No Vietnamese On Busuu? 2 Epic New Apps For Free!

Want to study and ensure progress in learning the Austroasiatic language of Vietnam? Even if there is no Vietnamese on Busuu, we’ve got premium (and free!) recommendations that will support your study plan wherever you are in the world! The official language learning apps that we will feature in this post are easy to download, complete with remarkable lessons and exercises, and can even be used in online or offline contexts so that you can start learning right away! If you are up for that, then let’s get it started!

Hell-bent on the idea of language learning? You are not alone. Given that the pandemic has kept all of us on our toes, we cannot deny that there are some positive sides to it. With the lockdowns and social distancing structure implemented, most of us decided to make the most of the “free” time by consistently learning a new skill, developing a hobby, or creating side-hustles. On that note, there is also a surge in those interested in learning a language since almost everything seems to be going global today.

As a response, professionals and hobbyists are constantly looking for a language learning platform that will support and motivate them in learning some of the hardest and easiest languages. Some of the top languages that are being considered essential in functioning efficiently in professional contexts include Spanish, French, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. This set of languages are definitely not for the faint-hearted since these have distinct features and even writing conventions. With this being said, learners of these languages must consider implementing some strict education structure in order to fully understand it and sound like a native in no time!


No Vietnamese On Busuu?

Among all the other languages from Asia, one of the quickly growing languages is Vietnamese and it is actually fairly easy to learn. It is true that the writing system may take some time to get used to but we have reasons to believe that is still much easier than Japanese, Arabic, Indonesian, or even Mandarin Chinese. For instance, the Vietnamese language has a huge range of monosyllabic and disyllabic words. Below are some examples:

Thú vịInteresting
Xin lỗiExcuse me

As you can deduce from our examples above, shorter Vietnamese words are easier to write and memorize. Another notable feature of this unique language is that it has no gender words similar to Spanish, Arabic, or German. In fact, they have a whole set of gender-neutral vocabulary words making it much easier for you to construct expressions or phrases with a correct translation.

For language learners out there, you might be surprised that there are no existing plural rules in the grammatical structure of the Vietnamese language. As we all know, learning plural forms can really take time and are can be so challenging when it comes to learning a language that is too different from your mother tongue. Amazing, right?

Given this information, we can all agree that the learning community is becoming interested in mastering Vietnamese. And if you are one of those, perhaps you are also wondering if there are readily available and easy-to-use language course materials created by professionals, right? Well, a quick Google search will probably tell you to download some of the top apps including Busuu.

Busuu has been in the language learning space since 2008 and it has been providing language learning lessons for about 12 languages. It has free and premium membership but if you want to unlock better features, it is recommended that you pay their monthly subscription fee. In as much as we want to sing praises to it, we cannot deny that its current language offering is not at par with industry standards.

With this being said, please know that there are no Vietnamese lessons available on Busuu. Even if you check their previous version, you cannot find any content related to this language. However, you do not have to worry because you can still learn, practice, and sound like a total native with our most recommended applications below.


On The Hunt For A Language Learning App?

No Vietnamese on Busuu? Try Ling App and Simply Learn

In our line of business, there is nothing more that we understand better than supporting our language community by providing an unlimited number of language lessons complete with an amazing platform that is easy to access wherever you are in the world. Given that not all of us can stay connected to the internet, we have also made sure that the language apps that we are featuring today can be accessed offline. Here are our top 2 recommendations along with the reasons why it is perfect for all users.

The Ling App – A Language Learning App Built With Challenging Exercises and Gamified Language Lessons

Price: Freemium; Availability: Web and App available at Play Store and Apple Store; Subscription: No

If you want to learn with style and actually understand better grammar, writing system, and the vocabulary words and phrases used by natives, then this is a no-brainer! This premium application was established by Simya Solutions and it is consistently being updated (and cross-checked with native speakers) to include more vocabulary terms and speaking guides, update the translation and audio files, and improve the practice and exercise section to challenge users further.

This app is definitely much loved by everyone as it can support over 100 million language enthusiasts to learn languages and review/practice online or offline! What sets this apart from other apps is that it also has an immersive web version which makes it easy to squeeze in the vocabulary lessons even while you are at work. It integrates a practice chatbot so that you can master new lessons and grammar points depending on your level.

The website also has updated blog content featuring the latest news, language tips, and review articles all related to the business of language learning. Why go to Google when you can have all the best and so much more with the Ling App, right?

Simply LearnPerfect For Language Learners On The Go

Price: Free; Availability: App available at Play Store and Apple Store; Subscription: No

If you want to learn using a premium phrasebook containing the most used expressions for day-to-day conversations in Vietnam, then grabbing yourself the Simply Learn app will make all of your sounds like native speakers right away. It is an ideal solution for those interested in conversing right away without sacrificing the meaning of an expression. It is available to use offline and online and it is guaranteed to provide users with example statements, English translation, and audio files depending on the category.

For instance, if you find yourself in an emergency during a tour, you can simply use the phrases available under the “emergency” section and be able to communicate your thoughts authentically. With this being said, you can expect this app to offer you a real-life set of Vietnamese languages for connecting with speakers in the most appropriate ways possible. The app’s version is constantly updated and reviewed by native speakers and is perfect to use for all situations (may it be in business settings, formal events, or even local slang!).


Learn A Language And Sound Like Native Speakers Today!

Learning a new language does not happen overnight and it definitely takes time, effort, and practice. While these language learning apps cannot specifically guarantee to turn you into a native speaker in an instant, having these downloaded and using the complete features consistently can definitely help you in reviewing critical language points-may it be in difficult grammar lessons, written communication, speaking skills, or reading/pronouncing particular vocabulary words (with translations and audio guides).

Through the comprehensive set of phrases per category, access to online and offline mode, and the interactive design of the apps’ platform, language learners will find that Ling App and Simply Learn are the perfect companions in the language learning journey no matter what your age or profession is! Additionally, if you will compare it to some of the best ones out there, our recommended apps are available for free and it paves the way to learning 60+ premium languages quickly right at your own available devices.

So what are you waiting for? Progress like a pro and learn a language without the hassle and expensive subscription today! For inquiries and clarifications, feel free to drop a comment down below and we will get back to you in an instant!

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