5 Best Reasons To Start Learning Irish Now

There is no denying that most of us are very interested in mastering a new foreign language. In today’s post, we will walk you through the epic reasons why you should start learning Irish and how it can help you personally and professionally. While it is not as popular as languages like Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, or Thai, having expertise in Irish (Gaelic) will make you become even more appreciative and conscious about the languages existing around us. After all, this one is branded as a “dying” language and now is the best time for language enthusiasts like you to help keep this one alive.

Whenever one thinks of crossing off “language learning” on their personal bucket lists, what most people think about is gaining proficiency in some of the most popular languages. However, there is one specific language which we definitely think you should consider and that is the Irish language. Known as the official language of Ireland, Gaelic is spoken by about 1.2 million people across the globe and is mainly used only in Ireland. Unlike other foreign languages, the Irish language is not popular outside of the country.

In order for native Irish speakers to communicate to the outside world, they basically improved their language skills by mastering English. However, such an approach is now endangering the existence of the Irish language as it was reported that about 99% of the population use English as a means of communication in daily life. As of today, the only places where you can hear native speakers use Irish are when it is taught in schools and in few isolated places on the west coast called Gaeltachts. Even the local TV stations and radio are mainly using English and only a few make use of full Irish.

The good news there is that when you come and visit the Emerald Isle, native English speakers can definitely roam around the country without any hassle since all of the Irish people are fluent in English. However, please note that certain signages may still be printed in Irish which is why learning a few things about the Irish vocabulary, phrases, and grammar will definitely help you out.

If you are still on the fence about whether you should start learning Irish (Gaelic), then allow us to walk you through the five major reasons why learning this can be worth your time.


5 Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Irish

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Irish

The Irish language is one of the six remaining Celtic languages (including Scottish Gaelic, Breton, Manx, Cornish, and Welsh) which is a part of the Indo-European language family. According to the native speakers, the Irish language is also known as the Irish Gaelic, Erse, Gaeilge, or simply Irish but no matter what it is called they are all referring to the main language that is native to Ireland.

For complete beginners out there who have been reviewing the history of the Irish language, you probably are confused why the language is sometimes called “Gaelic.” As a rule of thumb, please do remember that Gaelic is basically a catch-all word that may refer to three types of languages including Scottish Gaelic, Manx Gaelic, and Irish Gaelic.

If you are still unsure whether you should add this language to your learning experience, here are 5 reasons that will push you to start improving your knowledge right away!

The Irish Language Is Beautiful

Out of all the many languages, there is no denying that the Irish language has under its belt some of the most beautiful words ever! While the pronunciation may seem a bit tough at first, consistent practice will make you appreciate better how each of the Irish words sounds. Below are some examples along with their meanings.

Irish WordMeaning
FáilteBliss / Happiness
SuaimhneasCalmness / Tranquility

Speak Irish Correctly To Start Connecting

While you can by as an English native speaker when visiting the country, the fact that you are trying to speak and learn Irish will definitely make the hearts of locals melt. At the end of the day, speaking Irish will make them smile and see your genuine passion for learning about them and their heritage and culture. While you do not have to learn the intricate grammar points of every pronunciation rule, mastering and practicing Irish words, phrases, and expressions is already enough.

If you are unsure of what to learn first, you may consider learning about the basics like the question words and commonly used verbs. Learn at your own pace and once you are ready, nothing should stop you from speaking with other Irish speakers.

Learn Irish Culture Through Its Language

As stated by researchers, learning a new language allows us to gain a new perspective about the way we see life. In fact, our languages today are mainly adapting based on society which is the reason why some words may have different cultural meanings. If you would love to learn the Irish way of thinking, then it is highly recommended that you start mastering the Irish language and the unique type of Irish English.

Converse Fluently With Irish Speakers

While not many use Irish in day-to-day life, the locals do know the Irish language by heart. If you are not a native speaker of English and would still like to be understood by the locals, we highly recommend that you start mastering the Irish language and start interacting with the locals. While you will need to train your ears on the language, we believe that you can master it so long as you expose yourself and practice using useful resources for at least 10 minutes a day.

Inspire Language Enthusiasts To Master Irish Too

It is true that the Irish language is somehow being branded as endangered and one way by which you can keep this alive is by encouraging other language learners to consider this language. And of course, what better way to convince other people but to make them see how much you are having while learning it yourself, right?


Learn Irish With The Ling App

The Irish language is definitely not a walk in the park and you will seriously need to set aside time for your lessons and practice. However, mastering it is totally doable especially when you utilize resources that are guaranteed to help you progress in the four skills in languages- from reading, speaking, writing, to listening, the Ling App by Simya Solutions got you covered.

Unlike other popular apps, the Ling App is a platform that you can take at your own pace and has a full range of language courses for over 60+ foreign languages. To keep you motivated and truly craving for a learning session, it was structured with a gamified component so that you can be on your toes while using the app. Download it today and experience an innovative way to learning Irish right on your mobile device or through your computer!

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