20+ Easy Vietnamese Homestay Phrases For Tourists

These Vietnamese homestay phrases are the key to a pleasant stay!

Want to stay overnight or more at affordable prices? Try homestays in Vietnam! To help you communicate with native speakers, we rounded up in this post a list of Vietnamese homestay phrases that will help you find reasonable accommodation, great cultural immersion, and even help you learn Vietnamese! If you’re ready for that and more, then keep reading below!

In Vietnam, a homestay is a type of accommodation provided in the house of a local host, often a family or an older person. It’s a truly immersive way to experience Vietnam’s local life, culture, and tastes as guests share everything with their host family! While usually small-scale, affordable, and basic, homestays provide a unique and memorable experience for travelers looking to go the extra mile for their stay.

Another bonus is that a homestay in any country will boast more affordable prices than booking a hotel. Younger people traveling to Vietnam for more than a few weeks might choose to stay at a homestay to save more money. Homestays also open up a way to make new friends and enjoy a truly authentic experience in the country!

Ready to learn more? Keep reading below!

Staying in a Vietnamese homestay can be a great learning experience!

Types Of Vietnamese Homestays

Vietnamese homestays tend to fall into two distinct categories: destination and city homestays. The former are usually located in rural areas, especially in villages with ethnic minorities. They are often rustic, simple, and traditional and offer a genuinely authentic old-school Vietnamese experience. For example, people can experience sleeping with a view of the Mekong Delta, enjoy open-fire cooking, and experience living with ethnic minorities in North Vietnam.

The latter are usually located in touristy urban areas, such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, and are often used as bases for travelers exploring Vietnam’s modern and dynamic side. Typically more comfortable and convenient, most city homestays offer fast Wi-Fi, lovely bedrooms, and access to public transport, all at a price slightly lower than booking a hotel.

Learning Vietnamese Phrases For Your Trip

While many hosts can speak good English, speaking to your hosts in the native language will let you connect with them much more than if you choose to speak English exclusively. Immersing oneself in a Vietnamese homestay experience can be immensely rewarding. The key to unlocking its full potential is learning a few basic Vietnamese phrases.

By taking the time to acquire this linguistic foundation, not only will you navigate social interactions more smoothly, but you’ll also foster a deeper connection with your host family. In addition, demonstrating your willingness to respect and engage with their culture will bridge any communication gaps, opening the door to more meaningful exchanges and a truly memorable cultural experience.

Learning these essential phrases will lead to a more fun homestay experience!

Basic Vietnamese Homestay Phrases

Learning essential Vietnamese phrases can ease communication with your Vietnamese host family and strengthen your bond with them. It fosters mutual respect and understanding, and a simple compliment can go a long way. Additionally, speaking their native language shows genuine interest in their culture, builds a sense of community, and leads to an unforgettable stay.

To help you get started on the right foot, here are some phrases for small talk or requesting supplies from your host family.

Hello, I’m (your name). Nice to meet you. Xin chào, tôi là (name). Rất vui được gặp bạn.
Thank you for having me in your home. Cảm ơn bạn đã cho tôi ở nhà của bạn.
This is a gift for you. Đây là một món quà cho bạn.
Your house is very beautiful. Nhà của bạn rất đẹp.
Can I have the Wi-Fi password? Tôi có thể xin mật khẩu Wi-Fi được không?
Please give me water bottles Cho tôi xin một chai nước
Do you have insect repellent? Bạn có thuốc chống muỗi không?
The food is delicious. Đồ ăn rất ngon.
Can I help you with anything? Tôi có thể giúp bạn điều gì không?
How do you say this in Vietnamese? Bạn nói cái này bằng tiếng Việt thế nào?
What is the emergency phone number? Số điện thoại cấp cứu là gì?
Can you teach me how to make this? Bạn có thể dạy tôi cách làm cái này không?
What is the name of this place?Tên của nơi này là gì?
I had a wonderful time here.Tôi đã có một thời gian tuyệt vời ở đây.
How do you get around Vietnam with your host family? Here's how to do it!

Getting Around With Your Host

If there’s one thing we know about homestay experiences, then that would be that your host family’s recommendations will lead you to unique experiences beyond the typical tourist guides. From finding great restaurants or indie coffee shops, you can trust the wisdom of your Vietnamese hosts. To begin with, here are the best phrases to use.

Excuse me, can you help me? Xin lỗi, bạn có thể giúp tôi không?
How do I get to (place name)?Làm thế nào để đến (tên địa điểm)?
Where is the nearest (bus station, taxi stand, etc.)? (Trạm xe buýt, bãi đậu xe taxi, v.v.) gần nhất ở đâu?
Is it far from here?Nó có xa từ đây không?
Can I walk there?Tôi có thể đi bộ đến đó không?
Can you show me on the map? Bạn có thể chỉ cho tôi trên bản đồ không?
What are some interesting places to visit around here? Có những địa điểm thú vị nào để tham quan xung quanh đây không?
What are some local specialties that I should try? Có những món ăn đặc sản nào mà tôi nên thử?
Where can I find a good (restaurant, café, market, etc.)? Tôi có thể tìm thấy một (nhà hàng, quán cà phê, chợ, v.v.) tốt ở đâu?
Where are the nearest coffee shops? Quán cà phê gần nhất ở đâu?
How much does it cost to take a (bus, taxi, motorbike) to (place name)? Đi (xe buýt, xe taxi, xe máy) đến (tên địa điểm) mất bao nhiêu tiền?
How do I get to the closest train station? Làm thế nào để đến ga tàu gần nhất?
Homestay Nhà nghỉ
Market Chợ
Restaurant Nhà hàng
Bus station Bến xe buýt
Getting along with your Vietnamese homestay hosts is easy if you can speak the language!

Getting Along With Your Host Family

Had a good breakfast? Let them know! Once you’ve been staying with your host family for a while, learning how to give compliments on their help will net you not just free trips to the rice paddies or a nice cup of hot coffee but also some vital rapport that will help endear you to them. Here are some common Vietnamese phrases for complimenting someone that you can use on your host family. They’ll definitely appreciate it!

Your food is very deliciousMón ăn của bạn rất ngon.
Your house is very clean and beautiful Nhà bạn rất sạch sẽ và đẹp
You are a wonderful hostBạn là một người chủ nhà tuyệt vời
Thank you for inviting me here Cảm ơn bạn đã mời tôi đến đây
I’m very happy to stay with you Tôi rất vui khi được ở lại với bạn
These fresh fruits are delicious, thank you.Những quả trái tươi ngon quá, cảm ơn bạn nhiều.

How To Ask For A Homestay Extension

Being able to express your desire to extend your stay in Vietnamese shows that you appreciate their hospitality and enjoy their culture. With these carefully chosen phrases, you can confidently communicate your request and express how much you’ve enjoyed living with them.

I would like to extend my stay Tôi muốn gia hạn lưu trú
How much will it cost? Giá bao nhiêu?
Can I change my room? Tôi có thể đổi phòng không?
I really like staying here. Tôi rất thích ở đây.
Can I stay longer? Tôi có thể ở lâu hơn không?
How much is it for one more week? Thêm một tuần nữa là bao nhiêu tiền?
Is there any discount for long-term stay? Có giảm giá cho khách ở lâu không?
Thank you for your hospitality. Cảm ơn bạn vì sự hiếu khách của bạn.
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