18+ Extra Sweet Tagalog Dating Words

Have you been planning to date a Filipino but don’t know how to speak Tagalog? Well, today, start learning these cheesy and romantic Tagalog dating words.

The Philippines is a beautiful country that you can easily fall in love with. But aside from its nature and culture, they also have beautiful people. So, if you’ve decided to date a Filipino, better start learning basic phrases in their native language.

Learning Tagalog dating words are helpful, especially when you plan to start dating a Filipino. Of course, most of them can speak English, but it hits differently when Tagalog romantic phrases are used. It will make them feel “kilig” or giddy, and it will definitely warm their hearts even for long-distance relationships. Most of all, you will learn more things about the person that is essential to establish deeper relationships. So, let’s learn some Tagalog Dating words.


Tagalog Dating Words And Phrases

There’s no exact Tagalog word for “date”. People use the English term, or sometimes they use “labas,” which means “go out.” So, when a Filipino guy says to a girl, “Ayain sana kitang lumabas.”, It most probably means that he wants to go out on a date. But this is not the case all time because you can also use it with your friends and family.

Dating in Filipino culture used to be complicated because of its conservative culture. But due to the influence of social media and technology, things have become easier. You can date through dating apps. You can also do casual dating. But, even if this is the case right now, there are still Filipinos who want to date the old fashion way. Most of them are in rural places.

Now that you have learned a little bit about the dating culture of the Philippines let us now learn some Tagalog dating words that can be used to express romantic declarations.

Breaking The Ice

The first stage of dating, of course, is breaking the ice. This stage is usually just breaking the ice between the two of you or introducing yourself to one another.


Tagalog Dating Words

The simplest way to break the ice is to greet someone with “Hi” or “Hello.” There is no Tagalog version of this word, but when you want to get someone’s attention using the Filipino language, you can say “Paumanhin/Mawalang-galang na po,” which means “Excuse me.”.

Pwede bang makipagkilala? (May I introduce myself?)

Tagalog Dating Words

If there’s someone who immediately catches your attention and you feel the urge to get to know that person, you can say, “Pwede bang makipagkilala?”. This is a way of initiating getting to know each other. Of course, you should be the first one to say your name.

Pwede ba kita tabihan?/Pwede bang umupo sa tabi mo? (Can I sit beside you?) /

Tagalog Dating Words

This phrase is kind of risky because you might sound rude to some people. You can use it depending on the situation. If you’re in a place where there’s no available seat left, it doesn’t sound too straightforward.

But, if you wanna sit beside that person with the intention of getting to know them, make sure not to come too aggressively, so you won’t be misunderstood. Not all Filipinos are used to that kind of approach.

Pwede ko bang makuha ang numero mo? (Can I get your number?)

Tagalog Dating Words

Asking for someone’s number is definitely the easiest way to start a connection. Others prefer to send a friend request on Facebook or a follow request on Instagram. But of course, exchanging numbers still, work even up to this day.

If you wanna know more, here are other Tagalog words and phrases used to break the ice:

TagalogPronunciationEnglish Translation
Pwede ko ba malaman ang pangalan mo? May I know your name?
Sino kasama mo dito? Who are you with here?
Naliligaw ka ba? Are you lost?
Taga dito ka ba? Are you from here?/Do you live here?
Bago ka lang dito? Are you new here?



Compliments brighten up someone’s day, and in dating, it’s nice to say compliments to show your appreciation to the other person. Of course, during the first dates, people are still in the process of getting to know each other, so compliments are good ways to start conversations and make the other person feel that they are appreciated.

Bagay sa’yo ang damit mo. (You’re outfit suits you.)

Tagalog Dating Words

The first compliment and definitely the easiest thing to notice about someone is their outfit. When going on a date, we tend to make an effort to look the best that we can. Some people are really trying to make a good impression by dressing up nicely. So, it’s nice to compliment them. In situations like this you can say, “Bagay sa’yo ang damit mo. (You’re outfit suits you.)”.

Ang ganda mo!/Ang gwapo mo! (You are beautiful/ You are handsome!) /

Tagalog Dating Words

If you’re looking for the right descriptive words to compliment the looks of the person you’re dating, you can use “Ang ganda mo!/Ang gwapo mo!” The Tagalog expression “Ang ganda mo!” is used for girls because it means beautiful, while “Ang gwapo mo!” is used for boys because it means handsome.

