7 Useful Phrases About Diets In Tagalog


Wanna enjoy delicious Filipino cuisine food but are on a strict diet? Learn these easy phrases about diets in Tagalog that will surely be useful for you.

From delicious Filipino foods like adobo and sinigang down to the most favorite desserts like halo-halo and kakanin (rice cakes), Filipino cuisine is definitely top-notch. When you’re in the Philippines, you’ll probably hear a lot of Filipinos telling you,”Kain tayo,” which means “Let’s eat” in English. Once you hear that, you’ll have no choice but to say yes because how can you resist such delicious dishes?

Knowing basic phrases about diets in Tagalog can make a huge difference in your dining experience, especially if you’re on a diet. You’ll have better control over your food intake even if you’re not familiar with Filipino cuisine. Plus, it can help waiters and chefs understand your dietary restrictions, making your dining experience more enjoyable. Whether you’re in a fancy restaurant or a local food stall, learning phrases about diets in Tagalog can come in handy. So, if you’re interested in improving your dining experience in the Philippines, keep reading to learn some useful phrases about diets in Tagalog.

Basic Phrases About Diets In Tagalog

With these phrases, you can communicate effectively with the waiters and chefs in restaurants and local food stalls, making sure that your meals align with your dietary requirements. To start, here are the most important phrases and words to keep in mind.

To Go On A Diet – Mag-diyeta

One of the most important and basic words that you should learn is the word diyeta means “diet.” When you add ‘mag’ or ‘nag’ it becomes an action word or a verb. Many Filipinos nowadays are very passionate about going on a diet, especially during summertime. Of course, who doesn’t want to flex their “summer bod?” But, come December, where there are lots of holidays and celebrations like Christmas and New Year, there’s no such thing as diet or diyeta.

To Eat – Kumain

One of the misconceptions about going on a diet is not eating entirely. But you have to remember that it’s about being disciplined, controlled, and conscious about your meal and the food you’re eating. Below is the list of common food that people on a diet usually consumes and their Tagalog translations.


Intermittent Fasting – Naka-iskedyul Na Oras Ng Pagkain

The next phrase or vocabulary is intermittent fasting. Take note that there is no actual Tagalog translation of intermittent fasting or any kind of diet. Filipinos just usually translate them contextually. But, when they use it in conversations, they retain the English words. Below are the common names of diets that are understood by the Filipinos.

  • Mediterranean Diet
  • The Ketogenic Diet
  • If It Fits Your Macros
  • Veganism
  • Carnivore Diet
  • Paleo Diet
  • Dessert with Breakfast Diet
  • Sirtfood Diet
  • Crash Diet

To Slim Down/ To Lose Weight – Magbawas ng Timbang

The next important phrase is magbawas ng timbang or to ‘tose weight’ in English. This is definitely one of the most commonly used phrases about diets in Tagalog. You might also hear the phrase magpapayat, which means “to slim down.”

A recent poll from REBEL, Erwan Heussaff and Nico Bolzico’s #1 Health and Fitness app in the Philippines, showed that 81% of the people who answered had tried some kind of diet to lose weight, but 74% said they didn’t see any results.

To Gain Weight – Magdagdag ng Timbang

The next phrase is magdagdag ng timbang or “to gain weight.” One of the reasons why people go on a diet is because they are gaining more weight than they should. Of course, we can go on about loving and appreciating your body, but your health should also be considered. While there are people who don’t want to gain weight, there are people who need and want to gain weight, especially for health purposes.

To Cut Down – Magbawas

Another important phrase about diets in Tagalog is magbawas, which means ‘to cut down.’ One of the usual food that people cut down when they are on a diet is carbs. But, in the Philippines, it’s hard to do this for some because rice is Filipinos’ staple food.

To Cut Out – Magtanggal

When you want to totally cut out a dish or food in your diet, the word is magtanggal or tanggalin, which means ‘to cut down.” One perfect example is when you’re on a veganism diet, you’ll cut down on meat.

Other Words And Phrases Related To Diets In Tagalog

coconut milkgata/ gata ng niyog
to tastetumikim/tikman/to have a bite of
to controlkontrolin
to skip mealhuwag kumain
to pass from eatingmagpalimas ng gutam

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