10+ Spanish Sports Vocabulary: Sports In Latin America

Are you a sports fanatic? And on top of that, are you interested in Hispanic culture? This blog will guide you through fun and interesting Spanish sports vocabulary. Plus, at the same time, you will also learn which sports are famous in certain areas of Latin America!

You never know when you will come across a knowledgeable Sports fan who is also a Spanish speaker.

For example, If you’ve ever met a Latin American football fanatic, you know they have all the knowledge about football, famous players, and anything related to championships.

They would love to engage in a conversation about it with you! And better if it’s in their native tongue.

In such cases, you need to have enough knowledge of sports and Spanish vocabulary to keep up with what they are saying.

So, don’t miss this lesson if you want to learn about sports, from their Spanish names to equipment or famous events. This guide has it all!


Vocabulary For Sports In Spanish

How To Say ‘Sports’ In Spanish?

Plural: Los Deportes – Sports

Singular: El Deporte – Sport

Sportsmen/sportswomen in Spanish is ‘Deportista’ for both women and men. The plural form would be ‘Deportistas,‘ with an ‘s’ at the end.

Common Sports In Latin America

vocabulary about sports in spanish common sports in latin america

The following list will offer you insight into people’s different sports in Latin America.

You can expect to see a big excitement and celebration if you spend time in a Latin country during major sports events of the following sports.

You will get to know the Spanish name of the sport, its pronunciation in Latin American Spanish accent, and what to call the players of that specific sport in Spanish.

Fútbol – Soccer

  • Futbolista – Soccer player/Football Player
  • Some people might not know anything from your country, more than the names of the most famous football players. I once met someone who didn’t know about Ecuador, but he knew Valencia and Méndez. Another example is the famous Lionel Messi, from Argentina. Everyone has at least heard of him. Football deserves a special mention for being a global and cultural sport that unites people. It is the most popular sport in Latin America. Many people even become nationalists, utterly proud of their team and country, when their favorite team is in a match with another country.

Atletismo – Athletics

  • Los Atletas – Athletes
  • El Atleta – Athlete
  • Athletics is undoubtedly one of the most important sports. Numerous Latin American athletes have excelled over the years. The Colombian athlete Caterine Ibargüen won the Pan American Games and the 2015 World Championships in Athletics. In addition, the Ecuadorian racewalker Jefferson Pérez became Olympic champion in Atlanta. Jefferson Pérez is loved in Ecuador for being the only South American to have won three consecutive gold medals.

Béisbol – Baseball

  • Beisbolista – Baseball player
  • This sport is mainly famous in Venezuela, where since 1941 the team ‘Liga Venezolana de Béisbol Profesional’ (Venezuelan Professional Baseball League) has won several championships.

Básquet/Baloncesto/Básquetbol – Basketball

  • Basquetbolista
  • Among Spanish-speaking countries, Argentina’s team stands out, followed by Chile, which has won the Olympic Games and the World Championship. If we also count Latin American countries that do not speak Spanish, it is also necessary to name Brazil, which has been victorious in several events.

Boxeo – Boxing

  • Boxeador – Boxer
  • Today, boxing is enjoyed by many South American countries, especially Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, and Venezuela. All the countries mentioned have an Olympic medal in boxing. Also, many of the most famous boxers in history have been from Latin countries, mainly Argentina and Mexico. Boxing is also a popular sport in Spain, having great boxers like María Jesús Rosa from Madrid, who competed until 2018.

Ciclismo – Cycling

  • Ciclista
  • It is already known that Colombian cyclists have an exceptional talent for this sport. They are a world power, and many Latino cyclists travel to Colombia to train before competing. It has become a popular sport in Ecuador due to the great Richard Carapaz, a source of pride for many in the country after he won the Giro d’Italia.

Deporte Motor – Motorsport

  • In Argentina, you can visit the main racetrack that hosts Formula 1 and several others in the city of Rafaela and Termas de Río Hondo. Rally racing is also very prevalent and equally popular in other Latin American countries like Chile, Peru, and Bolivia.

Hockey – Hockey

  • Jugadores de Hockey – Hockey Players
  • Field hockey is a top-rated game, mainly in Argentina. The Argentinian Women’s team stands out as they have won several medals at the Olympic Games. This game had its origins in Argentina approximately in 1903. It has been growing more and more in recent years, also expanding throughout the rest of the continent. Hispanic athletes have shown high performance in field and ice hockey. The latter is very popular in Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Chile.

Patinaje – Skating

  • Patinadores – Skaters
  • Skating is very popular in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Colombia has won several international skating championships, positioning itself as the absolute leader in this sport. At the 2021 World Skate (Ibagué), Colombian athletes obtained 32 gold, 19 silver, and five bronze medals. They were also crowned champions for the eighteenth time.

