18+ Extra Sweet Tagalog Dating Words You Need To Know

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Are you thinking about dating a Filipino, but you can’t speak Tagalog? No sweat! Today, we are going to learn some cool and romantic Tagalog dating words and phrases together.

Besides being beautifully decorated with scenic landscapes and a rich mix of traditions, the Philippines is also home to some honestly great people. So, if the thought of dating a Filipino has crossed your mind, it’s time you picked up the pace of learning the Tagalog language.

Picking up Tagalog isn’t just to impress your date. Sure, many Filipinos can speak English, but trust me, speaking their language has its charm. It’ll make them feel kilig, you know, that giddy, heart-fluttering feeling. It can even warm their hearts in long-distance relationships. Plus, you’ll get to know them deeper, which is super important for building a strong connection.

With that said, it’s time we got our hands on some of those Tagalog dating words and phrases.

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Most Common Tagalog Dating Words And Phrases

There’s no exact Tagalog word for “date”. People use the English term, or sometimes they use “labas,” which means “go out.” So, when a Filipino guy says to a girl, “Ayain sana kitang lumabas.” It most probably means that he wants to go out on a date. But this is not always the case because you can also use it with your friends and family.

Dating in Filipino culture used to be complicated because of its conservative culture. But things have become easier due to the influence of social media and technology. You can date through dating apps. You can also do casual dating. But, even if this is the case right now, some Filipinos still want to date the old-fashioned way. Most of them are in rural places.

Now that you have learned a little bit about the Philippines’ dating culture, let us learn some Tagalog dating words that can be used to express romantic declarations.

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Tagalog Dating Words For Breaking The Ice

The first stage of dating is, of course, breaking the ice. This stage typically involves introducing yourself or simply getting acquainted with one another.


The easiest way to break the ice is to greet someone with “Hi” or “Hello.” There isn’t a Tagalog version of these words. But if you want to get someone’s attention in Filipino, you can say Paumanhin or Mawalang-galang na po, which means “excuse me.”

May I Introduce Myself? – Pwede Bang Makipagkilala?

If someone catches your eye and you want to get to know them, you can say, Pwede bang makipagkilala? This is a polite way to initiate a conversation. But don’t forget to introduce yourself first!

Can I Sit Beside You? – Pwede Ba Kitang Tabihan?

This phrase can be risky as it might be rude to some people. Use it based on the situation – for example, it might not be too forward if there are no other available seats. However, if you want to sit next to someone to get to know them, be careful not to come across as too aggressive, as not all Filipinos are used to this approach.

So, use this phrase according to the situation, and be polite and respectful, especially since not all Filipinos might be used to such direct approaches.

Can I Get Your Number? – Pwede Ko Bang Makuha Ang Number Mo?

Asking for someone’s number is always a classic way to start a connection. Some people might prefer to connect on Facebook or Instagram, but exchanging phone numbers still works well even today.

Here are some other Tagalog dating words and phrases you can use to break the ice:

May I know your name?Pwede ko ba malaman ang pangalan mo?
Who are you here with?Sino kasama mo dito?
Are you lost?Naliligaw ka ba?
Are you from here?/Do you live here?Taga dito ka ba?
Are you new here?Bago ka lang dito?


Tagalog Dating Words For Complimenting Your Date

Giving compliments can brighten someone’s day, especially when dating. During those early dates, when people get to know each other, compliments help start conversations and make the other person feel valued.

Your Outfit Look Good On You – Bagay Sa’yo Ang Suot Mo

A great way to compliment someone is to mention their outfit. Everyone tries to look their best on a date, so appreciating their outfit is a nice move. Just say, Bagay sa’yo ang suot mo, which means “Your outfit suits you.”

You Are Beautiful/ You Are Handsome! – Ang Ganda Mo!/Ang Gwapo Mo! /

In those moments when you’re searching for the perfect words to express your admiration for someone’s physical appearance, Tagalog has two expressions you can use: Ang ganda mo and Ang gwapo mo. Ang ganda mo is directed at women and translates to “You are beautiful!” Conversely, Ang gwapo mo is for men and translates to “You are handsome!”

You’re so Kind! – Ang Bait Mo Naman!

It’s often said that physical appearance captures the eyes, but a good heart captures the heart. So, if you wanna compliment the other person for being nice, you can say, Ang bait mo naman! Kindness is really important in dating, and it shows your intentions are genuine.

