20+ Amazing Japanese Quotes From Famous Anime


You can sound more native-like in conversation if you can memorize some Japanese quotes and integrate them into your conversation!

If you’re a fan of Japanese pop culture, you’ve probably noticed how the protagonists in J-dramas and anime often come up with profoundly moving lines that make you want to take action and pursue your dreams, or at the very least give you pause to reflect on the meaning of your life. While this is true, a variety of expressions are not simple. Moreover, many Japanese learners find it difficult to understand dialogue in films and television shows because they don’t know the precise translation. For this reason, you may realize that some dialogues in Japanese-language media use a Japanese proverb and idiom unique to Japan. So, you need to know not just the lingo but also the Japanese culture.

Ready for Japanese quotes that will get your blood pumping? If that’s the case, then let’s begin!


Inspirational Japanese Quotes From Well-Known Anime

It’s common knowledge that Japan has produced an astonishing quantity of anime that has found widespread success worldwide. Anime isn’t simply an innocent tale for kids; many feature profound stories reflecting mature themes and social issues. So, we’re thrilled to provide these inspiring Japanese sayings from popular anime.

Slam Dunk – スラムダンク (Suramu Danku)

Japanese moviegoers, meanwhile, are admiring The First Slam Dunk while the rest of the world is going crazy over Avatar 2. This proves how dedicated Japanese audiences are to Slam Dunk and that not even a Hollywood blockbuster could attract them away. To that end, let’s explore a few of this anime’s most uplifting Japanese quotes.

If you give up, the game is already over.あきらめたら そこで試合終了ですよAkirametara Sokode Shiai Shūryōdesu Yo[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]あきらめたら そこで試合終了ですよ[/Speechword]
Don’t think basketball is only about height.身長だけでバスケができると思うなよShinchou dake de basuke ga dekiru to omou na yo[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]身長だけでバスケができると思うなよ[/Speechword]
The one who’s being in the past is you.いちばん過去にこだわってんのはあんただろIchiban kako ni kodawatten no wa anta daro[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]いちばん過去にこだわってんのはあんただろ[/Speechword]
Grow up, Mitsui!大人になれ、三井!Otona ni nare, mitsui![Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]大人になれ、三井![/Speechword]
You must not give up hope until the end.最後まで希望を捨てちゃいかんSaigo made kibou o sutecha ikan[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]最後まで希望を捨てちゃいかん[/Speechword]

One Piece – ワンピース (Wan Pīsu)

When asked what first sparked their interest in Japan, fans of Japanese pop culture almost universally answer One Piece, a manga and anime series that has been running for decades and is still widely popular. And, sure, there are a lot of interesting quotes to be uncovered in this story.

I’m Gonna Become The Pirate King海賊王におれはなる!Kaizoku-ō Ni Ore Wa Naru[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]海賊王におれはなる![/Speechword]
No matter how hard you kick me, it’s you who’s going to be in pain, not me.おれのこと蹴るだけ蹴っても痛えのはお前だろ!Ore no koto keru dake kette mo itee no wa omae daro[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]おれのこと蹴るだけ蹴っても痛えのはお前だろ![/Speechword]
Our adventure is not done yet!旅はまだ途中だぞ!Tabi wa mada tochuu da zo[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]旅はまだ途中だぞ![/Speechword]
I would rather rip off my arms than die here!死ぬより両腕ちぎれる方がましだろ!Shinu yori ryouude chigireru hou ga mashi daro[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]死ぬより両腕ちぎれる方がましだろ![/Speechword]
I’m not a man who’s going to die in a place like this!おれはこんな所で死ぬ男じゃねえ!Ore wa konna tokoro de shinu otoko janee.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]おれはこんな所で死ぬ男じゃねえ![/Speechword]
The sea is big. You’ll definitely meet some nice people one day!海は広い。いつか必ず優しい人達に会えるから!Umi wa hiroi. itsuka kanarazu yasashii hitotachi ni aeru kara.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]海は広い。いつか必ず優しい人達に会えるから![/Speechword]
Men don’t kick women!男は女を蹴っちゃならねえ!Otoko wa onna o keccha naranee.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]男は女を蹴っちゃならねえ![/Speechword]

Demon Slayer – 鬼滅の刃 (Kimetsu No Yaiba)

After its screening, Demon Slayer skyrocketed to stardom. The animation style and unique characters are two of the many reasons this show has become so popular, and you can watch it on Netflix! Once again, there are plenty of brilliant sayings in this anime that you can steal and use in your everyday conversation.