Polo – Polo

  • Polo is a sport that is more prevalent in upper-class clubs. Therefore it may not be an exceptionally well-known sport for many people. In Chile, Polo is mainly played by men. The Chilean Polo Federation represents the Polo team that has been previously crowned as World Polo Champion. It is also a trendy sport in Argentina. There is even the ‘Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo’ (Argentinian Open Polo Tournament). 

Vóley/Voleibol – Volleyball

  •  Jugadores de Voleibol – Volleyball Players
  • This sport had its beginnings in South America in 1951. The women’s team from Peru, nicknamed ‘Las Hijas del Sol’ (Sun’s daughters), has been very prominent in volleyball since the ’80s. Some volleyball stars are the 25-year-old Ángela Leyva from Peru, and Regla Torres, from Cuba, who has played internationally since she was 14.

Names Of Other Sports In Spanish

Montañismo Y EscaladaMountaineering And climbing
Fútbol AmericanoAmerican football
Gimnasia ArtísticaArtistic Gymnastics
La gimnasiaGymnastics
La equitaciónHorse riding
El levantamiento de pesasWeight lifting
El tiro con arcoArchery
La esgrimaFencing
Hipismo EstadounidenseEquestrian/Horseback riding
El remoRowing
El críquetCricket
Los bolos/El bolicheBowling
La nataciónSwimming
natacion swimming spanish sports vocabulary
El bádmintonBadminton
El tenis de mesa/El pimpónTable tennis
El Boxeo Tailandés/El Muay ThaiMuay Thai
Hockey sobre hieloIce Hockey
El snowboardSnowboarding
El patinaje artísticoFigure Skating
El surfeo/SurfSurfing
El buceoScuba diving
Puentismo/El puentingBungee jumping
El paracaidismoParachuting/Skydiving
RugbyRugby/Rugby Union

Example Sentences:

  • Una vez practiqué tiro con arco. (I once practiced archery.)
  • El paracaidismo está ganando popularidad en mi ciudad. (Skydiving is gaining popularity in my city.)
  • Mis deportes favoritos son el soccer, básket, surfeo, y el bádminton. (My favorite sports are soccer, basketball, surfing, and badminton.)

Spanish Sports Equipment & Locations Vocabulary

spanish sports vocabulary racing track

To completely learn Spanish sports vocabulary, it’s required to add equipment words and locations.


La Pista – The Track
El Cuadrilátero/El ring – Ring
La Piscina – Swimming Pool
  • There are specific pools for competition, both indoor (interior) or outdoor (al aire libre)
La Cancha De Tenis – Tennis Court
El Campo De golf – Golf Course
El Gimnasio – The Gym
La Arena – The Arena


La pelota The ballThe ball
El cascoHelmet
La pantalonetaShorts
El protector bucalPadding
Raqueta de tenisTennis racket
El kayakKayak
Las rodillerasKnee pads
Las coderasElbow pads
El arnésHarness
La bicicletaBicycle
El paracaídasParachute
La patinetaSkateboard
La tabla de surfSurfboard
El esnórquelSnorkel

Example Sentences:

  • Se rompió mi raqueta de tenis. (My tennis racket broke.)
  • No olvides tu casco antes de hacer ciclismo. (Don’t forget your helmet before cycling.)

Sports International Events & Games Vocabulary

patinaje en hielo spanish sports words

Each event of a particular sport is important in different countries. Tournaments and championships are aspects of national cultures that are passed down from generation to generation.

In my case, I may not be into football or other commonly popular sports in Latin America, but I can’t live without seeing figure skating competitions. I’m even proud to say I’ve seen amazing figures such as Evgenia Medvedeva, Yuzuru Hanyu, Nathan Chen, and many more at Pyeongchang.

El PartidoThe Match/The Game
El TorneoTournament
Olimpiadas Olímpicas/Los Juegos OlímpicosThe Olympic Games
Campionato de Fútbol FIFA La Copa Del MundoFootball championship FIFA World Cup
Campionato de Fútbol FIFA La Copa Del MundoFootball championship FIFA World Cup
Campionato Mundial de RallyWorld Rally Championship
Tour De FranciaTour De France
El Campeonato Mundial de Patinaje Artístico sobre HieloThe World Figure Skating Championships


Wrapping Up: Learn Spanish Sports Vocabulary

The World Cup 2022 in Qatar is soon to begin! And it can be an excellent opportunity for you if you want to learn a new language. If you enjoy football, you may go to different bars to watch the games while meeting new people.

You can take advantage of having conversations about soccer and use the Spanish sports vocabulary that you just learned today.


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