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10+ Easy Vietnamese Cooking Terms And Expressions

April 22, 2022

Are you a Master Chef of your kitchen kingdom willing to explore the world's wonders? Then this blog post will take you to the land of the Vietnamese Cook Cave. From Vietnamese cooking terms to Vietnamese food and cuisine vocab, this blog has you covered from every corner to make your trip to Vietnam filled with the essence and knowledge of rice noodles to rice porridge, and you will not miss out on any important terms that you should know.

So, if you are interested in understanding some of the basic and essential cooking vocabulary and food words, start learning Vietnamese with us right away!

What Does Vietnam Have To Offer?

Before we get started with our cooking terms and sentences, let us witness the beautiful food culture of Vietnam. Vietnamese food has always secured a safe position in millions of people's a heart, and there is nothing that can deny such a fact.

Like many Asian countries, Vietnamese people take three regular meals consisting of their traditional food platter or main dish that emphasizes rice, boiled vegetables with soupy broth, chopped meat, or fish. The cooking techniques often involve stir-frying or cooking steaming.

However, from fish sauce to a spring roll, every Vietnamese food is embedded with the utmost cultural taste and essence, making it pure and ethnic. It is a land in southeast Asia full of unique food combinations and cooking techniques that every soul on earth craves to behold the beauty through their own buds.

While Banh mi (baguettes), chicken noodle soup, grilled pork, and special Vietnamese noodle soup with veggies are some extremely famous Vietnamese food known worldwide, there are even more savory dishes such as fried rice, fried shallots, shredded pork, sticky rice, and bò Kho beef stew that are equally amazing and worth craving for.

Thus, we can see that Vietnam is a pool of ultimate staples that one can never have enough of. Once you land in Vietnam, you will constantly engage with native food-related terms. So, learning some cooking words will only help you communicate more precisely.

Vietnamese Cooking Terms

Vietnamese Cooking Vocabulary

Learning some of the known food items made this learning journey already exciting and fun. So, let's get acquainted with the cooking vocab that will help identify the techniques on how a particular dish is made. Especially if you're traveling to Vietnam intending to explore their food culture, these terms will come in handy in many situations.

English Vietnamese
Boil Sôi lên
Bake Nướng
Beat Tiết tấu
Cut Cắt
Peel Bóc
Stir Khuấy động
Fry Chiên
Heat Nhiệt
Microwave Lò vi sóng
Steam Hơi nước
Roast Thịt nướng
Poach Poach
Grill Nướng
Saute Áp chảo
Steam Hơi nước

Cooking Verbs In Vietnamese

For a more precise and clear understanding, it is important to know how to use the cooking terms to convey the right message. So, to help you communicate with the locals of the famous ho chi Minh city, this section will introduce some cooking words in their verb forms.

English Vietnamese
To cook Nấu ăn
I am cooking tôi đang nấu ăn
To bake Để nướng
She is baking Cô ấy đang nướng
To mince Để băm
He is mincing Anh ấy đang cắt nhỏ
To chop Chặt
They are chopping Họ đang chặt
To grease Tra dầu mỡ
I am greasing Tôi đang bôi trơn
To slice Để cắt
She is slicing Cô ấy đang cắt
To barbeque Đến đồ nướng
To mix Trộn
To stew Hầm

Common Phrases In Vietnamese 

English Vietnamese
She loves to cook noodle dishes Cô ấy thích nấu các món bún
It is hard to cook sticky rice Xôi khó nấu
Northern Vietnamese cooking techniques are quite unique Kỹ thuật nấu ăn miền Bắc Việt Nam khá độc đáo
I want to stir fry noodles with soy sauce Tôi muốn xào mì với xì dầu
I would love to bake bread myself Tôi rất thích tự mình nướng bánh mì
Steamed rice is just a boiled dish Cơm trắng chỉ là một món luộc
Add Vietnamese coriander while poaching eggs Thêm rau mùi Việt Nam khi luộc trứng
Deep-fried spring rolls are the bets Chả giò chiên là món cá cược
She roasted a shaking beef Cô ấy nướng thịt bò lắc
Steamed rich broth is amazing Nước dùng đậm đà hấp dẫn thật tuyệt vời
I boiled sweetened condensed milk Tôi đun sôi sữa đặc có đường
Mix oyster sauce with broken rice to make something unique Trộn dầu hào với cơm tấm để tạo nên món ăn độc đáo
It is easy to cook some of the main dishes of Vietnam Rất dễ để nấu một số món ăn chính của Việt Nam
Always add fresh vegetables to your steamed rice dishes Luôn thêm rau tươi vào món cơm hấp của bạn
The Vietnamese cuisine is very interesting to cook Các món ăn Việt Nam nấu ăn rất thú vị

Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Cooking Terms

Now, although you are acquainted with the cooking terms, whenever you order food in Vietnam, you should not lack the ability to understand their standard terms. In fact, in many restaurants, Vietnam does not keep English menus.

They are very fond of their language, and it is an important prerequisite for pro-chefs and foodies like you to know their native terms. So, to help you with that, we will now touch upon some of the famous Vietnamese food vocab that is common and essential.

Learn these and order your rice vermicelli and chicken dishes like a real local.

English Vietnamese Food
Fresh herbs Thảo dược tươi 
Rice Flour Bột gạo
Bread Bánh mì
Coffee Cà phê
Pickled carrot Cà rốt ngâm chua
Rice paper Bánh tráng
Chinese broccoli bông cải xanh Trung Quốc
Flank steak Sườn bò
Bean sprouts Giá đỗ
Thai basil Húng quế
Corn beef Bắp bò
Boiled Pork Thịt lợn luộc

Vietnamese Language With Ling

Learn Vietnamese

Ever since the French colonial rule, Vietnam has nurtured its culture and tradition into every inch of its customs and behavior. It can be seen by their food habits and traditional cooking techniques that the Vietnamese version of cultivation will never vanish.

From Fish sauce to the spices of star anise, spring rolls to northern Vietnam dishes, even the shrimp in the banana leaf displays a well-maintained cultural behavior. Thus, knowing some basic and common verbs and terms related to cooking and food will help you understand more about Vietnamese cuisine and its cooking habits.

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