5+ Cantonese Space Vocab To Discover Effortlessly

Watching the stars at night while drinking coffee is one of the best things in life. So, why don’t we learn some Cantonese space vocab 太空 (taai3 hung1)?

Hong Kong is one of the most developed countries in the world. So it is no surprise that the day will come that Hong Kong Made satellite is now getting ready to debut in 2022. With this, it will be beneficial and timely to start learning Cantonese words and phrases related to space or spaceship.


Traditional Chinese VS Simplified Chinese

It is no doubt that the influence of Chinese culture all over the world is huge. From food, we eat down to the language. But, some people are not aware that there are actually different Chinese languages that are spoken not just in Mainland China but also in different countries. Two of these Chinese languages are Mandarin and Cantonese language.

太空 Taai3 Hung1 VS Tài Kōng

Before we learn different Cantonese Space vocab, let us first discover the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin. If you look at the words above, you’ll notice that these words are identical with each other, but they are actually different in many ways. For example, the word Taai3 Hung1 is the Cantonese word for “Space.” On the other hand, the word “Tài Kōng” is the Mandarin word for space also.

Take note that these two languages are both Chinese languages, but they have lots of differences. For example, Cantonese is spoken mainly in Hong Kong, while Mandarin is spoken mainly in Mainland China. 

Compared to Mandarin, Cantonese has more tones. The Chinese characters are also written in different ways. This is the reason why it is somehow easier to learn Mandarin compared to Cantonese. If you want to know more about the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin, check out a blog specifically written for this topic.


Basic Cantonese Space Vocab

As the new technology is taking its leap to greatness, accessing the space for human becomes easier compared to the old times. Now, there are many astronauts and people who are unraveling the mystery of the universe and other details related to space and the universe. So, it will surely be worth it to learn different words and phrases related to space.

Join me as we discover and create our own dictionary of Cantonese space vocab.

Basic Cantonese Space Vocab | 太空 (Taai3 Hung1) - Space

太空 (Taai3 Hung1)

English Meaning: Space

The first Cantonese space vocab that we will learn is space 太空 (taai3 hung1). In Hong Kong, there’s this place called Hong Kong Space Museum where you can enjoy different activities about space. So, if you love space and you happen to be visiting Tsim Sha Tsui, don’t forget to visit the Hong Kong Space Museum. This is one of the places you should not miss is the Hong Kong Space Museum. We all know that space isn’t easy to reach for most people, but we will have ideas and experiences about space with this. Here are some fun activities you can do in Hong Kong Space Museum:

  • Hong Kong Space Museum Exhibition
  • The World Under Lens – From Stars to Microorganisms
  • Astronomy Film Show
  • Astronomy Carnival
  • Astronomical Telescope Making
  • Moon Landing Workshop
  • Astronomy Happy Hour – Lunar Observation
  • Hong Kong Space Museum Starry Sky Tour
  • Lunar Lamp DIY
  • Hong Kong Space Museum Muse Fest

太空船 (Taai3 Hung1 Syun4)

English Meaning: Spaceship

The next Cantonese space vocab that we will learn is spaceship 太空船 (Taai3 Hung1 Syun4). Just like what is said above, Hong Kong is about to launch a Hong Kong-made satellite, which will mark in their history. As Space X founder Elon Musk’s net worth continues to rise, the Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group made a highly positive announcement earlier, disclosing the details of a strategic sale and purchase between HKATG and CGWIC.

天文望遠鏡 (Tin1 Man4 Mong6 Yun5 Geng3)

English Meaning: Telescope

Every aspiring astronomer has their own telescope in their room. It can make them see things from afar and enjoy the beautiful sky before they sleep. So, the next Cantonese space vocab that we will learn is the telescope 天文望遠鏡 (Tin1 Man4 Mong6 Yun5 Geng3). Since we are talking about telescopes, let us also discover some stargazing places in Hong Kong.

  • Cape D’Aguilar
  • Hong Kong Space Museum Astropark
  • Lamma Island
  • Sai Yuen Farm
  • Sunset Peak

小行星帶 (Sing1 Kau4) – Planet

English Meaning: Planet

We cannot talk about space without learning about the planets 小行星帶 (Sing1 Kau4). One interesting thing about planets is the “Parade of the Five Planets.” The “Parade of the Five Planets” occurs infrequently, and each parade’s configuration of the five planets is unique. The five planets came relatively close to each other during the last procession, which took place from late April to early May 2002.

On May 12, 2002, the annular gap between the planets projected on the ecliptic with the Sun at the center was only about 33 degrees. The “Parade of the Five Planets” takes place every year from late March to early April. All five planets can be seen in Hong Kong after sunset.

太空人 (Taai3 Hung1 Yan4) – Astronaut

English Meaning: Astronaut

We shouldn’t forget to learn the Cantonese word for astronaut 太空人 (Taai3 Hung1 Yan4). One interesting thing about astronauts in Hong Kong is the video call that happened last September 13, 2021. Onboard the Tiangong space station, Chinese astronauts have a live video conversation with Hong Kong youth. Hong Kong students said it is “incredible” and “surreal,” which motivates them to learn more.


Other Cantonese Space Vocab

Cantonese JyutpingEnglish Translation
水星seoi2 sing1Mercury
金星gam1 sing1Venus
地球dei6 kau4Earth
火星fo2 sing1Mars
木星muk6 sing1Jupiter
土星tou2 sing1Saturn
天王星tin1 wong4 sing1Uranus
 海王星hoi2 wong4 sing1Neptune
 冥王星ming5 wong4 sing1Pluto
天文學家tin1 man4 hok6 gaa1astronomer
外星人ngoi6 sing1 jan4alien
大氣層daai6 hei3 chang4atmosphere
小行星帶siu2 hang4 sing1 daai2asteroid belt
黑洞hak1 dung6black hole
渾天儀wan4 tin1 ji4celestial globe
星座sing1 zo6constellation
彗星seoi6 sing1comet
滿月mun5 yut6full moon
銀河系ngan4 ho4 hai6galaxy
夸克kwaa1 hak1quark
緯度wai5 dou6latitude
經度ging1 dou6longitude
光年gwong1 nin4light year
月蝕yut6 sik6lunar eclipse
日蝕yat6 sik6Solar eclipse
銀河ngan4 ho4Milky Way
月亮jyut6 loeng6moon
子午線zi2 ng5 sin3meridian
星雲sing1 wan4nebula
新星san1 sing1nova
軌道gwai2 dou6orbit
太空館taai3 hung1 gun2planetarium
火箭fo2 jin3rocket
國際太空站gwok3 zai3 taai3 hung1 zaam6International Space Station
 太陽taai3 joeng4sun
明星ming4 sing1star
天空tin1 hung1sky
衛星wai6 sing1satellite
太陽系taai3 yeung4 hai6solar system
太空船aai3 hung1 syun4space shuttle
太空飛機taai3 hung1 fei1 gei1paceplane
超新星ciu1 san1 sing1supernova
外太空ngoi6 taai3 hung1outer space
宇宙yu5 jau6the universe


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