Never leave yourself so defenseless in front of an enemy.生殺与奪の権を他人に握らせるなSeisatsuyodatsunoken o tanin ni nigira seru na[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]生殺与奪の権を他人に握らせるな[/Speechword]
Things you do for others will go around and come back for you in the end.ひとのために することは けっきょく めぐりめぐって じぶんのためにも なっているものだしHito no tame ni suru koto wa kekkyo ku meguri megutteji bun no tame ni mo natte iru monodashi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]ひとのために することは けっきょく めぐりめぐって じぶんのためにも なっているものだし[/Speechword]
We live every day to the fullest of the life that everyone gives us.みんなに つないでもらった いのちで おれたちは いっしょうけんめい いきていきますMin’na ni tsunaide moratta inochi de ore-tachi wa isshou kenmei ikite ikimasu[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]みんなに つないでもらった いのちで おれたちは いっしょうけんめい いきていきます[/Speechword]
Don’t ruin one’s mind disrespectfully.ひとの こころのなかに どそくで ふみいるなHito no kokoro no naka ni dosoku de fumi iru na[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]ひとの こころのなかに どそくで ふみいるな[/Speechword]
No matter how miserable and shameful, we have to live our lives.どんなに惨 めでも恥 は ずかしくても 生きてかなきゃならねえんだぞDon nani mugo me demo haji wazu kashikute mo ikite kanakya naranē nda zo[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]どんなに惨 めでも恥 は ずかしくても 生きてかなきゃならねえんだぞ[/Speechword]
Even if it’s painful, don’t run away to the easy way.苦しくても、楽な方に逃げるなKurushikute mo, rakuna kata ni nigeru na[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]苦しくても、楽な方に逃げるな[/Speechword]

Famous Japanese Proverbs And Idioms

Japanese idioms and proverbs are used in Japanese society, J-drama, and anime since the writer uses them as a technique to tell a story. In addition, some Japanese idiom expresses the feelings and thoughts of the protagonist without saying something directly. Let’s look at some examples.

Even monkeys fall from tree猿も木から落ちるSaru mo ki kara ochiruEven the most competent person can make an error in their area of expertise.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]猿も木から落ちる[/Speechword]
Gold coins to a cat猫に小判Neko ni kobanPearls before swine: It wastes time when giving goods to those who can’t appreciate them.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]猫に小判[/Speechword]
You won’t be able to get the tiger cub if you don’t go into its cave虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ずKoketsu ni irazunbak o jiwoezuYou can’t accomplish anything without risking anything.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず[/Speechword]
Tomorrow’s winds will begin to blow明日は明日の風が吹くAshita ha ashita no kazegafukuTomorrow is another day: do not fret over your situation, as time will eventually improve your circumstances.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]明日は明日の風が吹く[/Speechword]
Fall down seven times but get up eight times七転び八起きNanakorobiyaokiDon’t give up: you will fail seven times but succeed eight times.[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]七転び八起き[/Speechword]

What Are Some Cool Japanese Sayings You’ve Learned?

As can be seen, this includes anything from common sayings to a conversation in Japanese pop culture. For example, famous Japanese quotes often begin with a character using Japanese proverbs and idiomatic phrases to communicate their feelings or trying to say. This means if you study a Japanese idiom or any quotes you heard from J-drama or anime, you’ll be able to apply them in your conversation, making it sound natural, like a native.

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