If you’re interested in learning more Tagalog dating words, here are some other phrases you can use when giving compliments:

You have beautiful eyes.Ang ganda ng mga mata mo.
You’re smart.Ang talino mo.
You’re cute!Ang cute mo.
You have a beautiful voice.Ang ganda ng boses mo.
You’re sweet.Ang lambing mo


Tagalog Words When Going On The Date

Going on dates is one of the ways to get to know a person before making everything official. Because of this, it’s important that it becomes successful, or it might be your last one. Here are some phrases that you can use when going on a date:

Can I Invite You Out For A Meal? – Pwede Ba Kitang Ayain Kumain Sa Labas?

If you want to ask someone out, do it in a proper and polite way by saying, Pwede ba kitang ayain kumain sa labas? In the Philippines, people usually don’t go on a date straight away after meeting. So take some time to chat and text them, show that you’re a good egg and you’ve got no hidden agenda.

Where Do You Want To Eat? – Saan Mo Gustong Kumain?

This one might seem straightforward, but trust me, it isn’t. If you’ve only been dating for a short time, picking a place to eat might not be so troublesome. But when you’ve been dating for a while, picking a place can turn into a brain-teaser. Don’t be surprised if you often hear Ikaw ang bahala (It’s up to you!), or Kahit saan (Anywhere)”.

I’ll Fetch You From Your House – Susunduin Kita Sa Inyo

If you’re planning to date a Filipina girl, then it’s a good idea to pick her up at her place. It’ll make her see that you’re serious and care about her. And just to be clear, you don’t need a car for this. Just show up in front of her house, well-dressed and smiling, and you’re off to a good start.

But remember, if she says no, you should respect her wishes. She might not be ready for that, or she could have safety concerns, especially if you’re only just starting to date.

Here are more Tagalog dating words and phrases if you’re keen on becoming a dating pro!

Let’s meet at 8:00 in the morningMagkita tayo ng alas-otso ng umaga
I will wait for youHihintayin kita
I’ll take care of itAko na ang bahala
My treatSagot ko
I want to call youGusto kitang tawagan
Do you want to get a dessert?Gusto mo ba mag-dessert?


Tagalog Dating Words When Engaging In Conversation

The early stages of dating, when you’re just starting to get to know someone, can be a little awkward. You’re trying to figure each other out, gauge if there’s a connection, and navigate how to communicate effectively. So, here are some basic questions to help you engage in friendly and open conversation without dipping a toe into overly personal territory.

What Are Your Hobbies? – Ano Ang Mga Hilig Mong Gawin?

Start by asking what they like to do for fun. This will give you an idea of who they are and what they enjoy. Plus, you might find out you both like the same things!

What’s Your Favorite Food? – Ano Ang Paborito Mong Pagkain?

Ask them about their go-to meals or snacks. This shows you care and helps when planning a dinner or date. That way, you can pick a restaurant or dish they’ll love.

What Do You Like In A Girl/Guy? – Ano Ang Gusto Mo Sa Isang Babae/ Lalaki? /

Another way to get to know someone better is to ask about their ideal person. Find out what they value in a relationship partner. It’ll help you know what to do or how to act around them. By knowing what they like, you can make them happy and feel more at ease.

Are you ready to keep the conversation going? Here are more Tagalog dating words and phrases to help you connect even better with your date.

What’s your favorite movie or television show?Ano ang paborito mong pelikula o palabas sa tv?
What’s your job?Anong trabaho mo?
What makes you happy?Anong nagpapasaya sa’yo?
Do you use dating apps?Gumagamit ka ba ng dating apps?
How old are you?Ilang taon ka na?


Tagalog Dating Words When Confessing

After a series of dates and talking, you will eventually muster up the courage to confess your feelings. If that day comes, you can use any of the following Tagalog dating words:

I Like You – Gusto Kita

Confessing is not easy. It takes bravery, timing, and even effort to accomplish. So, when that moment comes, the simplest expression you can use is Gusto kita. It’s easy to say, but still clearly gets your feelings across. Some people like to differentiate between liking and loving, and that’s where this phrase comes in handy. You might also catch Filipinos saying, Gustong-gusto kita, translating to I really like you.