Ang bait mo naman! (You’re so Kind/Nice!)

Tagalog Dating Words

Physical appearance truly attracts the eyes, but a good heart attracts the heart. So, if you wanna compliment the other person for being nice, you can say, “Ang bait mo naman!”. Filipinos are attracted to kind-hearted people, and that’s something that you need to have when you’re dating. It’s important to make them feel that your intentions are good.

If you wanna know more, here are other Tagalog words and phrases used for breaking the complimenting:

TagalogPronunciationEnglish Translation
Ang ganda ng mga mata mo. You have such beautiful eyes.
Ang talino mo. Ang talino mo.
Ang cute Mo! You’re cute!
Ang ganda ng boses mo. You have such a beautiful voice.
Ang sweet/lambing mo. / You’re sweet.


Going On A Date

Going on dates is one of the ways to get to know a person before making everything official. Because of this, it’s important that it becomes successful, or it might be your last one. Here are some phrases that you can use when going on a date:

Pwede ba kitang ayain kumain sa labas? (Can I buy you a meal?)

Tagalog Dating Words

The very first thing to do is to ask the person officially, and the easiest way to do that is to say, “Pwede ba kitang ayain lumabas?”. But, in Filipino culture, most people do not just simply go on a date during the first meeting. So, might as well spend time texting or chatting with the person and get to know them a little bit so that they know that your intentions are good.

Saan mo gustong kumain? (Where do you want to eat?)

Tagalog Dating Words

The next one is definitely one of the most basic questions but kind of hard to answer. If you’re dating for just a few days or weeks, this might not be a problem. But, if you have been dating for a while, it’s hard to find a place to eat. You may always hear “Ikaw ang bahala (It’s up to you!), or “Kahit saan (Anywhere)”

Sunduin kita sa inyo. (I’ll fetch you to your house.)

Tagalog Dating Words

If you’re planning to date a girl, it’s nice to pick her up at her house. This will help you make a good impression, and it will also make the person feel your sincerity. You can do this even if you do not have a car. Just show up in front of her house, well-dressed and smiling, and you’re off to a good start.

But, if the girl says no, respect it because it might be too much for her, or it can also be for safety reasons, especially when you just began dating.

If you wanna know more, here are other Tagalog words and phrases used for going on a date

TagalogPronunciationEnglish Translation
Magkita tayo ng ikawalo ng umaga. Let’s meet at 8:00 in the morning.
Hihintayin kita. I will wait for you.
Akong bahala. I’ll take care of it.
Sagot ko. My treat.
Gusto kitang tawagan. I want to call you.
Saan may masarap na dessert? Where can we eat delicious dessert?


Engaging In Conversation

Dating, especially when you have just started dating, can be awkward because you don’t know anything about the person. So, you should start with the basic ones. Do not ask too personal questions at first. Here are some examples of phrases that you can use in engaging in conversations.

Ano ang mga hilig mong gawin? (What are your hobbies?)

Tagalog Dating Words

You can start by asking about their hobbies. This will immediately open many topics to talk about. This is also a way to get to know more about the person and see similarities between the two of you.

Ano ang paborito mong pagkain? (What’s your favorite food?)

Tagalog Dating Words

Asking about their favorite food will also give you an idea of how to surprise them or make them feel happy. This is also helpful when planning dates because you’ll be choosing restaurants or places that serve his/her favorite food.

Ano ang gusto mo sa isang babae/ lalaki? (What do you like in a girl/guy?) /

Tagalog Dating Words

Another way to get to know a person more is to ask about his/her ideal guy/girl. This will give you an idea of what to do or how to act. You will also avoid doing things that upset the other person. Knowing this will also help you make him/her happy and comfortable.

If you want to learn more, here are other Tagalog phrases that you can use in engaging in conversations:

TagalogPronunciationEnglish Translation
Ano ang paborito mong pelikula o palabas? What’s your favorite movie or television show?
Ano ang iyong trabaho? What’s your job?
Ano ang gusto mo sa isang babae/ lalaki? / What do you like in a girl/guy?
Ano ang mga nagpapasaya sa’yo? What makes you happy?
Gumagamit ka ba ng dating apps? Do you use dating apps?
Ilang taon ka na? How old are you?



