Irish Weather Vocabulary: 4 Seasons Of Bad Rain?

One fact of life that permeates the planet over is people’s desire to talk about the weather! It doesn’t matter if you’re in monsoon season in Vietnam or fall in the U.S, the guy at your local corner store will invariably point at the sky as a way to strike up a conversation. That is why today we’re bringing you this list of Irish weather vocabulary, so you’re never caught short when making small talk. 

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What’s The Irish Word For Weather?

‘Aimsir’ – Weather

Basic Irish Weather Vocabulary

There are a couple interesting weather words the Irish use to describe weather. Can you spot them below?

Partly CloudyBreacscamallach
Soft dayLá bog
Wet rainBáisteach fliuch

What’s The Climate Like In Ireland? The Basics

The most essential thing to know about Ireland is that it has four seasons, and like a lot of countries in this part of Northern Europe, these seasons aren’t too dramatic in their intensity.

It can get up to 30 degrees centigrade in the summer but never becomes dangerous, and the same can be said for winter. If you’re a school kid, you might be lucky to get a snow day, but that’s less to do with the snow level and more the fact that the government takes a few days to clear it. For example, I had a Canadian friend who thought it was laughable how easy Ireland’s transport ground to a halt with only a little bit of the white stuff!

Perhaps the nearest Irish weather comes to being anomalous is in how much it rains- the average annual rainfall is 1230mm, which can go as high as 3000mm in hilly areas. Compare that to notoriously rainy England, which only receives 885mm.

That being said, it rarely rains enough to cause substantial flooding, and Irish people just get on with this minor inconvenience.

How To Say The Seasons In Irish


How To Ask About The Weather In Irish

weather in ireland
How’s the weather in…?Conas atá an aimsir i…? 
How is the weather today?Conas atá an aimsir inniu? 
What’s the weather like in Dublin?Cad é mar atá an aimsir i mBaile Átha Cliath? 
What’s the weather like outside?Cad é an aimsir amuigh? 
Is it going to rain tomorrow?An mbeidh sé ag cur báistí amárach? 
What is the temperature like in summer?Cad é an teocht sa samhradh? 
Where in Ireland gets the most rain?Cá háit in Éirinn a bhfaigheann an bháisteach is mó? 

Phrases You Might Use To Describe The Weather

It’s sunnyTá sé grianmhar 
It’s too hotTá sé ró-the 
It’s too coldTá sé ró-fhuar 
I’m sweatingTá mé ag cur allais 
It rains a lotBíonn sé ag cur báistí go leor 
Looks like thunder and lightningIs cosúil le toirneach agus tintreach 
There is fogTá ceo ann 
There are cloudsTá scamaill ann 
It’s humidTá sé tais 
It’s windyTá sé gaofar 
It’s stormyTá sé stoirmiúil 
The weather in the hills is windyTá an aimsir sna cnoic gaofar 

Why Is The Weather In Ireland The Way It is?

cold weather person with umbrella Irish weather vocabulary

Things get a little more complicated now, and we have to start discussing different ‘fronts.’

A significant impact on Ireland’s weather comes from the polar front. Simply put, Ireland lies on the line where the cold air from the arctic meets the tropical air blowing up from the equator.

If you remember those middle school science lessons, you’ll be aware that when warm air containing evaporated water from the ocean meets cold air, you get rain. This rain falls an astounding 225 days per year on the west coast of Ireland, n.b; the east coast is drier and only receives rain 151 days.

When the cold and warm fronts are particularly charged, it can cause a massive storm somewhat akin to a hurricane but not as strong. There were six named storms between 2020 and 2021.

All gloomy news, right?

Well, it could be worse. The battle between the hot and cold air warms Ireland considerably. If you trace the line of latitude around the world, you’ll see places in the same position as Ireland where the temperature can drop below -20.

How To Describe Temperature In Gaelic Irish


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