16 Best Ways To Say Goodnight In Khmer

Saying Goodnight in Khmer like Réatri Suŏ Sdei (រាត្រីសួស្តី ) is one of the basic phrases that you need to know to communicate with the locals. It is not just about some sort of greetings but it is also a nice way to end the day with someone. In this blog, you will learn not only how to say Goodnight in Khmer but will also learn different ways to say it.


Why Do We Say Goodnight?

Goodnight is a popular greeting that has been a part of our everyday routine. There is no clear reason why people greet each other Goodnight but some believe that it is as important as ‘Good Morning’. It is a nice thing to say especially after a long tiring day. It somehow gives you the feeling of comfort and peace knowing that you are ending your day well.

Whatever the reason is, saying Goodnight might mean different things. It can be a way of wishing someone a peaceful night’s sleep, a way of wishing someone to enjoy the rest of the day or a way of saying to our loved ones that we love them. Saying Goodnight is actually a way of letting someone know that you care for them.


How To Say Goodnight In The Khmer Language

Khmer is the official language in Cambodia. Learning different Khmer Greetings is actually a must when you want to go to Cambodia. It is a nice way to start a conversation with the locals. It will make them feel that you really appreciate and respect their culture. There are a variety of words and phrases that you can start with but in this blog, we will focus only on how to say Goodnight in the Khmer language.

After a long, tiring but fun trip across Cambodia, it is nice to know how to end the night with people who have been a significant part of your day. It is like saying ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Thank you at the same time. So if you are wondering how to say Goodnight in Khmer here are the things that you should learn.

Réatri Suŏ Sdei (រាត្រីសួស្តី )

This is the common way to say Goodnight in Cambodia whether spoken or written. You can use this both for formal and informal communication. Do not forget to use sampeah as a sign of politeness. Pronunciation is also important so make sure to pronounce it right to avoid misunderstanding. Reatri means night, Suo Sdei means ‘hello’ or greetings so if you combine them together it is like greeting the night or the night greets you.


Different Ways To Say Goodnight In Khmer

“Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight.” This way of saying Goodnight might be familiar for most people. If you are familiar with this someone had really put an effort to put you in a very nice and peaceful sleep. This is also a piece of evidence that proves that a simple Goodnight is a way of telling someone that you care for them.

Wishing someone Goodnight can be expressed in different ways. Check out the words and phrases below to learn some ways how to say Goodnight in Khmer.

Saying Goodnight To Someone

The word Goodnight is enough to end the day and wish someone to have a good night’s sleep but you can be a little extra. Try using the following words/phrase to wish someone Goodnight:

Khmer Pronunciation Translation
សុ​បិ​ន្ត​ល្ so​ be​ nt​ l Sweet dreams
គេងលក់​ស្រួល kengolk​ sruol Sleep well / Have a good sleep
គេងឱ្យតឹង keng aoy toeng Sleep tight
បិទភ្លើង betophleung Lights out
រហូតដល់​ថ្ងៃស្អែក rhautadl​ thngaisaek Until tomorrow
ជួបគ្នាពេលព្រឹក chuobaknea pelopruk See you in the morning

Saying Goodnight To Children

Have you ever experienced being tucked into bed by your Mom or Dad? Do you remember how it feels? Parents usually establish a bedtime routine with their children. Most of the children love it when parents say Goodnight to them because it makes them feel loved and secured from the monsters that might be hiding under the bed or closet. I am sure that you are familiar with the sentiment “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” What else can you say to children?

Khmer Pronunciation English Translation
រាត្រីជួបជុំគ្នា reatrei chuobchoumknea Night Night
សុបិនការលើកឡើងអំពីម៉ាក់និងប៉ាប៉ា soben kar leuklaeng ampi meak ning baba Dream about Mama and Papa
គេងឱ្យបានល្អព្រះអង្គម្ចាស់តូចរបស់ខ្ញុំ / ព្រះនាង keng aoy ban la preahangk mcheasa tauch robsakhnhom / preahneang Sleep well my little prince/princess
ដល់ពេលត្រូវជិះឥន្ធនូទៅកន្លែងសុបិន្តរបស់អ្នកហើយ dlpel trauv chiah i nth nou tow kanleng so be nt robsa anak haey Time to ride the rainbow to dreamland!
កុំភ្លេចអធិស្ឋាន kom phlech athisthean Don’t forget to pray

Of course, when talking about sleep, a lullaby should be on your top list. There are many Khmer lullabies that you can use like the one below:

Khmer Pronunciation English Translation
kaun aey dek tow
kom aoy kaun yom
bay kaun tuk kh
mea t y leay ruochhaey
Sleep, my darling, sleep
Don’t cry, my baby.
Your rice with honey
Is already prepared.

Saying Goodnight To Your Loved One

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that someone remembers you before the day ends even though you didn’t see each other. Saying Goodnight to your significant other whether through phone or personal is like kissing them goodnight. Here are some Khmer words and phrases that you can say to let them know that you of him/her before you go to sleep.

Khmer Pronunciation English Translation
រាត្រីសួស្តី, reatri suo sdei, sraleanh Goodnight, love
ខ្ញុំនឹងសុបិន្តអ្នកនៅយប់នេះ knyom nung so be nt anak now yb nih I will dream of you tonight
មិនអាចរង់ចាំក្រោកនៅក្បែរអ្នកបានទេ in ach rngcham kraok now kber anak ban te Can’t wait to wake up next to you
សុបិន្តអំពីខ្ញុំ so be nt ampikhnhom Dream about me

Nowadays, wishing somebody a good night’s sleep has been part of everyone’s day. People have different ways of saying it but when you put more effort into finding a cute way on how to say ‘Goodnight’, you make it more meaningful and memorable for them. Some are contented with just saying it through words but some really exert extra effort to make it more meaningful. Thanks to technology, we are able to send good night messages, emojis, gifs, or even a voice recording. This just proves wherever you are, wishing someone Goodnight is easy.


Traveling To Cambodia? Start Learning Cambodian Language – Khmer

Now that you learn how to say ‘Good Night’ in Khmer, let’s go beyond that. Visiting Cambodia will require you to learn more Khmer words and phrases for travel that you can use when asking for directions, ordering food, shopping, greeting somebody, and many more. Learning to say Goodnight is just a step. Although some Cambodians know how to speak English, you should remember that Khmer is the language that is widely spoken across the country. So, you might want to bring with you some phrases that would come in handy.

Many people think that learning languages are hard. Yes, you may find it hard at first but with the right tool and motivation, everything will be easier. You can expand your vocabulary through Ling App. You can also visit the site to read blogs like this. With this, your language learning experience is achievable with just a click on your gadgets.

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