After a series of dates and talking, you will eventually have the courage to confess. If that day comes, you can use any of the following words.

Gusto kita./ May gusto ako sa iyo. (I like you.) /

Tagalog Dating Words

Confessing is not easy. It takes courage, timing, and even effort to do this. So, the easiest expression that you can use is “Gusto kita.” or “I like you.”. Some draw a line between love and like; that’s why we should learn this expression. You can also hear Filipinos saying “Gustong-gusto kita talaga.”

Mahal kita/Iniibig kita (I love you.) /

Tagalog Dating Words

The next one is, of course, “Mahal kita” or “I love you.” You might also hear “Mahal na mahal kita,” which means “I love you so much.” If you want to learn how to say “I love you” in Tagalog in different ways, you can check this blog out. On the other hand, the word “Iniibig kita” also means “I love you,” but it’s more of a traditional or formal way. You can mostly hear it in movies or read it in books.

If you want to learn more, here are other Tagalog phrases that you can use in confessing:

TagalogPronunciationEnglish Translation
Mahal din kita. I love you too.
May nararamdaman ako para sa’yo . I have feelings for you.
Gusto kitang maging kasintahan. I’ll do everything for you.
Mamahalin kita habang buhay I will love you forever.
Gusto kong tumanda kasama ka. I want to grow old with you.
Gusto kitang pakasalan. I wanna mary you.


Ending The Day

Ending the day is also important. This sums up everything that happened during that day. You also need to end your day right, just like how you started it. So, here are some of the words that you can use.

Naging masaya ako ngayong araw. – (I enjoyed this fun.)

Tagalog Dating Words

Letting the other person feel that you enjoyed the day with him/her is also a compliment that can warm their heart. It gives that person an impression that you enjoy his/her company and everything went well. It is also a polite way to end the day before parting ways.

Ihatid na kita sa into. – (Let me bring you home.)

Tagalog Dating Words

If you’re a guy, you definitely should learn this expression. It’s important to make the other person safe when they go home, especially for girls. This is also a way of showing your care. Guys usually accompany girls home, but in this modern day, if the girl has a car, they don’t mind doing it the other way around. But then again, if the girl doesn’t want it, you should not force yourself.

Mag-ingat ka. – (Take care./ Be safe.)

Tagalog Dating Words

This is a simple but sweet way to let the other person feel that you care about them. This is also a way to make the other person feel your sincerity and concern.

If you’re looking for other words to end the day, you can use the following words:

TagalogPronunciationEnglish Translation
Paalam! Bye!
Ingat ka lagi./ Lagi kang mag-ingat / Let’s talk again tomorrow.
Mag-ingat ka pauwi. Be careful on your way home.
Sabihin mo sa akin kung nakauwi ka na. Let me know if you got home.


Other Words And Phrases Related To Dating

TagalogPronunciationEnglish Translation
bulaklak flowers
ihatid to accompany someone home
ireto pit one against another/
to help someone meet another person
kasintahan boyfriend/girfriend
lokohin/manloko / to cheat
makipaglandian to flirt
mahulog ang loob to fall in love to someone
maghiwalay to break up
mag-usap to talk
magkape to dink coffee together
manligaw to court someone
makipagbalikan to get back together
nakapalagayan ng laoob
/ to hit it off
pagmamahal love
paghanga crush/admiration
patigilin sa panliligaw/
/ / to turn someone down
puso heart
relasyon relationship
saktan to hurt
sunduin to pick up
malambing sweet
tsokolate chocolate
tipo one’s type

Sweet Tagalog Phrases

These are some easy Tagalog love phrases that you can to your Filipino girlfriend or boyfriend. If you wanna know more greatest Tagalog love phrases, you can check out this blog.

TagalogPronunciationEnglish Translation
Iniisip kita lagi./
Lagi kitang iniisip
/ I always think of you.
Nasa iyo na ang lahat You already have everything.
Ikaw ang lahat sa akin. You are everything to me.
Na-miss kita. /
Miss na kita./
Miss na miss na kita.
/ / I miss you./ I miss you so much.
Huwag kang mag-alala. Don’t worry.
Gusto kitang makita. I want to see you.
Aalagaan kita. I will take care of you.


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