9 Best Irish Tongue Twisters To Get Busy

Irish Tongue Twisters

Who doesn’t love the challenge of pronouncing a tongue twister five times as fast as possible without making any mistakes? It is exciting and sometimes a great way to show off. But more than the excitement, tongue twisters are a great way to improve a language’s pronunciation and familiarize yourself with similar words. Fortunately, the Irish language is not left out and has its own fair share of challenging tongue twisters, which we will be looking at today, as you may have guessed.

Get ready to challenge yourself by pronouncing these Irish tongue twisters five times as fast as you can. Of course, I will be rooting for you!

Benefits Of Tongue Twisters

Before we go into these challenging Irish tongue twisters, let’s look at some benefits of tongue twisters.

First, tongue twisters have been proven to help in the pronunciation. When learning a new language, pronunciation is always a problem due to the vast intonation difference between one’s native and new language. Most learners do not get the correct intonation for their target language even after a few years. Tongue twisters can be a tremendous help when trying to improve a language’s pronunciation.

Tip: To make tongue twisters effective, listen to a native saying the tongue twister before attempting. That way, you’ll be able to catch the intonation that was used for each word.

Another advantage of tongue twisters is that they allow you to discover the words, vowels, or consonants you are struggling with. Suppose you notice you keep having issues with one particular word in a tongue twister. In that case, it means you are either having a problem with the vowel(s), consonant(s), or general pronunciation. Once you’ve discovered that, it will help you take the necessary actions needed for improvement.

A Quick History Of Tongue Twisters

Did you know the acclaimed first tongue twister is 150+ old? She sells seashells tongue twister was published in 1850 as an exercise, and then it gained popularity. By 1908, the tongue twister was turned into a song.

10+ Irish Tongue Twisters

Now, let’s look at the famous Irish tongue twisters that are helpful for your Irish learning journey and are a great way to improve your pronunciation. Ready for the challenge? Let’s go!

01. Tá ceann tuí ar trí thigh atá thíos le taobh na toinne

English Translation: There are thatched roofs on three houses standing by the waves.

02. Rinne Máire gáire gan náire ag an fhaire i nDoire anuraidh

English Translation: Mary laughed shamelessly at the wake in Derry last year.

Irish Tongue Twisters wall

03. Chuaigh ceannaí cneasta cliste thar chlaí crua chloch

English Translation: A smart, kind merchant went over the hard stone wall.

04. Seacht sicín ina seasamh sa sneachta lá seaca

English Translation: Seven chickens standing in the snow on a frosty day.

A chicken will naturally run from a frosty day; now, imagine seeing not just one but seven chickens standing in the snow. I will be a little scared.

05. D’ith damh dubh ubh amh ar neamh

English Translation: A black ox ate a raw egg in heaven.

This is another excellent tongue twister you can try out. Ireland, just like most cultures, has its superstitions.

06. Go mbéadh seacht shliocht ag sliocht do shleachta

English Translation: May your children’s children have seven children.

Okay, we may have slightly exaggerated this prayer, but this is a good prayer for your children’s children, knowing fully well that Ireland is a religious community.

07. Tá ailt ata ar ioscaid an easpaig

English Translation: The joints on the back of the bishop’s knee are swollen.

Ireland is a religious country and has a lot of orthodox Christians attending the Catholic Church. So, if is no new sight to see Bishops and Priests in churches. While this may not be a direct correlation to the tongue twisters, we never can tell whether the Bishops were an inspiration.

08. Fear feargach ag faire na farraige fuaire

English Translation: An angry man watching the cold sea.

Just imagine an angry man watching the cold sea, probably lost in the thought of what made him angry.

09. Ná bac le mac an bhacaigh is ní bhacfaidh mac an bhacaigh leat

English Translation: Pay no attention to the beggar’s son, and he will pay no attention to you.

Which Tongue Twister Was Your Favorite?

I hope you didn’t struggle trying out these Irish tongue twisters. If you did, don’t worry. With consistent practice, you can get the hang of it. One tip I will give is to start with the easiest tongue twisters and work your way up to the hardest. Once you master the easiest, the harder tongue twisters will be easier. With that being said, would you like to share your favorite tongue twister in the comment below?

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