colors are the shadows of nature and nature is beautiful. The red (sarkans) color is highly valued in Latvia as it is the color of their flag. 

Green (Zaļš)

People believe that green is nature’s color, representing harmony, freshness, growth, and fertility. Green (zaļš) also has a strong emotional affinity for safety. So, you see whether it is yellow (dzeltens) or (red sarkans)or green (zaļš); every color matters in the eyes of Latvian people. 

Blue (zils)

With the vast sky and deep waters, the color blue in Latvia expresses calmness and serenity. It is the color used to describe something peaceful and secure. It shows the stability of a being, and Zils matter a lot in the eyes of the Latvian people.

Pink (rozā)

The color pink and its value goes without any say. As the brightness and hue of the color already speak, it is the color of kindness and femininity. Latvian people associate the color pink (Rozā) when referring to something feminine or romantic, as seen on valentine’s day.

Other Rare Colors In Latvian

Besides the rainbow colors like yellow (dzeltens), orange (apelsīns), blue (zils), many other colors have their grace. These colors are modifications of the common colors. For example, light blue (gaiši zils) and dark blue (tumši zils) are the modified shades of blue but are not commonly present instead considered rare colors. 

These colors are essential while talking about the sky, which is in a light blue shade, or a sea with a dark blue water flow. So, it is also important to learn the name of rare colors in Latvian. Following is the list of rare colors in the Latvian language. 

English Words Colors In Latvian
Light Color Gaiša krāsa
Dark Color tumša krāsa
Violet Violeta
Indigo Indigo
Bronze Bronzas
Pastel Pastelis
Azure Debeszils
Saffron Safrāns

Other Latvian Words For Colors

Apart from the typical red, blue, and green colors, there are additional uncommon colors in Latvian. These may help you find the more exciting nature of the Latvian language, so do not skip this part.

Color Name Latvian
Navy blue

jūras zils











Example Phrases

Sentence Translation
It is a navy blue shirt

Tas ir tumši zils krekls

I have a gold chain

Man ir zelta ķēdīte

I like the silver-colored dress

Man patīk sudraba krāsas kleita

A peach dress is so cute

Persiku kleita ir tik mīļa

The saffron dress looks bright

Safrāna kleita izskatās spilgti

I love bronze statues

Man patīk bronzas statujas

I have a golden chain

Man ir zelta ķēde

Navy blue ocean

Tumši zils okeāns

Essential Phrases To Express Colors (krāsa) In Latvian

Colors In Latvian

Before you purchase your ticket and pack your suitcase, it’s a good idea to brush up on Latvian essential phrases and expressions. Learning the Latvian language’s translation for each color is one of the topics you should learn. First, go through some of the phrases in Latvian that can help you learn and appreciate the World’s beauty.

English Phrases Latvian Phrases
Is it Blue color? vai tā ir zilā krāsā?
The tree trunk is brown. koka stumbrs ir brūns
The sky is dark. debesis ir tumšas
The snow is white. sniegs ir balts
I like the green color of the grass. man patīk zāles zaļā krāsa
Your dress is in yellow. tava kleita ir dzeltenā krāsā
The orange color looks good. oranža krāsa izskatās labi


 Learn To Speak The Latvian Language

The names of the colors in Latvian are not difficult to recall. As you walk, take note of the colors of people’s clothes. In your mind, ask yourself what color is it and what the Latvian names for colors are. After a few days of practice, you will learn the majority of the colors in Latvian.

Thus, if you wish to visit Latvia, you should learn the basics of the Latvian language, say colors. Seeing the beautiful sight of the sea if wish to appreciate the dark blue color of the water, say “the dark blue sea is amazing” say it in Latvian as “tumši zilā jūra ir pārsteidzoša.” 

Learn the colors and essential color phrases in Latvian with the help of the Ling App. Take the lessons in the Latvian language, recall the previous lesson, and take the next lesson to learn Latvian efficiently. With time besides colors, you will be able you the Latvian Language. You can also give your feedback on the Simya Solutions‘ presented Ling App language lessons. 

Ling App not only describes the basics of the Latvian language, but you can learn any other language from this fantastic app. Out of many links on Google, click on the link of Ling App, install it now and enjoy your learning. You can read more articles on “Latvian vocabulary about transportation” and “Latvian sentence structure.

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