I Love You – Mahal Kita

Next up is “Mahal kita”, which means “I love you.” This one’s a notch up and needs a bit more courage to say. But when the time is right, it can be a pretty big deal to say this. If you’re feeling extra, you can say “Mahal na mahal kita”, which translates to “I love you so much.”

If you’re going for a more formal vibe or want to sounds like a line from an old-school movie, try Iniibig kita. It also means I love you, but it’s not used that often in daily language. It’s mostly reserved for films or books.

Here are even more Tagalog dating words and phrases you can learn to express your feelings:

I love you too.Mahal din kita.
I have feelings for you.May nararamdaman ako para sa’yo .
I’ll do everything for you.Gagawin ko ang lahat para sa’yo.
I will love you forever.Mamahalin kita habang buhay
I want to grow old with you.Gusto kong tumanda kasama ka.
I wanna mary you.Gusto kitang pakasalan.


Tagalog Words For Ending The Date

Ending your day matters as much as how it began, right? It kind of wraps up everything that went down. So, let’s get you some cool Tagalog dating words to add some magic when you call it a day with someone special.

I Had Fun Today – Naging Masaya Ako Ngayon

This phrase lets the other person know that their presence was appreciated. It leaves them with the impression that their company was a source of joy for you, making it a gentle, heartwarming end to the day.

Let Me Bring You Home – Ihatid Na Kita Sa Inyo – (Let me bring you home.)

If you’re a guy, here’s a neat phrase to learn. It’s really about helping your friend feel safe when going home, especially if they’re a girl. You’re kind of saying, “I want to make sure you’re alright”. In the old days, guys would escort girls home. But nowadays, if a girl’s got wheels, she might turn the tables on you! But remember, if she says no, respect that.

Take Care – Mag-ingat Ka

This simple little phrase is like a warm hug. You’re telling them, “I care about you, so be safe.” It’s a great way to show you’re genuine.

On the hunt for more ways to say goodbye in Tagalog, you can use the following Tagalog dating words:

Let’s talk again tomorrow.Mag-usap ulit tayo bukas
Be careful on your way home.Mag-ingat ka pauwi.
Let me know if you got home.Sabihin mo sa akin kung nakauwi ka na.


Other Words And Phrases Related To Dating

Ready to step up your dating game? Well, let’s get you more charming Tagalog dating words and phrases that you can use to impress! Remember, these words can be powerful. So, mean what you say. Communicating with care and sincerity is key to a person’s heart.

Learning Tagalog might seem a bit challenging at first. But luckily, there are many language-learning apps like the Ling app that can make the process more engaging and fun. These apps are downloadable on Apple and Android devices. This allows you to learn at your own pace and schedule. So, before hitting the dating scene, why not take a shot at mastering these Tagalog dating words and phrases?

To accompany someone homeIhatid
To pair with someoneIreto
Boyfriend / girlfriendKasintahan
To cheatLokohin
To flirtMakipaglandian
To fall in loveMahulog ang loob
To break upMaghiwalay
To talkMag-usap
To drink coffee togetherMagkape
To court someoneManligaw
To get back togetherMakipagbalikan
To hit it offMagkasundo
Crush / AdmirationPaghanga
To turn someone downPatigilin sa panliligaw
To hurtSaktan
To pickupSunduin
One’s typeTipo

Sweet Tagalog Phrases

Sparks flying between you and your Filipino date? Whether you’re in the early stages of dating or have been together for a while, expressing love in your partner’s native tongue can make any relationship more intimate. Let’s warm up your love language with some sweet Tagalog phrases.

If you want even more vocabulary, check out our guide on greatest Tagalog love phrases you should know.

I always think of you.Lagi kitang iniisip
You have everythingNasa iyo na ang lahat
You are everything to meIkaw ang lahat sa akin
I miss you. / I miss you so much.Miss na kita. /Miss na miss na kita.
Don’t worry.Huwag kang mag-alala.
I want to see you.Gusto kitang makita.
I will take care of you.Aalagaan kita.


Wrapping Up

Why bother with these Tagalog dating words? Languages are more than just words. They’re the heart and soul of a culture. Just like we say “I love you” in English, Filipinos have their own unique words to share their feelings. And by getting familiar with them, you step into their rich cultural world.

So, if you are dating someone from the Philippines or planning to, using these Tagalog words could make a real difference. You won’t just be telling them how you feel. You’ll also be showing respect and appreciation for their culture. Because nobody ever said love could only be expressed in one language.

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