20+ Important Bosnian Words About Transportation

Words like “Bus,” “Autobus,” “Travel,” “Putovanje,” and other Bosnian words about transportation will make your traveling easy in Bosnia. When visiting different places, using public transportation in Bosnia will allow you to learn about Bosnian people and culture.

Bosnia has wide transport connections to several European countries. It has five international road routes and twenty state highways. In addition to providing international road routes, Bosnia has amazing transportation facilities within the country. 

So, if you are here in Bosnia and are using public transport, you must learn some Bosnian words about transportation. Words like “Bus station,” “Autobuska stanica,” and “Train,” “Voz” will help you stay happy during the whole journey in Bosnia.

Thus, learn directions, transportation signs, and vehicle names with the Ling App to travel like a native Bosnian person. 


Speak Bosnian While Traveling In Bosnia

Bosnia is a country located at the intersection of South and Southeast Europe. It belongs to the Indo-European languages’ Slavic branch. Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian are the other Slavic languages. However, the people of Bosnia speak Bosnian as their official language.

Transportation and other public departments in Bosnia use the Bosnian language to communicate. So, if you are visiting Bosnia and using public transportation, you must know some Bosnian words about transportation.


Basic Bosnian Words About Transportation

Bosnian Words About Transportation

Visiting another country is always a fun experience. And if you know the country’s native language, it will make your experience amazing. So, why not aim to learn basic Bosnian words about transportation?

You can travel anywhere in Bosnia if you know the directions. Moreover, traveling will become easier if you learn to read a directions picture book. 

Consider an example, the English word “Ticket” translation “Ulaznica” will help you get a ticket at the bus terminal.

Other such words about transportation are below. 

English wordsBosnian words
Bus seatSedište za autobus
Bus stationAutobuska stanica
Bus stopAutobusko stajalište
Train stationŽeljeznička stanica
Bus terminalAutobuska stanica

Bosnian Words About Transportation And Its Usage In Practical Phrases 

When you use transportation, you may deal with the local passengers and driver. Remember, not everyone in Bosnia can speak the English language. So, to ask about the seat or your ticket, you should know some basic traveling words in Bosnian.  

Some other Bosnian phrases about transportation include “Gdyeh yeh veh tseh,” “Neh rah zoo myehm,” and “Doh vee jeh nyah.”  

English phrasesBosnian phrases
Travel guideTuristički vodič
Driver licenseVozačka dozvola
Traffic lightSemafor
Traffic signSaobračajni znak
What time is it?Koliko je sati?
It is my seat.To je moje sjedište.
I have to take the bus.Moram autobusom.

In Bosnian, you can travel through any means that make you feel comfortable. Also, make kids travel through kids’ transportation. Traveling alone will enhance the children’s confidence and make them self-independent.

Some transportation words in Bosnian are below. 

English wordsBosnian words


Bosnian Words For Directions

Bosnian Words About Transportation

If you cannot understand the Bosnian phrases, you can see the English translation of the phrases. Read more Bosnian phrases with English translations from the table below. 

English wordsBosnian words
TurnOkreni se
RightU redu
AcrossPreko puta


Other Bosnian Phrases About Bosnian Transportation

Bosnian Words About Transportation

By saying “Take me to the airport,” you can easily ask the driver to drop you at the airport. While speaking with the driver, say the above phrase in Bosnian as “Odvezi me na erodrome.” 

Some other Bosnian phrases about traveling are here. 

English phrasesBosnian phrases
Hello! I need a doctor, so direct me to the right location.Dobar dan! Treba mi doctor pa me uputi na pravu lokaciju.
How to boost?Ow toh boos? 
Good afternoon! Where is the bus station?Doh bahr dahn! Gdje je autobuska stanica?
Do you speak English?Govorite li engleski?
I do not understand.Ne razumijem
I’m lost.Izgubljen sam.
How do I pay?Kako da platim?
Please take me to the airport.Molim vas odvezite me na erodrome.
Let me get off here.Pusti me da siđem.
Please stop at the bus station.Zaustavite se na autobuskoj stanici.
Can you direct me to the airport?Možete li me uputiti na erodrome?
To get there, you must take the bus.Da biste stigli tamo, morate uzeti autobus.
The bus is coming!Autobus dolazi!
Can you help?Možete li pomoći?
Can you please write that down?Možete li to zapisati?
How long will it take to get to…?Koliko će vam trebati da stignete do…?
Where is the nearest taxi/bus/train station?  Gdje je najbliža taxi/autobuska/željeznička stanica?


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 If you want to enhance your knowledge of the Bosnian language, you can read the blogs “Basic Bosnian phrases” or “Greetings in Bosnian.”

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