#1 Guide To Useful Khmer Weather Vocabulary

Khmer weather

If you plan to spend your next vacation amidst the mesmerizing nature of Cambodia, a walk through some Khmer weather vocabulary is inescapable. No matter which corner of the world you travel to, the weather- អាកាសធាតុ (akasatheato) is the first thing that bugs your mind. What we wear, things to carry, and safety, everything depends on the weather forecast. So, now is the right time to get acquainted with some of the typical weather words in the Khmer language, which will become a significant asset to you this season. Want to learn more? Continue reading!

While the weather forecast is a plan decider and an indispensable part of your trip, let’s face it- Weather is always an excellent topic to start small talk. So, once you land in Cambodia, nothing can be a better way of making friends and small talking around new people than discussing the weather. Thus, this blog has prepared all the necessary weather words related to Cambodia and reports on the country’s weather conditions. If you are interested, let’s begin.

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Cambodian Weather Report

Before we hop into the vocabulary section, we will review some facts and tips regarding the weather. Please give them a good read to make your trip a success.

  • Cambodia is a tropical country with a negligible winter season. That is to say, Cambodian lands rarely face harsh weather conditions like winters and snowfall in Canada. Hot and steamy weather is the right way to express the situation. It is best for vacations because you do not have to carry huge sweaters and jackets and can freely roam around in a t-shirt and shorts. However, most transports keep the air conditioning on high, so a light sweatshirt is all you need to carry as a winter cloth.
  • Although there are no extreme winters or winters at all, the country has two distinct seasons. It has a dry season and a monsoon. With monsoon, there comes a cool period along with a hot period. So, instead of the cold season, Cambodian land has cool periods, which is quite pleasant for vacation. Again, only a sweatshirt or light jacket will do all the work for you.
  • If you are looking for the best time to visit Cambodia, it would be around December-January. This time is for people who find heat uncomfortable. Most tourist attractions like Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Kep, Kampot, etc., are busy during these months, and almost every accommodation gets packed due to the favorable weather condition.
  • If you want to save some money and go on a budget trip, you can try during August-September. During this time, the prices are low because people usually avoid this season for vacation. But, for photographers and budget travelers, monsoon season becomes the best time because of the clear sky, lush green fields, and low rates. However, to save yourself from floods and inconvenience, carry colorful plastic ponchos and plastic slides all the time. 
  • Even in the hot season, a sunny day is not considered bad weather and is manageable. You can take their local taxi called the tuk-tuk and do less walking, sit on the beach under the trees, and get the best rates for hotels with pools. Moreover, shopping has become better due to the longer days.


Primary Khmer Weather Vocabulary

Khmer weather vocabulary

Now that you know Cambodia’s weather conditions let us return to making friends. With native words in the Khmer language, you will undoubtedly impress the locals and find your way to their local circle. Below are some Weather words from the Khmer dictionary that you can easily remember.

1. Sunny- ពន្លឺថ្ងៃ

Pronunciation: ponluthngai

Nice weather means a sunny day in Cambodia. ponluthngai is the first word you need to learn because Cambodia is usually hot and dry. A sunny day in the summer season, especially during May-April, can reach a temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius and become quite humid along with heat waves.

Nevertheless, sunny days are manageable, and you can spend an excellent time lying around the beaches. Longer days become longer shopping time, and what can be a better day for taking Instagram-perfect pictures than a day with the perfect sunlight? To your availability, many accessible transportation services allow easy traveling instead of walking under the sun. Also, carrying fewer clothes and no heavy blankets marks a bonus during sunny, dry days.

2. Rainy- ភ្លៀង

Pronunciation: phlieng

We all love the rainy or monsoon season, which becomes the most suitable climate to relax and have a hot cup of coffee. The rain becomes the best part of your stay if you have a live-in partner. However, Cambodia is prone to floods and heavy winds that usually occur between the months of May to October.

Umbrellas are futile because with rain comes solid winds and the showers are usually short. Nevertheless, you can still plan your vacation during the wet or phlieng season as the hotel rates and tourist crowd go down drastically, and the natural greens become quite vibrant during this time of the year. But, it is essential to carry plastic flip-flops, raincoats, or plastic ponchos for safety.

3. Stormy- ខ្យល់ព្យុះ

Pronunciation: khyalpyouh

We all despise stormy weather. While the rainy days are still better off, khyalpyouh can ruin your plans in just a snap. On average, Cambodia experiences stormy days six times a year. The most affected regions are Ratanakiri, Kratie, and Mondolkiri.

Typhoons become a significant hassle in Cambodia during the month of April and can continue for two to three months. However, in recent months, no typhoon has affected Cambodian cities or inhabited areas, and only the foothills have been under the radar of typhoon consequences. So, be careful before you plan your trip; while rain is bearable, be prepared for the unpredictable khyalpyouh periods that might hit you during those months.

