Here’s To You: 5 Basic Ways To Say Cheers In Lithuanian

Who doesn’t want to have drinks with your friends? If you are planning to go drinking in Lithuania, make sure to learn how to say cheers in Lithuanian (į sveikatą). Lithuania may not be your first choice for tourist attractions among all the European countries, but you should experience the excellent Lithuanian nightlife.

Many famous places in Lithuania are known for their best nightlife experience, like Bambalyne, Alaus Biblioteka, Cocktail Bar Alchemikas. So, if you plan to go to these places to have a nice ice-cold beer drink with your friends, you should learn how to say cheers in Lithuanian and some essential words and phrases in Lithuanian. If you don’t know how to start, Ling App will help you.


How To Say Cheers In Lithuanian?

Before we go deeper, let’s discover where do the Cheers start. The word “Cheers” came from the French word “Chiere,” which means “face” or “head” in English. Come the 18th century, the word “Cheers” meant gladness. Nowadays, people from different parts of the world use this word for a toast to wish for happiness. It is an expression of oneness and togetherness.

There are different ways how to say cheers around the world. For example, in Russian, Будем здоровы/ На здоровье (Budem zdorovi/ Na zdorovie), Na zdrowie in Polish, Salute / Cin Cin in Italian, ΥΓΕΙΑ (Yamas) in Greek, and rost / Zum Wohl for German. For Asian languages, 건배 (Gun bae) is the Korean word for cheers, 乾杯 (gon 1 bui 1!) in Cantonese, and Tagay in Filipino. But, do you know how to say it in Lithuanian? Here are the different ways to say Cheers in Lithuanian.

1. į Sveikatą

Cheers in Lithuanian Language

If you are looking for the easiest way to say Cheers in Lithuanian, į sveikatą is the one to learn. This word means “cheers” or “your health” in English translation. They also clink glasses after saying, “Cheers.” If you are a beginner, you should practice how to pronounce it correctly. You don’t have to sound as fluent as the native speakers right away cause diction and accent take time to learn. So, if you’re planning to have a drink with your good friends, learn this word.

2. Čia Tau

There are also other ways to say cheers in Lithuanian using different words like Čia Tau. This Lithuanian phrase, when translated to English, means “Here’s to you!” This expression is a dedication of that toast to the other person you wish the best of luck.

3. Iki Dugno

Part of drinking is the expression “Bottoms up!” To say this in the Lithuanian language, use the expression, “Iki Dugno”. In English, this literally means that you empty the glass or bottle where you are drinking.

4. Pakelk Taurę

Another popular drinking expression when people say “Cheers” is “Raise your glass”. To say that in Lithuanian, use the phrase “Pakelk Taurę.” Most of the time it is followed by the clinking of the glasses so be ready for that.

5. Štai Purvas Tavo Akyje

This might not often be used in Lithuania, but if you are familiar with the English expression “Here’s Mud in Your Eye” in drinking, Lithuanian is translated. Remember, it is better for you to use the first one if you’re a new language learner.

These are the five basic ways how to say cheers in Lithuanian. While Lithuanian nightlife is fantastic, you should always keep in mind to drink in moderation. If you know you can’t hold your liquor, don’t try to drown yourself in beers and other alcoholic beverages, especially if you are a minor. If you don’t have a high tolerance to alcoholic beverages, drink only a small amount. You know how dangerous it is to travel in public transportation while you’re drunk in a foreign country. That is why always keep in mind the safety precaution in drinking.


Drinking Words And Phrases In Lithuanian

Now that you have learned how to say cheers in Lithuanian, it’s time for you to widen your Lithuanian vocabulary. Here are some drinking words and phrases with their English translations to guide you. If you want to learn more, check out Ling App for free language lessons.


LithuanianEnglish Translation
raudonas vynasred wine
baltas vynaswhite wine


LithuanianEnglish Translation
Vieną alausOne beer!
Prašau butelį alaus!Bottle of beer, please!
Gal galima alaus?May I have a beer?
Einam alaus?Let’s go for a beer?
Kuris tavo megstamiausias baras?Which is your favorite bar?
Šiąnakt aš statau.I’m buying drinks for everybody.
Aš negeriu alaus, bet geriu raudoną vyną.I do not drink beer, but I drink red win
Jūs paimsite didelę stiklinę alaus.You’ll take a big glass of beer.
Ji visai negeria alkoholio.She does not drink alcohol at all.
Manšiandien pagirios.I have a hangover.
Aš žinau gerą barąI know a good bar.
Man viskas gerai.I’m fine.
Man jau gana.I’ve had enough (beer).


What’s Next?

Now that you have learned different ways to say Cheers in Lithuanian and other words and phrases related to drinking make sure to practice what you have learned because this will strengthen your learning. You can use this when drinking with your friends. This way, there will be no intimidating factor from native speakers. You can also get your drinking buddy to be your language partner to practice these words. Remember, a successful language learning experience comes from using the language in conversations.


Want To Speak Lithuanian Like A Pro?

Learning Lithuanian could be daunting at first. If you don’t know anything about their culture and language, you will find yourself struggling to understand. But, if you become successful in your language learning journey, the feeling is indescribable. That’s why Ling App is here to help you learn Lithuanian at your own pace.

What’s interesting in Ling App is that language learning is leveled up through gamification. If you are worried about mastery and fluency, Ling App uses the review and repetition method to instill your learnings in your mind and heart. In addition, audio recordings from native speakers are provided so that you’ll learn the right tone, diction, and pronunciation.

Cheers for a meaningful yet fun language learning experience with Ling App!

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