45 Important Khmer Vocabulary About Transportation

Riding a Tuk Tuk plus learning Khmer vocabulary about transportation (ការដឹកជញ្ជូន kar doekachonhchoun) to talk with the locals equals an unforgettable travel experience. Cambodia, unlike other countries, is still much carts and motorcycles as means of local transportation. One fact about Cambodia is that roads have never been excellent in Cambodia, but this won’t stop you from finding joy in your travel experience.

This blog will learn the different Khmer vocabulary about transportation that will help you make your whole trip memorable. These transport-related words and phrases will expand your vocabulary and fall in love with the Khmer language more.


Khmer Words About Transportation

Cambodian transport covers land, water, railroad, and air transportation. Riding public transportation in Cambodia is something that you must experience when you would like to go on a trip to their country. Here are examples of Khmer vocabulary about transportation that you must learn. Please take note that you must also learn the correct pronunciation because it is essential in spoken language.

Land Transport

Khmer Vocabulary About Transportation | Land Transport ការដឹកដី (kar doek dei)

Most of the transportation in Cambodia is through the land. Khmer vocabulary about transportation-related to land transport.

1. ទុកទុក (Tuk-Tuk)

English Translation: Tuk-Tuk Autorickshaw/ three-wheeled vehicle

Example Sentence: ខ្ញុំចង់ជិះរ៉ឺម៉កកង់បី khnhom chng chiah reumk kng bei – I want to ride a tuk-tuk.

Note: Tuk-Tuk is the most common public transport that you can use to go around the cities of Cambodia. These are two-wheel carriages being pulled out by motorbike. Just a tip, make sure to negotiate the price to avoid over-charging. Nowadays, they have this thing called  PassApp, where you can find a tuk-tuk ride without haggling.

2. កង់ (Korng)

English Translation: bicycle

Example Sentence: ខ្ញុំ ជិះ កង់ ទៅ សា លា រៀន។ (Knhom chis korng tov sa la rean) -I ride a bicycle to school.

Note: Another popular mode of transport in Cambodia is bicycles. It is not expensive, and you can usually see this piled with firewood, roots, and greens.

3. ម៉ូតូ (Moto)

English Translation: motorcycle

Example Sentence: គាត់ ជិះ ម៉ូតូ ទៅ សួន សត្វ។ (Kot chis moto tov soun sat) -He rides a motorcycle to the zoo.

Note: If you plan to ride a motorcycle, you need to secure your safety because most drivers don’t carry spare helmets for passengers. Most of them also don’t know how to speak English, so learning some Khmer vocabulary about transportation and essential Khmer words and phrases would be helpful.

4. ឡាន (Lan)

English Translation: car

Example Sentence: ខ្ញុំ បើក ឡាន ទៅ ផ្សារ។ (Knhom beuk lan tov psa) -I drive a car to the market.

Note: Almost everyone will agree that having your car is an advantage when you travel. But, if you don’t have much budget to rent ( ជួល chuol), sharing a taxi can be an alternative.

5. តាក់ ស៊ី (Tak si)

English Translation: taxi

Example Sentence: នាង ទៅ ផ្សារ ទំ នើប តាម តាក់ ស៊ី។ (Neang tov psa tum neub tam tak si) -She goes to the supermarket by taxi.

Note: Taxis can be a costly mode of transport in Cambodia. If you want to use a taxi, you may need a ride with others. Just beware because you might get along with large families or people with food boxes and even chickens.

6. ឡាន ក្រុង (Lan krong)

English Translation: bus

Example Sentence: អ្នក ទៅ ផ្សា រតាម ឡាន ក្រុង។ (Nak tov psa tam lan krong) -You go to the market by bus.

Note: Not so long ago, Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city, welcomed its first local bus service. This is a new mode of transport in Cambodia which is why it only runs limited routes. What’s interesting about their bus transport is that you can download  Stops Near Me app to see important information like the route and timetable. You can also use CamboTicket that will let you see reviews of international buses based on safety, reliability, and service, and they can book online.