4. Cloudy- ពពក

Pronunciation: popok

If you are like me, you will always prefer cloudy days over extremely sunny and rainy days. While cloudy days can be gloomy for some, it is also the best weather to go out on a coffee date and roam around without worrying about sun tans and sweat glands.

In Cambodia, Cloudy or popok weather is seen mainly during the wet season. This is the time when rain makes its way to filter the dry, dusty, and humid atmosphere. The sky is clear, the vegetation is green, and nature turns vibrant in the country. However, except for a few clouds during the afternoon, the rest of the day is mostly sunny.

5. Snowy- ព្រិល

Pronunciation: pril

If you are looking for a snowy, cold, wintery season in Cambodia, you are in the wrong destination. As mentioned earlier, Cambodia is hot all year round, with temperatures reaching their peak during March and May. There is no snowfall or extreme winter conditions, and lucky chances of experiencing one are also negligible.

It is mainly because the country is located close to the equatorial line, which causes it to receive constant sunlight. So, countries like Cambodia never face snow or cold winter season like the European countries. Nevertheless, the best alternative for pril is the windy and rainy cool periods.

6. Windy- ខ្យល់ខ្លាំង

Pronunciation: khyalkhlang

While windy or khyalkhlang days can be quite aesthetically pleasing for pictures and beach fun, Cambodian winds can be pretty heavy and strong. Winds like heat waves can be dusty, smoky, and dry during the dry season. During the wet season, the winds always precede rain; however, it can be pretty extreme and result in storms.

Nevertheless, wind during the months of June and September can be quite pleasant as it beats the humidity and heat of the dry season. So, plan accordingly.

7. Foggy- អ័ព្ទ

Pronunciation: ap

Cambodia has few foggy or ap days because of the nominal winter season. However, slight fog and fine drizzle are seen during the wet, cool season. If you want to experience foggy mornings, the best time would be around the cool, rainy period that starts in October-November.

It is pleasant to wake up to cool weather and have a warm breakfast. During this time, the Cambodian tourist packages are also quite tight as people prefer the cool season for a vacation to the hot. If you plan to travel around this time of the year, make sure you start booking a few months earlier, or you might lose out on the best prices and sights.


More Weather Expressions In Khmer

Khmer weather terms

To make your learning journey more fruitful, here is a list of weather-related words with an English translation that will help you enhance your language skills.

Blizzardព្យុះព្រិលpyouh pril
Fallសរតរដុវsar t r do v
Frostសាយសត្វsay sat
Global warmingការ​ឡើង​កំ​ដៅ​ភព​ផែនដីkar​ laeng​ kam​ daw​ php​ phendei
Heavy rainភ្លៀងធ្លាក់ខ្លាំងphlieng thleak khlang
Snowfallព្រិលធ្លាក់pril thleak
Summerរដូវក្តៅrdauv ktaw


Weather Phrases To Practice Khmer

Now that you know the terms, this section has cumulated some common weather-related phrases with English translations. Reading these will improve your communication and make talking with the locals much more accessible.

The weather is so good todayថ្ងៃនេះអាកាសធាតុល្អណាស់thngainih akasatheato la nasa
The weather is so sunny អាកាសធាតុមានពន្លឺថ្ងៃណាស់។akasatheato mean ponluthngai nasa
It is rainingវា​កំពុង​ភ្លៀងvea​ kampoung​ phlieng
It is going to rain soonវានឹងមានភ្លៀងធ្លាក់ឆាប់ៗនេះvea nung mean phlieng thleak chab nih
I love windy weatherខ្ញុំចូលចិត្តអាកាសធាតុខ្យល់khnhom chaulchett akasatheato khyal
It is too humidវាសើមពេកvea saem pek
Winter is the best seasonរដូវរងាគឺជារដូវដ៏ល្អបំផុតrdauvornga kuchea rdauv da la bamphot
What is your favorite season?តើរដូវកាលណាដែលអ្នកចូលចិត្តជាងគេ?tae rdauv kalna del anak chaulchett cheangke?
Do you like cloudy days?តើអ្នកចូលចិត្តថ្ងៃដែលមានពពកទេ?tae anak chaulchett thngai del mean popk te?
I love windy eveningsខ្ញុំ​ស្រឡាញ់​ខ្យល់​ពេល​ល្ងាច​khnhom​ sraleanh​ khyal​ pel​ lngeach​


Wrapping Up!

So, are you ready to explore Cambodian nature and its architecture to the fullest? Now that you know all the weather facts and words in the Cambodian native language, you are set to sail on a stress-free journey. Other than just helping you plan for the trip and make small talk easy, the above words and phrases have also enhanced your language skills, which will be a great asset during an emergency.

If you want to make your trip more secure and relaxing, check out the Ling app and its content on disaster vocabulary. You can download the app from Appstore or Playstore for free and use it on any device of your choice. It is the best app for keen travelers like you!


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