Your Easy Guide To Rooms Of The House In German

Traditional homes in Germany are quite a sight to see! They have the same types of rooms that you’d find in any regular home, but one thing German houses don’t have are built-in closets. Instead, they use wardrobes. Before learning about the rooms of the house in German, let’s begin by learning a bit about a typical German house.

German homes are often very traditional, although more people choose to renovate or buy newly built homes. However, unlike in America or the United Kingdom, most Germans don’t live in a house. In fact, 56% of the population lives in an apartment. To own a home in Germany is incredibly expensive. The cost to own one is more than three times what it would be in America. Crazy, right?!

That’s why German cities are full of Wohnsilos (residential towers), which are typically made up of 4 rooms. It’s quite normal for the same family to live in the same apartment complex with different generations living in their own apartment.

rooms in the house in German


Interesting Facts About Houses In Germany

  • 54% of Germans live in rented accommodation
  • Only 46% of people own a house or apartment
  • Most German homes have two floors with an attic space above
  • On average, Germans live in 44.6 square meters of space
  • Most Germans live in multi-family houses with up to ten apartments

It’s nearly time to learn German words for rooms in the house, but first, we need to know some quick grammar points.

Size Of Rooms In A House In Germany

The size of rooms in a house or an apartment is determined based on when the structure was built. Newer builds, especially apartments, have smaller rooms than you’d find in the United States.

Although, if you purchase a nineteenth or early twentieth-century apartment or house, you’ll find that the rooms are exceptionally spacious.

Do Houses In Germany Have Basements?

Some countries, such as Canada or the US, usually have basements in their homes. However, basements are actually quite rare elsewhere in the world, like in Germany. However, many houses in Germany do have cellars!

rooms in the house in German

Cellars are not quite the same as a basement. Cellars are unfinished rooms dug into the earth. In Germany, the cellar is mainly used for storage and sometimes as a laundry room.

Visiting Someone’s House: German Etiquette

You must be on time if you’re invited to visit a German home! The Germans are sticklers for time. In fact, you may want to be a bit early. 

When you arrive, you’ll normally be received in the hall, and you should inquire if you should take your shoes off or keep them on. From here, you’ll be invited to enjoy the living room area, or if you’re a close friend, you’ll be asked to hang out in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a popular hang-out in a German home as cooking with friends is celebrated as an event. In fact, Germans love to have friends over and do cooking sessions together.

rooms in the house in German


Quick German Grammar Lesson

German is similar to French in that nouns are identified as male, female, or neutral. It’s done so by changing the ‘the’ article before a noun.

  • Die means a word is feminine
  • Der means a word is masculine
  • Das means neutral status

This means it is also common to say the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, or the dining room as opposed to just the garden or dining room.


German Vocabulary For Rooms Of The House In German

rooms in the house in German

Here are what the main rooms of a house are called in German:

Bathroomdas Badezimmer
Basementdie Keller
Kitchendie Küche
Dining Roomdas Esszimmer
Living Roomdas Wohnzimmer
Bedroomdas Schlafzimmer
rooms in the house in German

These are the other parts of a house that you may find in a home in Germany:

Balconydie Balkon
Librarydie Bibliothek
Entry Waydie Eingangshalle
Hallder Flur
Gardendie Garten
Guest Roomdas Gästezimmer
Kid’s Roomdas Kinderzimmer
Wine Cellarder Weinkeller
RoomRaum / das Zimmer /
Laundry RoomWäscheraum
Terraceder Terrasse
First floor or ground floordas erdgeschoss
Garagedas garage


How To Ask Where A Room In A House Is In German

rooms in the house in German

Whenever you ask someone where a room is in German, such as the bathroom, you need to put wo ist (where is) in front of the place you’re looking for. 

  • Wo ist das Badezimmer? (Where is the bathroom?)
  • Wo ist die Küche? (Where is the kitchen?)
  • Wo ist das Gästezimmer? (Where is the guest room?)

You can also ask a bit more politely, especially if you’re a new guest in a home where a room is.

  • Konnen Sie mir zeigen, wo ___________ (insert room) ist?


Ready To Learn More?!

After learning about the rooms of the house in German, are you ready to learn more daily use vocabulary in German so you can invite new friends to come to hang out in your der garten?

If you want to achieve speaking skills to engage with your German friends, visit our blogs, such as learning numbers in German, how to read time in Germany, or how to introduce yourself in German. in German properly.

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