10+ Easy Relationship Vocabulary In Irish

Do you want to learn some related relationship vocabulary in Irish? Perhaps, you landed on this post because you finally met the “one.” Well, we got you covered if you want to impress them. If you are ready for this, let’s start learning! This blog will walk you through all the Irish words related to relationships, the dating culture, and even the standard terms of endearment.

Dating In Ireland

Irish culture is different from other cultures, especially when it comes to dating. If you are not from Ireland, then dating in Ireland might be slightly shocking and foreign at first for you. It is always good to learn some dos and don’ts before dating an Irish person.

Small Talk And Banter

When foreigners go to Ireland, they realize that Irish people are exceptional at banter. They can have small talk and are friendly with each other. They tend to joke around about many things. Being casual would be a specialty of Irish people.

However, Irish people could take a lot of time before opening up in front of someone. They bottle up their feelings and emotions for most of the part. They have to muster some courage to have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone.

Meeting At Bars

Most Irish people are known to date other people after meeting them through some mutual friends. Irish people are fond of going to bars and clubbing. They love to dance and sing to music all night. It is possible that two Irish people would see each other in a bar at different meetings and not take a step until the fifth or sixth one.

Irish people tend to drink a lot, and often the drinking together and opening up leads to the phenomenon of dating. So if you want to date an Irish person, you might as well consider taking them out to a bar.

Taking Things Slow

Irish people tend to be less straightforward as compared to the American people. Irish men would not move right away if they like you; instead, they would wait for the right time to approach you. They can be pretty shy about things and opportunistic in their way.

They would not praise a girl as much as they want to because they take things slowly. It might take you some time to make friends with an Irish person, let alone dating and getting married. Irish people are extremely friendly with each other. They take their time and make a move once they think they are ready for that.

There are different people everywhere, and some people could be straightforward with you, and thus this blog is not to generalize or support any stereotypes. This just gives an idea about what the foreign people notice when they first go to Ireland as a cultural shock.

In Ireland, people take emotions seriously. This is the reason why they have a hard time opening up because they do not want to commit a mistake while doing so


Irish dating culture is comparatively more serious. People prefer not to use the word dating for someone unless they are sure about them. If someone from Ireland is using the word dating or more like “the guy that I am dating,” it might indicate that they love each other and have considered the idea of being together for a long time.

Dating Applications

It is known that dating applications have revolutionized dating for Irish people. Irish people had a hard time dating before. Or maybe they wanted to take things slower. Since technology has introduced dating applications, many Irish people suggest that things have been changed.

Some of the initial and new dating sites in Ireland were Match. com, POF (formerly Plenty of Fish), and OkCupid. That was until 2015, and it was slightly awkward to tell others about online dates. However, things changed in 2015 when Tinder finally launched in Ireland.

Since then, it is noticed that relatively more Irish people are dating online as compared to the Irish people previously. Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, Teeze, Match.com, POF, and Lumen are some of the most common dating apps in Ireland today.

Irish Endearments For lovers

Here’s the truth: You should not be expecting the exact translations here. Basically, different Irish endearments have their specific nuances and might take more than one word to be translated. There are other Irish words that Irish people use for their partners, which can even sound peculiar to you but has a deeper meaning for them.

For instance, a person from a different culture might consider “honey” weird in English. You can use the romantic words in the Irish language to write on your wedding ring to show attachment to someone. Here is a list of some of the most common Irish language endearments:

Irish EndearmentsEnglish Translations
A charaMy friend
A leanbhMy baby
A stórMy Dear
A rúnsearcMy secret
A pheataMy pet
A chroíMy heart
Mo mhuirnín dílisMy faithful darling
A rúnMy secret (love)
A chéadsearcMy first love
A ghráMy love
M’fhíorghráMy true love
A ghrá mo chroíThe love of my heart
A rúnsearcMy secret
A mhuirnín”My dear
Mo shíorghráMy eternal love
A chuidMy part/ share
A chuisleMy pulse
A rún mo chroíThe secret of my heart
A chuisle mo chroíMy heart’s beloved
A thaisceMy Treasure
Stór mo chroíMy heart’s treasure
A ghrá gealMy bright love

A Leanbh

A Leanbh literally translates to my Baby/ child. This is one of those Irish terms in the Irish language which could be slightly confusing for foreigners. The Irish people use the word leanbh for a child and their partner. It is not easy to explain this word, but the easiest explanation would be just like how we say baby in English, Irish people use the word “leanbh.”

A Chuid

Just like we say in English, “You are a part of me,” when we are trying to manifest our romantic feelings for someone, the Irish people use the literal Irish translation for the word.

The word “cuid” means a share or a part of something. Remember how cuid is used for making things plural? Well, here is another use of this magical word. You can add “a chuid” to any romantic phrase to make it more romantic.

When you call someone “a chuid” you are basically calling them a part of you.

Mo Chroí

Talking of a magical word and leaving “Mo Chroí” behind? Some examples are ghrá mo chroí (my heart’s beloved), stór mo chroí (My heart’s treasure), chuisle mo chroí (pulse of my heart), rún mo chroí (Secret of my heart). This can also be used in cases of affectionate friendship and a very passionate way of talking to your loved one.

Anam Cara

A way of calling your loved one is by calling them anam cara. Anam cara has two Gaelic words; Anam meaning soul and Cara meaning friend. If you or the other person likes poetry, this word would be a perfect fit since it was mainly used in poetry and literature.

Weird for you, right? Told ya! Many Irish people would call their romantic partner anam cara. It is a way for them to let their partner know that they consider them as a friend to their soul. Another translation of this Irish word would be a soulmate.

There are some modern terms in the Irish language to address your lover. These words should be used to talk about someone really close to your heart. A ghrá geal, a chuid den tsaol, a chéadsearc, and a rúnsearc are some of the easiest ways of calling someone your soulmate (soul friend).

Relationship Vocabulary In Irish

Irish Relationship VocabularyEnglish Translations
Be MineBí liom
Bow And ArrowBogha agus saighead
BelovedA stór
Box Of ChocolatesBosca Seacláidí
DearA chara
Forget-Me-NotsDéan dearmad-Mise-Nots
FourteenthAn ceathrú duine déag
Greeting CardCárta Beannachta
LovebirdsÉin ghrá
EnvelopeClúdach litreach
HeartthrobCroí croí
Fall In LoveThit i ngra
St. ValentineNaomh Vailintín
Secret AdmirerAdmirer rúnda
Unrequited LoveGrá gan Iarraidh
Saint ValentineNaomh Vailintín
PresentsI láthair
True LoveFíor-ghrá
Wild AboutFiáin Faoi
DarlingA ghrá
My TreasureA thaisce
My heart’s treasurestór mo chroí
My bright loveA ghrá geal

Wrapping Up


By now, you must have enough vocabulary for your relationship and dating if you ever go to Ireland. For more such blogs, feel free to check out Ling app by Simya Solutions. We often post blogs that are about almost all the languages in the world. Recently, we also have uploaded Christmas greetings and Irish Pronouns.

So, what are you waiting for? Improve in the Irish Gaelic today by downloading the Ling App!

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