6 Best Ways To Learn Japanese – Proven By Japanese Teachers

In recent years, more and more people learn Japanese around the world. Some of them are interested in Japanese manga or anime culture, some of them like eating Japanese food. No matter why you want to learn the language, you still want to know the best ways to learn Japanese.

In this post, you can acquire 6 proven ways to learn Japanese quickly. Keep reading and find proper ways for you.


6 Best Ways To Learn Japanese

Keep The Determination And Confidence To Learn Japanese

If you are a beginner or don’t major in Japanese, it will be a little difficult to stick to your beliefs. It’s not hard to learn Japanese, yet it can’t be learned in two or three days. Before and while studying Japanese you must think carefully. If there is no firm confidence, then the efficiency of learning will be very low, and the determination to learn Japanese will be lost over time.

Best Ways To Learn Japanese

So the preconditions and key to learning Japanese well are to keep determination and confidence. Don’t give up halfway. If you can insist on learning Japanese for one year, you can master the language quickly

Take Japanese Lessons With A Teacher Or Tutor

It is the best and most efficient way to learn Japanese by taking lessons with a teacher. Generally, a professional Japanese teacher or tutor can know your language level and provide customized instruction for you. During the lessons, you can study Japanese characters, words, daily expressions, and practice conversation with your tutor. Compared to learning Japanese on your own, the learning efficiency will be higher.

But should I hire a private Japanese teacher or take group classes? Or how to find the right teacher for me? Maybe you have these questions.

As a matter of fact, whether you hire a private language teacher or take group lessons depends on you. If you want to improve your specialized skills like listening, writing, speaking, pronunciation, or just prepare for a Japanese language level test, or an interview, you can find a private teacher.

italki is an online 1-on-1 language learning platform. There you can search for your favorite native speakers or professional Japanese teachers from all over the world. After that, you can book online lessons easily with them. Before having a lesson, you can communicate with your teacher and raise your learning demands. So he or she can help you make your Japanese better in a proper way. Now it becomes very popular because the learners can study Japanese at home conveniently.

Best Ways To Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese On Your Way Home Or Office

Every day you may spend some time on your way home or office, but it is worth learning Japanese during this time. How can you do it?

Nowadays, there are many Japanese learning apps. The Ling App is one of the best apps for language learning. It integrates many language learning features and is user-friendly for both beginners and advanced learners. You can start practicing conversation at different levels from day 1.

ling app for learn japanese

Apart from that, you can also learn Japanese vocabulary, and read Japanese with ease with fun quizzes, games, etc. The Ling App makes it extremely relaxing to learn Japanese on the way home.

If you are also interested in other foreign languages, the Ling App also enables you to learn more than 60 languages online. With only one app on your mobile, you don’t need to worry about studying foreign languages anymore.

Learn Japanese Expressions From Anime

Japanese anime attracts a lot of teenagers even adults. There are many useful anime websites or resources for language learning. Below I recommend you 5 anime series which are worth watching and good for improving Japanese listening and expressing skills.

– Naruto – ナルト

– Detective Conan (Case Closed) – 名探偵コナン

– The Prince of Tennis – テニスの王子様

– Slam Dunk – スラムダンク

– Dragon Ball – ドラゴンボール

Learn Japanese By Reading Manga

As the impact of anime on Japan, Japan is also famous for its manga. By reading manga or children’s books, you can learn furigana. If you are not good at Japanese, manga is a perfect resource for learning Japanese. First, there are not so many words in books. Moreover, the pictures will be the main content.

Best Ways To Learn Japanese

So, the manga will be very easy to read and can attract learners’ attention. When you meet unknown words, you can search for them in the dictionary and take notes in the book.

In a word, reading manga can help you increase your reading skills a lot.

Find A Language Partner To Practice Conversation

Another effective way to practice spoken Japanese is to speak to a language partner. If your language partner is a native Japanese speaker, it will be best. If not, you can also make friends with Japanese learners or join some Japanese learning groups or communities.

Best Ways To Learn Japanese

A tip for speaking Japanese well is to speak loudly and not be shy. As long as you talk with someone, you may know the weakness of your skills. While listening to others’ expressions, you can test your listening skills. The more you practice, the faster you make progress in Japanese. What’s more, communicating with people can usually improve your expression skills.



Have you ever tried some of the 6 ways to learn Japanese? In fact, these are only some of the best ways to study Japanese. In addition, watching Japanese TV series, listening to Podcasts in Japanese, learning to sing Japanese songs, or traveling in Japan can all help you with your Japanese. So, don’t waste time and adjust your mind to learning Japanese using the methods above. For that, a study plan is necessary so that you learn Japanese according to the calendar regularly. Don’t expect to learn Japanese in a short time. Finally, I hope you increase your Japanese skills quickly.

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