Hobbies In Vietnamese: 10+ Best Vocab

Traveling to Vietnam in the upcoming days? Then there is no doubt you would be digging Google and the internet for essential Vietnamese translations and phrases to use in the country. After all, learning some of the typical sentences, words, and vocabulary related to daily conversations can boost your journey and help you engage in fruitful discussions with the locals without any trouble. And when it comes to new conversations, talking about hobbies, activities, you like, and favorite pass times is a never-ending topic.

Thus, to make your interaction a swift and warm one with a local, this blog has prepared a list of hobbies in Vietnamese that you can use in your conversations. Learning a few essential day-today-day words will make interactions more fun and give a very down-to-earth impression of your personality. Thus, if you think some hobbies and activities in Vietnamese are necessary for you, continue reading and start learning the right way!


Is It Hard To Learn Vietnamese?

Worried whether or not you can learn basic words and expressions before your travel to Vietnam

Unlike the Chinese language, Vietnamese is something that stands at the opposite extreme. While Chinese and Japanese are put at super hard levels, the Vietnamese language is one of the easiest learning languages. In fact, if you start learning from the basics, such as the alphabet, typical sentences, and essential translations, then Vietnamese will occur as an enjoyable and easy ride for you.

Moreover, if you have ever tried learning French, Spanish, and German languages, you are already one step ahead of the learning journey. Vietnamese has no feminine or masculine differentiation in words. The grammar is analytic without any trouble with conjugations. The influence of Sanskrit makes the words look pretty dramatic and easily recognizable. Thus, it is safe to say that Vietnamese is not hard to learn. It is one of the easiest languages you can use and become a fluent speaker within one year or two. However, this is not to underestimate the comprehensiveness of the language.

The Vietnamese language is also rich with culturally embedded literature and pronunciations that may seem relatively new to people with native English tongue. Hence, while learning English translations and examples, one needs to pay proper attention to the detail.


Common Hobbies In Vietnamese 

Now, let’s start with the translations concerning Hobbies. While hobbies make only a tiny part of your daily conversations, they are something you cannot avoid. Every time you meet a new person, the first question is, “what are your hobbies?” (Sở thích của bạn là gì?) Such a question makes the conversations lively and gives a lot of information about the person. Thus, when a local addresses you with the same question, you don’t want to create confusion with the use of English translation. Continue reading the words and examples given in the table below to show your interests and hobbies in the most local way possible.

Tô màu

Tô màu means coloring. You can use this word to describe your hobbies if you love to color or sketch images and pictures. It is one of the most common hobbies every person has and the easiest to remember.


Đan is the Vietnamese translation for the word “Knitting.” If you love to knit woolen sweaters for your friends or loved ones, or even for yourself, you know that knitting is one of your favorite hobbies. So, don’t forget to mention Đan whenever someone asks about your hobby.

Làm mộc

No matter where you go, woodworks and sculptures always mesmerize people. And Vietnam is one of the countries with considerable affection for woodworking. Thus, if you have mad love for woodworking, use Làm mộc to mention it among your hobbies and impress the locals.

Ca hát

Music is love to every ear. Be it Vietnam, China, or America, different cultural kinds of music give a unique vibe that one cannot ignore. So, if you love singing, Ca hát is the right word for you. Flaunt your hobby and give them a little show!

Nấu nướng

Now, who doesn’t love to eat? But there are only exceptional people who love cooking. If you are one of them, Nấu nướng, meaning “cooking,” can best describe your hobby.

Làm đồ gốm

Another unique and attractive hobby that one person can have is the love for Làm đồ gốm. The terms means “Pottery.” Vietnamese locals will love to learn that you enjoy pottery. So, don’t forget to add this word to your vocab list when you decide to talk about your hobbies.


Vẽ, when translated to English, means drawing. Nothing can be more fun than a person who loves to create a new world of art with their immaculate talent and love for drawings. If you are one such fantastic artist, Vẽ is the word that will describe your talent the best.

Đi du lịch

While most people travel here and there, only a few are traveling enthusiasts, and since you plan to travel to Vietnam, I’m sure you are one of them. So, when someone asks you about your hobbies, Đi du lịch, meaning “Traveling” in English, is just the right pick for you.

Khiêu vũ

Be it Chinese traditional dance or western folk dance, dance is something that lights up any room with a ray of hope and joy. Thus, for someone with a foot for fun and beautiful steps and turns, Khiêu vũ, which means “Dancing,” is the perfect verb.

Dọn dẹp

Although unusual, “cleaning” can amaze a lot of people. Dọn dẹp, which means “Clean up,” can be one of your main Vietnamese words. So, don’t forget to memorize it.


More Hobbies With English Translation

Vietnamese Hobbies

English Vietnamese Example

Mua sắm

I go Shopping every Saturday
Tôi đi mua sắm vào mỗi thứ bảy



I write every day
Tôi viết hàng ngày

Playing guitar

Chơi đàn ghita

I love to play guitar when free
Tôi thích chơi guitar khi rảnh rỗi


Nhiếp ảnh

I love Photography
Tôi yêu nhiếp ảnh


May vá

Sewing is always fun
May vá luôn vui vẻ


Trượt băng

Skating helps me find joy
Trượt băng giúp tôi tìm thấy niềm vui


Đạp xe

I’m a member of the cycling club
Tôi là thành viên của câu lạc bộ đạp xe



I learned a lot by reading novels
Tôi đã học được rất nhiều bằng cách đọc tiểu thuyết

Collecting stamps

Sưu tầm tem

I keep posting my collections on facebook
Tôi tiếp tục đăng các bộ sưu tập của mình trên facebook


Hội hoạ

Painting gives me life
Hội họa cho tôi cuộc sống


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Hobbies in Vietnamese

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