Discover 5 Best Apps For Learning Khmer This Upcoming 2022

Are you a complete beginner in learning the Khmer language? You are probably looking for a language learning app to help you learn a new language without leaving your home. Well, you’re in the right place because we will be discovering the 5 Best Apps for Learning Khmer.

The pandemic restricts us from going to school, enrolling in courses, traveling, and even talking to people. We are forced to stay at home and figure out how to do things online. This pandemic also opens doors to discover different apps and websites that can respond to our needs, like buying food, ordering things, and even conducting classes. But, in this blog, we will talk about learning a new language through the use of Apps. So, grab your smartphone or tablet, and let’s discover the 5 Best Apps for Learning Khmer.


Khmer As The Cambodian Language

With approximately 16 million native speakers, you cannot deny the fact that Khmer is really an interesting language to learn. The Khmer language, also known as the Cambodian language, is the official language spoken in Cambodia. It is a Mon-Khmer language that constitutes mainland South East Asia’s Indigenous language family. Another language that came into this language family is Vietnamese, which is why you may also find people who speak Khmer in this country.

The Khmer language also traced its roots from Sanskrit like Thai. That’s why if you notice that they are visually similar, This similarity is also a result of two-way borrowing among countries.

Today, the Khmer language is used in daily conversation, business, and school. However, if you come to visit Cambodia, you will hear locals speak their native language, so you might want to learn some basic words and phrases before you go there.



Best Apps For Learning Khmer Language

As the world changes and technology is fastly improving and developing, the kinds and needs of language learners also change. For example, language learners nowadays are audio-visual learners, which means sound and images or illustrations greatly affect their learning.

Another characteristic of people or learners nowadays is that their attention span is so short. This is why Tiktok, an online app, and social networking site, use 1-3 minute videos to address these people.
The last characteristic of learners nowadays is digital natives, which means these people are born when the technology is already developed. But because it has been a global trend, even those digital immigrants were forced to adapt to the use of technology in almost every aspect of their lives.

The situations above gave way to the emergence of apps as means of language learning. Language learning apps are convenient to be used in learning because they respond to the learners’ needs. It uses graphics and audio, the lessons are cut into short lessons, and most of all, you can easily download it in the App Store or Play Store. So, here’s a list of Best Apps for Learning Khmer.

1. Ling App

Best Apps for Learning Khmer This 2021

With 5 million downloads, Ling App would definitely be on the top of the list. However, Ling App would not get millions of users, great reviews, and high ratings in the App Store and Play Store without any reason. Lessons and topics are arranged in flashcards to focus only on the word or phrase you are learning.

If you are worried about improving your pronunciation and speaking skills, worry no more because it has audio recordings which native speakers recorded. This way, you will actually hear the actual sounds of each Khmer script that you see.

If you want to learn more about the culture of Cambodia, you can also read blog posts like this. This will widen your vocabulary and your knowledge and understanding of the country’s language and culture.

If you love games, this last feature will definitely make your heart race. Ling App has a gamification feature that will allow the user to have fun while learning. You can earn points each time you got it right, and it also has redemption questions to master what you have learned. This is the reason why the Ling app is the top choice for you to learn Khmer.

2. Simply Learn

One of the Apps for learning Khmer that we will discover is the Simply Learn App. The first amazing characteristic of this app is that it is extensive. It contains more than 1000 phrases and 33 categories that you can easily search using the search bar. One of the most important factors in language learning is enriching your vocabulary. You may begin with the basic greetings and basic words and phrases.

Simply Learn is also designed in intelligent flashcards so that you can easily go back to the words and phrases in case you forgot it. When we say intelligent, it doesn’t just contain the word or phrase you wish to learn. It also has a high-quality audio recording recorded by native speakers.

To assess your learning, quizzes are available. This will test if you really learn something from the lesson. If not, you are still not satisfied with the results; you can always go back and re-learn it. Remember, the sky’s the limit.

Aesthetic and design also affect the mood and motivation of the users to learn effectively. Simply learn uses beautiful elements and colors that are pleasing to the eye. Its design is minimalist and simple. That’s why it will is nice to look at, and it will be easy to navigate.

So, try to learn the Khmer language using Simply Learn and see how it will change your language learning experience and why it is one of the Best Apps for learning Khmer.

3. Vocly

The next on the list of Best Apps for learning Khmer is Vocly. You can simply imply that this app will focus on enriching your vocabulary in the most convenient way possible from the name itself. Vocly focuses on the useful everyday Khmer words and phrases that you can use when you are having conversations with the locals.

With Vocly, you will have access to 100 different topics that use a variety of learning techniques. Unfortunately, categories arrange these topics, making it hard for you to learn the words and phrases you wish to learn.

Games will make your learning fun and interactive. Mini-games are available to make it more engaging for you to learn Khmer and any other language.

Lastly, Vocly can set reminders to remind that you about your language lesson. This will help you manage your time and maintain a regular schedule of learning which is essential in language learning.

Isn’t it nice that when you travel to Cambodia, you can easily pull out your smartphone in your pocket and have access to the different useful Khmer vocabulary? Yes, you can do it with Vocly.

4. Write Me

If you’re an English speaker, writing Khmer script and alphabet might be challenging for you because it is really different from English. This app, like the name itself, will teach you how to write in Khmer script accurately. You can practice one letter at a time to achieve mastery.

Not only writing skills that Write Me can teach you. It can also help you with your vocabulary building because it also has audio recordings from native speakers. You can repeat the audio recordings as many times as you want, and there will be fun mini-quizzes. In addition, these quizzes will strengthen what you have learned.

With these features and the beautiful colors and design, you’ll surely have a good time learning Khmer.

5. Ligo app

The final app on the list of 5 apps for learning the Khmer language is the Ligo app. By using this app, you will be able to learn Khmer words, phrases, and sounds while peeking into their culture also. Of course, we all know that the significance of the word “Khmer” itself can be traced down to the history of Cambodia, which makes it more interesting.

Like the first four, thousands of words and phrases are available to learn, divided into categories for effective learning. For example, for pronunciation, you can easily repeat and correct your pronunciation because it has a function.

Another interesting fact about this app is that it has a conversation function that allows users to learn direct conversations, not just simple words and phrases. To download this app and use it for learning Khmer, you just need to search it in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it is still not available in App Store, but soon, it will be.


Learn Khmer With Ling App From Simya Solutions Now

If you are one of those people who are passionate about learning something new, like new languages, then Simya Solutions have magical apps to help you achieve these dreams for free. The first four apps in learning Khmer are from Ling Apps. These apps will allow you to learn Khmer and other languages fun and conveniently because it is designed and developed by a professional group of people passionate about learning.

Although there will be times that you’ll be needing app purchases, hey, this is just an investment for the quality of learning you can get. After all, nobody can steal your knowledge from you. It is not called Best Apps to learn Khmer for nothing.

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