60+ Adorable Estonian Names For Your Baby!

Names are not only just for functionality and formality of calling oneself. It is also closely related to your country’s culture or your family’s beliefs. Interested in learning about Estonian names or naming your baby with one? Then this article by the Ling app is a perfect read for you! In this post, you will discover the most popular Estonian-based names and their cultural meaning. If you are ready to learn Estonian, keep reading below!

Estonia’s Naming Culture

Many Estonian names are influenced by different languages, where the language is derived. This includes Finnish and English. Written in Latin script, most European countries are also influenced by the Greek language.

In their culture, Estonian baby names are given by their parents. Usually, you can give up to three given names, but they usually settle for one to two.

To put it simply, Estonian names are very interesting! This is because of the foreign influences that it received and even the innately diverse culture that they have. Most names are also hyphenated – something that we usually don’t see often. Apart from that, Estonian people are not really particular with middle names.

However, this usually varies from person to person. Some use middle names to pay tribute to one’s heritage, but some actually pay little to no attention to it. Not only that, but some of these are actually from the Old Testament, too.

As for the surname, the Estonian children always bear the father’s last name. But again, in some cases, it can be arranged that they take on their mother’s last name. Fun fact, some of the most common surnames are Tamm, Saar, and Sepp!

People in Estonia not only pay tribute towards their culture, but they also pay tribute to their families. Thus, they can be considered as people that are really devoted to their relatives, siblings, and most importantly, their parents. Also, their names also have a meaning and refer to various events and adjectives too!

If you are interested in knowing more names for your baby, want to learn about Estonian names, or find the perfect Estonian baby name, then read on to learn more!

Estonian Names

Most Popular Estonian Names For Girls

If you want to name your baby girl with an angel-like name that sounds like poetry to let people know that she is a beautiful and strong woman, keep reading! These Estonian names for girls are the perfect combination of fierce, strong, and holds a great story.

AadelheideMeaning noble
DarjaOne who has God
LilliLily flower
ElutaDeep wisdom
TuudurGift of God
LoviiseThe Estonian version of Louisa which means famous warrior
AngelaFeminine form of Angelo
MirtelEvergreen shrub
UlliShe-bear, a form of Ursula
SofiaA wise girl
RahnaGive counsel
RoosiRose flower
MaarjaSea of bitterness
EltsJoined with God
KlaaraClear and bright

These are some of the names for the girls! These names have so much story to tell and are filled with meanings. Hopefully, if you are parents-to-be, some of these names spark joy in you!

Most Popular Estonian Names For Boys

If you are looking for the perfect Estonian name for your soon-to-be-born baby boy, this might be the answer! Imagine the story behind it! Not only are these names rich with stories, but there are Estonian relationships in terms of having these names rooted in a variety of languages, such as Hebrew. How cool is that, right?

Estonian Names

ArriPowerful ruler
AleksanderWarrior protector
VincencTo win
EndrikRule of home
KeertBold ruler
NigulVictory of people
PredrikPeaceful ruler
VitsentTo conquer
ToomasA child of the twin
LeksoDefender of men
RiksStrong ruler
RolliFamous throughout the land
JaaksThe one who holds the heel
AdrusSociable individual

These are just an example of Estonian names for you. If you are looking for a sign, this is it!

The Estonian Culture

Even if it is located in Europe, travelers don’t consider the place their first choice when they like to unwind or travel. However, that is subject to change as soon as they know about its charming buildings, celebrations, Estonian folk songs, customs, traditions, and places that are so rich with history. This is mainly because of how diverse Estonians have always been given the cultural influences that it had way back.

Estonia is very diverse – both in culture and in history. Primarily, their culture is rooted in indigenous practice but has Nordic and German influences. This being said it is inevitable that the culture of this country offers a great variety of stories and backgrounds. Estonia is abundant in heritage, especially culturally. This makes their country filled with so much art, dances, astonishing museums, and very entertaining festivals. If a good time is what you are looking for in a place that holds so many tales and narratives, Estonian culture is perfect!

Not only is it filled with rich cultural heritage and history, but the people are also known to be very welcoming and sweet and live with so much joy. If you are looking for a sign to travel to Estonia, this is it!

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