Rail Transport

Khmer Vocabulary About Transportation |  ការដឹកជញ្ជូនតាមផ្លូវដែក (kar doekachonhchoun tam phlauvdek)


Cambodia’s transport system is continuously improving. Here is some Khmer vocabulary about transportation related to railroad transport.

1. រថ ភ្លើង (Rut pleung)

English Translation: train

Example Sentence: គាត់ ធ្វើ ដំណើរ តាម រថ ភ្លើង ទៅ ឆ្នេរ សមុទ្រ (Kot tveu domneu tam rut pleung tov chhne samot) -He travels by train to the beach.

Note: Cambodia’s railroad service was re-installed in 2016 after 14 years. This can be an alternative mode of transport for taxis and buses. Just a tip, if you have bicycles with you, it has additional charges when you bring them to the train.

2. រថ ភ្លើង ក្រោម ដី (Rut pleung krom dei)

English Translation: subway

Example Sentence: ពួក យើង ទៅ សាលា តាម រថ ភ្លើង ក្រោម ដី (Puk yerng tov sala tam rut pleung krom dei) – We go to school by subway.

Note: To reduce traffic congestion, the Phnom Penh authority is constructing three more subways. This will make public transport in the capital city more convenient for commuters.

3. រថភ្លើងឫស្សី (Rothaphleung ryssaei)

English Translation: Bamboo Train / Norry

Example Sentence: តើអ្នកចូលចិត្តជិះរថភ្លើងឬស្សីទេ? (tae anak chaulchett chiah rothaphleung ryy ssaei te?) – Do you enjoy riding a bamboo train?

Note: One of the most notable tourist attractions in Cambodia is the bamboo train in Battambang. Sadly, it was halted recently to give way to real rail operations.

Water Transportation

Khmer Vocabulary About Transportation |   ការដឹកជញ្ជូនទឹក (kar doekachonhchoun tuk)

This is the commonly used long-distance mode of transport in Cambodia. Here is some Khmer vocabulary about transportation water transport.

1. សា ឡាង (Sa lang)

English Translation: ferry

Example Sentence: ខ្ញុំ កំ ពុង រង់ ចាំ សា ឡាង Knhom kom pong rong cham sa lang -I’m waiting for the ferry.

Note: Nowadays, Cambodia’s ferry services offer speed ferries that can easily travel in Cambodia and even to different countries. You can book your tickets and check the timetable online.

2. ទូក (Touk)

English Translation: Boat

Example Sentence: ស្ថិតនៅលើទូកនិងតោងអោយជាប់! sthetnow leu touk ning taong aoy cheab! –

Stay on the boat and hold on!

Note: Small boats are commonly used for short transport and sightseeing. Always ensure safety when riding small boats. They have their policy and terms for the safety of the passengers.

Air Transport

Khmer Vocabulary About Transportation |  ដឹកទំនិញតាមអាកាស (doektomninh tamaakas)

Traveling by plane is one of the most expensive yet fun means of transport in Cambodia. Here is some Khmer vocabulary about transportation air transport.

1. យន្ត ហោះ (Yun hors)

English Translation: plane

Example Sentence: យន្ដ ហោះ ចុះ នៅ ម៉ោង ១១ យប់ (Yun hors chos nov morng dobmouy yub) -The plane lands at 11 pm.

Note: Cambodia has its national airline called Angkor Air. This concentrates on serving tourist routes within Cambodia. When riding a plane, make sure to have all the data you need, like your boarding time, flight schedule, and other essential things.


Practice These Khmer Phrases and Sentences About Transportation

Now that you have learned the different transport vehicles in the Khmer language, it’s time to widen your Khmer vocabulary about transportation. Find time to practice both spoken and written the Khmer language. You must know how to pronounce each word right. Here is a list of Khmer phrases and sentences related to transportation:

KhmerPronunciationEnglish Translation
ចំ ណត រថ ភ្លើងChom nort rut pleunga train station
ចំ ណត ឡាន ក្រុងChom nort lan kronga bus station
សំ បុត្រ រថ ភ្លើងSom bot rut pleunga train ticket
សំ បុត្រ ឡាន ក្រុងSom bot lan kronga bus ticket
ចេញ ដំ ណើរJenh dom nerto depart
មក ដល់Muk dolto arrive
ហោះ ហើរHors heuto board
ចុះ ចតJos jotto land
ឡើងLeungto get off
ចុះChosto get on
ជើង ហោះ ហើរCheung hors heua flight
អា កា ស យា ន្ត ដ្ឋានAh kas sa yean na thanairport
ក ន្លែង ចុះ ទូកKon laeng chos tukharbor
ប ន្ទាត់Bon tortline
សំ បុត្រ យន្ត ហោះSom bot yun horsa plane ticket
អ្នក ដំ ណើរNak dom neua passenger
អ្នក លក់ សំ បុត្Nak luk som bota ticket seller
អ្នក បើក បរNak berk bora driver
រថ ភ្លើង នេះ ចេញ ពី ចំ ណត នៅ ម៉ោង ១០ ព្រឺកRut pleung nis chenh pi chom nort nov morng dob prekThis train departs from the station at 10 am.
រថ ភ្លើង នេះ មក ដល់ ម៉ោង ២ ថ្Rut pleung nis muk dol morng pi tangaiThis train arrives at the destination station at 2 pm.
សំ បុត្រ រថ ភ្លើង មាន ត ម្លៃ 100 $Som bot rut pleung mean dom lai mouyroy dolaThe train ticket costs 100 dollars.
មិត្ដ ភក្តិ របស់ គាត់ ធ្វើ ដំ ណើរ តាម យន្ដ ហោះMet pheak robos kot tver dom neu tam yun horsHis friend travels by plane.
ឥ ឡូវ នេះ ខ្ញុំ នៅ អា កា ស យា ន្ដ ដ្ធានEi lov nis knhom nov ah kas sa yean na thanI am at the airport now.
ម៉ោង ហោះ ហើរ គឺ ម៉ោង ពីរ ក ន្លះ ថ្ងៃ។Morng hors heu keu morng pi kon las tangaiBoarding time is at 2.30 pm.
ឥ ឡូវ នេះ ខ្ញុំ នៅ ចំ ណត ឡាន ក្រុងEi lov nis knhom nov chom nort lan krongI am at the bus station now.
សំ បុត្រ ឡាន ក្រុង មាន ត ម្លៃ ២០ ដុ ល្លាSom bot lan krong mean dom lai mophei do laA bus ticket costs 20 dollars.
អ្នក លក់ សំ បុត្រ មាន លក់ សំ បុត្រ ឡាន​ក្រុង​និង សំ បុត្រ រថ ភ្លើងNak luk som bot mean lok som bot lan krong neng som bot rot pleungThe ticket seller sells bus tickets and train tickets.
អ្នក បើក បរ ឈប់ នៅ ផ្សារ ទំ នើបNak beuk bor chhub nov psa tum neubThe bus driver stops at the supermarket.
រថ ភ្លើង ទី ១ ចេញ នៅ ម៉ោង ៥ ព្រឹកRot plerng ti 1 jenh nov morng 5 prikThe first train leaves at 5 am.
ក ន្លែង ចុះ ទូក នៅ ក្បែរ ចំ ណត រថ ភ្លើង។Kon laeng chos tuk nov kbae chom nort rut pleungThe harbor is near the train station.
ឡាន ក្រុង ប ន្ទាត់ ពណ៌ បៃ តង រត់ កាត់ ចំ ណត នេះLan krong bon tort por bai torng rut tam chom nort nisThe green line bus passes this station.
ញុំ ចុះ ពី រថ ភ្លើង នៅ ចំ ណត ចុង ក្រោយKnhom chos pi rut pleung nov chom nort chong kroyI get off the train at the final station.
ញុំ ឡើង ឡាន ក្រុង នៅ ចំ ណត ឡាន ក្រុងKnhom leung lan krong nov chom nort lan krongI get on the bus at the bus station.
រថ ភ្លើង ចុង ក្រោយ ចេញ នៅ ម៉ោង ១១ យប់Rut pleung chong kroy chenh nov morng dobmouy yubThe last train leaves at 11 pm.


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