35 Common Georgian Vegetables: Best For A Vegan

As most of us know, Georgia has mountainous regions and vast farmlands, making it one of the greenest places in the world. For this reason, some of the Georgian cuisines feature fruits and vegetables, which are all locally grown by their farmers. If you are a vegan or someone who wants to impress the locals with your rich vocabulary, this post is perfect for you! For today’s blog, we will discuss some of the typical Georgian vegetables used in cooking.

Aside from the exquisite natural wonders that Georgia has under its belt, the country is also blessed with a considerable climate that helps its agricultural industry to grow even better. Unlike other countries, growing your own food is significantly easier in the area. For this reason, the country has large amounts of fruits and vegetables ( ბოსტნეულის – bost’neulis) that can be used in Georgian cooking. The locals cook various vegetable dishes with fresh herbs and other common vegetables like bell peppers, red pepper, black pepper, crushed garlic or minced garlic, bay leaves, and other spices to make their traditional recipes.

The common Georgian vegetables presented below are some of the main ingredients in Georgian traditional cooking and cuisines. Some of the best examples of Georgian traditional vegetable dishes are Lobio (bean with walnuts), Lobiano (Georgian bean-filled round pied), Pkhali (Georgian Spinach dip with Walnuts), Ajapsandali (stewed eggplants with tomatoes), Georgian beetroot salad with tkemali, and others.

If you want to find out the common Georgian vegetables that the locals use in their traditional dishes, let’s get it on!


Top 35 Common Georgian Vegetables In Georgian Dishes

Georgian Vegetables

Below are the top 35 common Georgian vegetables which the locals consider as a critical ingredient for their traditional dishes:

GeorgianPronunciationEnglish Translation
მარცვლეული martsvleulicorn
ზეთის ხილიzetis khiliolives
პილპილი, წიწაკაpilpili, tsitsakapeppers
გოგრა / კვახიgogra / kvakhipumpkin
ლებნები / მარცვლები (ლობიოს)lebnebi / martsvlebi (lobio)beans
საფრანგეთის ლობიოsap’ranget’is lobiofrench beans
ლურჯი ფენგრიკიlurji pengrik’iblue fenugreek
მწვანე ხახვიmts’vane khakhvigreen onion
გაზაფხულის ხახვიgazapkhulis khakhvispring onion
კაიენის წიწაკაk’aienis ts’its’ak’acayenne pepper
ბროწეულის მარცვლებიbrots’eulis martsvlebipomegranate seeds

Now that you learned some of the Georgian words for vegetables, I hope it will come in handy when reading traditional Georgian recipes or speaking with the locals. Some of these vegetable names in Georgian are familiar if you read the blog post about the Top 10 Delicious Georgian Foods.


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