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50+ Easy Vietnamese Household Items Vocab

July 27, 2022

Are you wondering about the best Vietnamese household items vocab that you can use when describing the country's traditional căn nhà or houses? Discover the right words to fill the void and express yourself meaningfully with the locals through today's post, where we will cover the basic facts relating to the accommodations of the locals as well as the direct translations you need to improve your skills. If you are ready for that, then keep reading below!

Whenever we think about going to an Asian country, we usually think about the range of traditional houses we want to step in and experience for ourselves. That is why AirBnbs are popular among foreigners looking for authentic immersion in the Vietnamese culture. Now, if you are one of them, then we bet that you also are looking forward to entering the houses not only from Ho Chi Minh but also those from far-flung areas! If you are lucky, you can even sign up for a homestay that will allow you to live with a Vietnamese family and truly learn from them.

Ready to surprise the locals with your skills in their native language? Learn the basic words related to household items in the sections below!

Facts About Vietnamese Households

Before we get into the relevant language translations, let us briefly explore the house traditions of Vietnamese locals. Understanding such information will help you quickly adjust to the local culture without being overwhelmed.

  1. While most Vietnamese people have started living their city lives in concrete buildings and towers, a majority of the population still work as farmers. Due to this, the country still has traditional houses built with sticks, bamboo, and mud.
  2. Most houses have joint families, and around 5 to 7 bedrooms are built in one place. They usually have so much room, but their number should always be odd, or the house will be unlucky!
  3. Locals consider building a concrete or bamboo-supported house a special thing. It reflects one's social status, and someone who dies without owning one is considered utterly poor.
  4. Most people still build houses with separate kitchens and bathroom units similar to Japanese houses. If you settle in an old town, you will find your toilet detached and placed at the back instead of the space adjacent to your bedroom. Although you will get well-established western-style toilets, the entire foundation may be somewhat outside or at the back of your house.
  5. Traditional decors can be seen in most houses outside the city. For example, you can see items such as bamboo products, bricks, puppets and masks, and silk-made figures. 

Essential Vietnamese House-Related Vocab

Now that you know Vietnamese surroundings, let us dive into some essential household items list. This section will teach basic words related to a house like a garden, home, etc. Later, in the next lesson, we will slowly take up all the distinct types of household items under different categories. So, let's get started.

1. Căn Nhàis (House)

The first word we need to know is "House" itself. Căn nhàis is a necessity as this is the place where we can escape the realities of life. If you are traveling to the country, you can book a traditional Vietnamese through Airbnb so that you'll be able to experienince what it is like to be truly one with the locals. 

2. Nhà (Home)

When we say Nhà, we are talking about something one has a personal connection with. Once settled in Vietnam, you will no longer introduce your place to someone as a house. Instead, it will become your Nhà, something that is more than just a concrete building. So, keep this word in mind to impress the locals with your skills.

3. Sân Vườn (Garden)

When we talk about a beautiful house, the word Sân vườn immediately pops into our head. So, if you are interested in gardening, you can look for homes with available lawn space and gardens to fit your needs.

4. Căn Hộ, Chung Cư (Apartment)

If you'd love to stay in an apartment or a flat instead of a wholly rented house, you can look for it by saying Căn hộ, chung cư. There are many available apartments in Vietnamese towns, and you can live in the best one if you research well and ask the locals to guide you.

5. Khu Vực Lân Cận (Neighborhood)

When buying or renting a new house, you always want to live in a good neighborhood. Since Vietnam still has many villages and slum areas, you might want to be careful as a new settler. And to make such a wish come true, words like Khu vực lân cận will come in handy when speaking with agents and the locals. So, keep them in mind while making your house deal.

Vietnamese Household Items Vocab

In this section, we will discover different household items under separate categories. Let us start without any further due.

Kitchen Items In the Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese household items vocab
ApronTạp dề
BlenderMáy xay
Cutting BoardThớt
CookerNồi cơm điện
CookwareDụng cụ nấu ăn
CutleryDao kéo
CounterPhản đối
DishwasherMáy rửa chén
DrawerNgăn kéo
Dish rackGiá để đĩa
ForkCái nĩa
Frying panCái quạt
Fruit bowlBát trái cây
GrinderMáy mài
GlassThủy tinh
GraterCái nạo
Ice bagTúi đá
JuicerMáy ép trái cây
KettleẤm đun nước
LadleLò nồi
MicrowaveLò vi sóng
NutcrackerKẹp hạt dẻ
Oven mittLò nướng mitt
Paper towelsKhăn giấy
PeelerMáy bóc vỏ
PotholderGia treo nôi
PlateĐĩa ăn
PoacherKẻ săn trộm
RefrigeratorTủ lạnh
SinkBồn rửa
Trash canThùng rác
ToasterMáy nướng bánh mì
TissueKhăn giấy
TableclothKhăn trải bàn
TeapotẤm trà
UtensilsĐồ dùng

Common Vietnamese Food Items

Since we are already talking about kitchen items, you deserve to learn about some of the easy food items you can have in the Vietnamese town. The savory flavors and taste of the local food are not unique, but they are also quite balanced and deliciously concocted in different items. So, here is a list of everyday food items that you will find on every Vietnamese menu.

