35+ Easy Words For Shapes And Objects In Vietnamese

Are you currently learning Vietnamese but are looking for ways to increase your Vietnamese language skills? Have you already learned all the most common words and want to put more emphasis on words that can be used for describing general things? If so, we have just the right vocabulary for you, and that includes the essential words for shapes and objects in Vietnamese!

Knowing this vocabulary can undoubtedly come in handy, like when you’re shopping at a fresh market and trying to describe to the merchant a vegetable that you can’t remember the exact name of or when shopping for clothes. Instead of carrying a Vietnamese dictionary around with you all the time, all you have to do is learn the terms in this blog post, and you’ll be ready to go!

Superstitions Related To Shapes And Objects In Vietnam

Did you know that every country has superstitious shapes and objects? For instance, in the United States, a horseshoe is considered good luck, especially if it’s pointing towards you when you find it. Some people even place horseshoes over the entrance to their home with the open end facing up to fill the house and everyone in it with good luck.

In Vietnam, there are several superstitions associated with specific shapes and objects.

Good Luck Objects In Vietnam

According to Vietnamese history, four animals symbolize strength, knowledge, longevity, and nobility. Those are the dragon, unicorn, turtle, and phoenix.

Nowadays, the phoenix is revered and considered to bring good luck wherever it lands. The phoenix and dragon are so crucial to Vietnamese culture that people frequently exchange or gift dragon and phoenix paintings or sculptures to wish each other good luck and wealth.

Vietnam’s Symbol For Strength

In Vietnam, the turtle is often considered the symbol of strength and longevity. If you’ve ever visited Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, then check out the turtle statues in the Temple of Literature.

Shapes And Objects Associated With Happiness In Vietnam

Again, the combination of the dragon and phoenix symbolizes happiness, luck, and status.

In Vietnam, red symbolizes luck, fortune, and happiness.

General Terms For Shapes And Objects In Vietnamese

Before we talk about the more specific Vietnamese names for shapes and objects, let’s cover the general terms first.

Shapehình dạng
Objectsự vật
Rectangular shapehình chữ nhật
Round shapehình tròn
Square shapehình vuông
Triangle shapehình tam giác

List Of Shapes In Vietnamese

Now we can go over some common shapes in Vietnamese. Here, we’ll cover both 2D and 3D shapes.

2D Shapes

Circlevòng tròn
Decagonhình lục giác
Hexagonhình lục giác
Kitecánh diều
Octagonhình bát giác
Ovalhình trái xoan
Parallelogramhình bình hành
Pentagonhình năm góc
Polygonđa giác
Rectanglehình chữ nhật
Rhombushình thoi
Semi-Circlebán nguyệt
Squarequảng trường
Triangletam giác

3D Shapes

Spherequả cầu
Cubekhối lập phương
Cuboidhình khối
Conehình nón
Cylinderhình trụ
Pyramidkim tự tháp
Wedgecái nêm

List Of Objects In Vietnamese

To help you with the vocabulary, we have listed below examples of inanimate objects corresponding to certain shapes.

Circular Objects

Balltrái bóng
Buttoncái nút
Clockcái đồng hồ
Coinđồng tiền
Dialquay số
Dishmón ăn
Steering wheelvô lăng
Tirelốp xe

Rectangular Objects

Envelopephong bì
Flaglá cờ
Laptopmáy tính xách tay
Microwavelò vi sóng
Pillowcái gối
Rulerngười cai trị
Shoeboxhộp đựng giày
Smartphoneđiện thoại thông minh

There you go! Now you know 35+ easy words for objects and shapes in Vietnamese!

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