4 Ways To Say Happy Birthday In Lithuanian

Celebrating another year of life is priceless. Lithuanians do not just say Happy Birthday in Lithuanian (Su gimimo diena); they also hang garland hung around the door of the celebrant’s home. The surprise does not end there. The birthday celebrant (gimtadienio šventėjas) will sit in a decorated chair, and family members lift them three times. Children usually celebrate birthdays (gimtadienis). Older individuals are more inclined to celebrate their name days. Like birthdays, they use garland to decorate the door and chair of the celebrant and lifted three times. The guest of honor wears a patterned sash throughout the celebration—this why a Lithuanian Birthday is different from other cultures.

People love to celebrate birthdays. In fact, every culture has different ways to celebrate birthdays. If you look into the dictionary, a birthday (gimtadienis) is defined as the anniversary of the day on which a person was born. In most countries, it is treated as a special occasion that usually involves cakes and gifts. It is also celebrated with the presence of friends and family of the birthday celebrant. But, you have to understand that there are people who want to celebrate their birthday alone. It would help if you did nothing but respect them.



How To Say Happy Birthday In Lithuanian?

When was the last time you greeted someone Happy Birthday? Did you do it in your native language? Well, it’s time for you to level up your birthday greetings by using different languages. Here are some ways to say Happy Birthday in different languages:

  1. Spanish – Feliz cumpleaños
  2. Russian – с днем рождения (s dnem ​​rozhdeniya)
  3. Korean – 생일 축하 (Saeng-il chugha)
  4. Thai – สุขสันต์วันเกิด (S̄uk̄hs̄ạnt̒ wạn keid)
  5. French- Bon anniversaire / joyeux anniversaire

These are just 5 of many languages that you can use to greet someone Happy Birthday. But, in this blog, you will learn the Lithuanian Happy Birthday.

1. Su Gimimo Diena

English Translation: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday in Lithuanian | Su Gimimo Diena
Happy Birthday in Lithuanian | Su Gimimo Diena

The first thing you should know is Su Gimimo Diena. It is the most common way to greet your friend or family member’s birthday. This can be used both in written and spoken greetings. You may give the birthday celebrant a gift if you want to. It would be great, but you don’t always have to that. Just like what they say, it’s the thought that counts.

2. Su Gimtadieniu

English Translation: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday in Lithuanian | Su Gimtadieniu
Happy Birthday in Lithuanian | Su Gimtadieniu

This is another way to say Happy Birthday in Lithuanian. Happy Birthday (Su Gimtadieniu) has the same meaning as the first one. To make it different, you can add your birthday wish.

3.  Sveikinu Su Gimimo Diena

English Translation: Congratulations on your birthday

Happy Birthday in Lithuanian | Sveikinu Su Gimimo Diena
Happy Birthday in Lithuanian | Sveikinu Su Gimimo Diena

Sometimes, when we say Happy Birthday to someone, we use other words aside from Happy Birthday, like Sveikinu Su Gimimo Diena. Congratulations (Sveikinu) are one of those words that you can use. After all, congratulations are the word you are saying to someone who has achieved great things, and having been blessed with another year of life is a priceless achievement. Hence, it’s really an advantage for language learners to learn vocabulary in Lithuanian so that you can mix and match the appropriate words to other sentences.

4.  Ilgiausiu Metų

English Translation: I wish you to live many years

Happy Birthday in Lithuanian | Ilgiausiu Metų
Happy Birthday in Lithuanian | Ilgiausiu Metų

Did you experience being greeted this way by a friend or family? It is another way to say Happy Birthday in Lithuanian Who would not want to live long lives and enjoy the best things in life. This birthday greeting is really popular in almost every part of the world. Birthday wishes are made to make the birthday celebrant feel how important he or she is for the person who said it. Wishing someone good things in life genuinely is one of the best gifts you can give to the birthday celebrant. It is more than material things, and it is priceless.

There is no law that we need to celebrate our birthdays. But, for some, it is a way to thank the creator for the gift of life. We usually ask that the following years be better than the others, but let us not forget that the true meaning of happiness in life can’t be seen in any material thing. Fina a way to find happiness in the things and people around you.


Other Words And Phrases Related To Birthday In Lithuanian

Lithuanian English Translation
gimtadienes birthday
gimti/gimsta to be born
švęsti to celebrate
atšvęsti finish celebrating
linkėti to wish
tortas cake
balionas balloons
dovana gift


How To Sing Happy Birthday In Lithuania?

A Lithuanian birthday or almost any other birthday is not complete without the singing of the birthday song. If you want to know how to sing Happy Birthday in the Lithuanian language, check it out below.

Su gimimo diena

Su gimimo diena

Su gimimo, su gimimo

Su gimimo diena


Try To Practice These Expressions Related To Happy Birthday In Lithuanian

If you want to learn the Lithuanian language, practice is one of the best keys to be successful. After learning how to say Happy Birthday in Lithuanian, try practicing what you have learned through these Lithuanian expressions. Don’t worry; the English translation is provided, so it won’t be hard for you to learn Lithuanian.

Lithuanian: Ilgiausių metų… baik. English: Happy Birthday to me.

Lithuanian: Tau laimės amžinos palinkėtume. English: A happy birthday to you from me!

Lithuanian: Su gimtadieniu, tėti. English: Happy birthday, Daddy.

Lithuanian: Happy birthday, Mom. English: Su gimimo diena, mama.

Lithuanian: Sveikinu gimtadienio proga, sese! English: Happy birthday, Sis!

Lithuanian: Su gimtadieniu, brangute. English: Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Lithuanian: Su gimtadieniu, biče! English: Happy Birthday, dude.

Lithuanian: Su gimtadieniu, gražuolė. English: Happy Birthday, beautiful lady!

Lithuanian: Su gimtadieniu, mano brangioji. English: Happy birthday, my dear.

Lithuanian: Laimingo, laimingo gimtadienio Lai išsipildo svajonės tavo visos. English: Happy, happy birthday. May all your dreams come true.

Lithuanian: Sveikinu tave su gimtadieniu! English Translation: Just ringing to wish you a happy birthday!


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