20+ Easy Vocabulary For Sports In Vietnamese

If there is one common subject that unites men across the globe, then that would be sports or các môn thể thao. Wondering what are the common vocabulary for sports in Vietnamese? We’ve got you covered! This post walks you through the best translations that you can use when speaking with your Vietnamese friends. Let’s learn more about this in this exclusive Ling App guide here.

Are you an official lực sĩ (athlete in English) or a regular sports fan? No matter which of these two you are, we cannot deny that there is something truly interesting when it comes to sports. The very concept of sports has been celebrated since 776 BCE, and it is totally possible to find people who enjoy talking about sports teams.


Vocabulary For Sports In Vietnamese

Vocabulary For Sports In Vietnamese

In the case of Vietnam, its people are also head over heels on particular sports, including football, table tennis, badminton, swimming, and cricket. However, there are also tons of other sports that people are very much fond of. Let’s dive right into the translations for these in the table below.

Yogamôn Y-ô-ga 
Basketballtrò chơi bóng rổ 
Swimmingbơi lội
Tennistrò chơi quần vợt
Fishingđánh cá
Wrestlingmôn đấu vật
Aerobicsthể dục nhịp điệu
Badmintontrò chơi cầu lông
Baseballtrò chơi bóng chày
Billiardstrò chơi bi-a
Boxingmôn quyền Anh
Catamaranchiếc thuyền đôi
Cricketmôn crikê
Fencingmôn đấu kiếm
Frisbeecái đĩa
Martial artsvõ thuật
Table tennistrò chơi bóng bàn
Archerydắn cung
Rugbybóng bầu dục
Bowlingbóng gỗ
Cyclingmôn xe đạp


Other Sports Vocabulary In Vietnamese

Interested in the business of sports or just a pure fan? Now that we have the basic understanding of the word you can use when describing a specific sport, let us now draw out attention to the other related words you can use today.

Fitnessmôn thể dục thể hình
Ballquả bóng
Stretchingsự kéo căng 
Balancesự thăng bằng
Exercisebài tập luyện
Billiard ballsquả bóng bi-a
Canoechiếc xuồng
Dumbellquả tạ
Glidertàu lượn
Joggingmôn đi bộ
Cupchiếc cup
Boxing glovegăng tay đấm bốc
Exercise ballbóng tập thể dục
Goalkhung thành
Mathoncuộc chạy đua maratông
Defensephòng vệ 
Jumpcú nhảy
Shapehình dạng
Whistlecái còi thổi
Arenađấu trường
Atheletelực sĩ
Captaincơ trưởng
Championquán quân
Coachhuấn luyện viên
Competitioncạnh tranh
Scroreboardbảng điểm
Scoreghi bàn


The Most Popular Sport In Vietnam

For the Vietnamese people, football (or soccer) is known to be the most popular one. It was brought to the country back in the late 1890s by the French colony in the central and northern regions of the country. It has quickly spread throughout the country, which is why they have an association called Vietnam Football Federation. This association is tasked to facilitate the leagues on all levels- from regional to national. One of their most famous athletes for this is the 35-year-old Lee Nguyen.

The country also holds the popular Vietnam National Games, which dives deep into the training cycle of each team. While it may seem to pressure the athletes, the program’s main goal is to motivate them and keep them on their toes. After all, who wouldn’t be pumped up to train when you have a league of hopeful Vietnamese people behind your back, right?

Aside from football, there are also some traditional sports that are quickly becoming popular, including Vovinam (a unique Vietnamese martial art), Vocotruyen (traditional martial arts), and Dau Vat (Vietnamese wrestling).


Wrapping Up

Sports In Vietnamese

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to discover the common words related to sports and recreation in the Vietnamese language. So, which of these các môn thể thao or sports are you a fan of? Could it be the quần vợt (tennis) or bóng chuyền (volleyball)? Let us know in the comment section down below! Also, if we missed anything and figured you still want to get the best translation for it, feel free to comment down the name of the sport, and we will provide feedback in an instant.

After reading this post, perhaps you are so psyched up with the idea of learning Vietnamese even more, right? In this case, we highly recommend that you check out our previous posts, which are guaranteed to enable you to maximize your language skills like the basic food-related words, zodiac signs, and Vietnamese vocabulary for accommodations.

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