  • Beef- Thịt bò
  • Chicken- Gà
  • Curd- Đông lại
  • Eggs- Trứng
  • Fish- Cá
  • Fruits- Trái cây
  • Fish sauce- Nước mắm
  • Fresh herbs- Thảo dược tươi
  • Meat- Thịt
  • Noodles- Mì sợi
  • Pork- Thịt lợn
  • Rice- Cơm
  • Soy sauce- Xì dầu
  • Spices- Gia vị
  • Vegetables- Rau

If you want to speak and learn more about food, check out Vietnamese food vocabulary by Ling

Bedroom Items In The Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese list

EnglishVietnamese Pronunciation
Air conditionerMáy điều hòa
ArmchairGhế bành
BedsheetGa trải giường
BlanketCái mền
Bunk bedGiường ngủ
BookshelfGiá sách
Bedside tableBàn đầu giường
ChairCái ghế
CupboardTủ đựng chén
CurtainsRèm cửa
DoorsCửa ra vào
Dressing roomPhòng thay đồ
HangerMóc áo
HeaterLò sưởi
Hat standMũ đứng
Ironing boardBàn ủi
Night lampĐèn ngủ
PillowCái gối
PictureHình ảnh
ShuttersCửa chớp
StoolGhế đẩu
WardrobeTủ quần áo
Wall clockĐồng hồ treo tường

Bathroom Items In The Vietnamese Language

Free Vietnamese
EnglishVietnamese Pronunciation
BathtubBồn tắm
Basinlòng chảo
BathrobeÁo choàng tắm
Body washSữa tắm
BucketGầu múc
CleanserChất tẩy rửa
Dental flossChỉ nha khoa
DetergentChất tẩy rửa
DustbinThùng rác
FlushTuôn ra
Hair dryerMáy sấy tóc
HeaterLò sưởi
HangerMóc áo
JacuzziBể sục
Laundry basketGiỏ đựng đồ giặt
MopChổi lau nhà
MouthwashNước súc miệng
PolishĐánh bóng
Paper towelKhăn giấy
RazorDao cạo
ShampooDầu gội đầu
SoapXà bông
Shaving creamKem cạo râu
SinkBồn rửa
Towel rackGiá để khăn
ToiletPhòng vệ sinh
ToothbrushBàn chải đánh răng
Toilet paperGiấy vệ sinh
Washing machineMáy giặt
WipesKhăn lau

Living Room Items Vietnamese Vocabulary

Learn Vietnamese words
EnglishVietnamese Pronunciation
BookcaseTủ sách
CouchĐi văng
Coffee tableBàn café
ChairCái ghế
ClockCái đồng hồ
Dining tableBàn ăn
Decorative itemVật phẩm trang trí
Flower vaseBình hoa
House plantcây nhà
LampĐèn ngủ
Magazine rackGiá đựng tạp chí
Picture frameKhung tranh
PaintingBức tranh
RugTấm thảm
Rocking chairGhế bập bênh
SofaGhế sô pha
ShelfCái kệ
TelephoneĐiện thoại

Common Household Phrases In Vietnamese

EnglishVietnamese Pronunciation
I recently bought a new houseGần đây tôi đã mua một ngôi nhà mới
What is on the menu today?Hôm nay có gì trong thực đơn?
You have a beautiful apartmentBạn có một căn hộ đẹp
Do you have tissue paper?Bạn có giấy ăn không?
Your kitchen is so cleanNhà bếp của bạn thật sạch sẽ
My washing machine broke down, can I use yours?Máy giặt của tôi bị hỏng, tôi có thể sử dụng máy giặt của bạn được không?
Is your microwave working?Lò vi sóng của bạn có hoạt động không?
Can I borrow your book?Tôi có thể mượn sách của bạn được không?
You have an adorable familyBạn có một gia đình đáng yêu
Do you eat pork?Bạn có ăn thịt lợn không?
I love rice noodlesTôi yêu mì gạo
Did you join the gym?Bạn đã tham gia phòng tập thể dục?
We should play some games togetherChúng ta nên chơi một số trò chơi cùng nhau
The Vietnamese menu is so excitingThực đơn Việt Nam thật thú vị
Do you live here for free?Bạn sống ở đây miễn phí?
Thank you for the rice and chickenCảm ơn bạn vì cơm và gà
Do you read comics?Bạn có đọc truyện tranh không?
You speak English very wellBan noi tieng Anh rat tot
You cook amazing foodBạn nấu món ăn tuyệt vời

Have Fun Staying In Vietnam!

Now that you know some of the essential household items words in the Vietnamese language, it is time to note down everything and practice. Learning words like Móc áo, Bàn chải đánh răng, and lòng chảo, are a great start your travel or new life in Vietnam the right way. However, that is not all.

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