25+ Easy Vietnamese Cooking Utensils Vocabulary

Have you ever traveled to Vietnam and woken up to the smell of something so delicious that you thought it was a dream? Then, the next thing you know, you’re sitting down at the restaurant in awe of the taste and flavors? At that time, you were probably wondering about Vietnamese cooking utensils vocabulary!

I’m sure anyone who has traveled to Vietnam or eaten Vietnamese food, in general, can agree that Vietnamese food is unique. When something is that unique, it often makes us wonder what are the ingredients and what technique did that cook use?

Whether your passion is cooking, traveling, or both, it’s time to learn Vietnamese and 25+ Vietnamese cooking utensils vocabulary! That way, you’re prepared the next time you come across Vietnamese food, and you want to know what kinds of cooking utensils and ingredients the cook is using!

Before we jump into the Vietnamese cooking utensils vocabulary, let’s talk briefly about the country of Vietnam and, of course, Vietnamese food.


Where Is Vietnam?

Vietnamese Cooking Utensils Vocabulary

It’s always good to know some facts about the country whose food you’re eating. We’ve listed some of the most important facts about Vietnam to make it easy. Enjoy!

  • Location: Southeast Asia
  • Capital: Hanoi
  • Population: Approximately 96 million
  • Official Language: Vietnamese
  • Religion: 86% Vietnamese folk/No specific religion, 5% Buddhist, 6% Catholicism, 3% Other
  • Size: Approximately 311,699 square kilometers
  • Bordering Countries: China, Laos, CambodiaNow that you have some basic knowledge of Vietnam, we can go on to talk about the food! If you’re interested to learn more about Vietnam, there are plenty of great resources available!


What Is Vietnamese Food?

Vietnamese Cooking Utensils Vocabulary

Before you start learning Vietnamese cooking utensils vocabulary, you should also know a bit about Vietnamese food and, as a bonus, how to call some of the ingredients in Vietnamese!

What Are The Main Ingredients In Vietnamese Food?

Now, we’re here to share with you some of the main ingredients in Vietnamese food.

We’ve included the English word, Vietnamese word, and a pronunciation button for your convenience. Listening to the correct pronunciation and practicing it should help you develop the confidence to talk with people!

Fish saucenước mắm[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]nước mắm[/Speechword]
Oyster saucesốt hàu[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]sốt hàu[/Speechword]
Soy saucetương[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]tương[/Speechword]
Garlictỏi[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]tỏi[/Speechword]
Shallotshẹ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]hẹ[/Speechword]
Chiliớt[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]ớt[/Speechword]
Fermented shrimp pastemắm tôm lên men[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]mắm tôm lên men[/Speechword]
Limevôi[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]vôi[/Speechword]
Mintcây bạc hà[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cây bạc hà[/Speechword]
Coriander/Cilantrorau mùi[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline] rau mùi[/Speechword]
Bean sproutsgiá đỗ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]giá đỗ[/Speechword]
Morning gloryrau muống[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]rau muống[/Speechword]
Rice vermicellibún gạo[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]bún gạo[/Speechword]
Ricecơm[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cơm[/Speechword]
Broken ricecơm tấm[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cơm tấm[/Speechword]

While there are more ingredients to Vietnamese cooking, this is just a basic list to get you started! After learning these terms, we hope that next time you go to eat Vietnamese food or you go to the store to buy the ingredients, you can speak to Vietnamese people!

What Are Some Popular Vietnamese Dishes?

Now that you know about some of the main ingredients used in Vietnamese food, you should know about popular Vietnamese dishes!

Feel free to practice even more by learning about and practicing to speak the ingredients in each dish! Have fun!

  1. Phở [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Phở[/Speechword]
  2. Bún chả [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Bún chả[/Speechword]
  3. Bánh mì [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Bánh mì [/Speechword]
  4. Bánh xèo [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Bánh xèo[/Speechword]
  5. Cháo [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Cháo [/Speechword]
  6. Cơm tấm [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Cơm tấm [/Speechword]
  7. Bánh cuốn [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Bánh cuốn[/Speechword]
  8. Chè [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Chè [/Speechword]
  9. Hủ tiếu [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Hủ tiếu[/Speechword]
  10. Bún bò huế [Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Bún bò huế[/Speechword]


25+ Vietnamese Cooking Utensils Vocabulary

Since you’ve had the chance to learn about Vietnam, some of the ingredients used in Asian food, and popular Vietnamese dishes, it’s finally time to learn 25+ Vietnamese cooking utensils vocabulary!

Kitchen Utensils Vietnamese Vocabulary

Here are some common words for kitchen utensils in Vietnamese!

Chopsticksđũa[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]đũa[/Speechword]
Forkcái nĩa[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cái nĩa[/Speechword]
Spooncái thìa[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cái thìa[/Speechword]
Knifedao[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]dao[/Speechword]
Plateđĩa ăn[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]đĩa ăn[/Speechword]
Bowlbát[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]bát[/Speechword]
Cup/Cupscốc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cốc[/Speechword]
Napkinkhăn ăn[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]khăn ăn[/Speechword]
Spatulacái thìa[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cái thìa[/Speechword]
Scissorscây kéo[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cây kéo[/Speechword]

Let’s move on to the Vietnamese vocabulary for kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Appliances Vietnamese Vocabulary

Learning about the smaller kitchen utensils is important, but it’s just as important to learn about the bigger kitchen equipment needed to cook!

Rice cooker/Rice cookersnồi cơm điện[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]nồi cơm điện[/Speechword]
Food processorngười chuyển lương thực[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]người chuyển lương thực[/Speechword]
Frying pancái quạt[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cái quạt[/Speechword]
Saucepancái chảo[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cái chảo[/Speechword]
Wokchảo[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]chảo[/Speechword]
Potnồi[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]nồi[/Speechword]
Lidnắp[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]nắp[/Speechword]
Kettleấm đun nước[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]ấm đun nước[/Speechword]
Mortarcối để giả thuốc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cối để giả thuốc[/Speechword]
Pestlecái chày[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]cái chày[/Speechword]
Chopping boardthớt[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]thớt[/Speechword]
Stovebếp[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]bếp[/Speechword]
Oven[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]lò[/Speechword]
Microwavelò vi sóng[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]lò vi sóng[/Speechword]
Refrigeratortủ lạnh[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]tủ lạnh[/Speechword]
Dishwashermáy rửa chén[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]máy rửa chén[/Speechword]

Hopefully, you’ve learned enough about Vietnamese cooking utensils to be able to spot and name them whenever you see them next!

It’s important to know the vocab, but remember to keep practicing, especially with other people! With a tonal language like Vietnamese, we recommend practicing every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Luckily, we have a great app recommendation to help you remember the vocabulary and practice!


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Vietnamese Cooking Utensils Vocabulary

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