70+ Country Names And Nationalities In Vietnamese

We live in an increasingly globalized world, and no more is this apparent when you come to Vietnam and see how thoroughly the people embrace multiculturalism. Therefore, it’s essential to learn country names and nationalities in Vietnamese. A few of the basics are as follows.

  • To say a nationality, you simply add Người, i.e., Người Ba tây- Brazilian people.
  • To say the language of that country, we say Tiếng, i.e., Tiếng Việt- the Vietnamese language.
  • To say the country, we say Nước, then the country’s name in Vietnamese, i.e., Nước Mể tây cơ- Mexico.

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Names Of The Continents In Vietnamese 

This is the best place to start this lesson!

English NameVietnamese NameSound
AfricaChâu phi
AntarcticaNam Cực
AsiaChâu Á
EuropeChâu Âu
North AmericaBắc Mỹ
OceaniaChâu đại dương
South AmericaNam Mỹ

Names Of North American Countries In Vietnamese 

Did you know there are four nations in North America and no, Alaska isn’t one of them. That belongs to the United States.

Canadanước Gia nả đại
Greenlandnước đảo Groenland
Mexiconước Mể tây cơ
United Statesnước chữ tắt của nước Mỹ

Names Of The South American Countries In Vietnamese

Note: Some of these countries don’t have direct translations. The Vietnamese use the English spelling with Vietnamese vowel and consonant sounds.

Country Names And Nationalities In Vietnamese
Argentinanước Á căn đình
Bolivianước Bolivia
Brazilnước Ba tây
Chilenước Chí lợi
Colombianước Cô lôm bia
Ecuadornước Ecuador
Guatemalanước Guatemala
Guyananước Guyana
Paraguaynước Paraguay
Surinamenước Suriname
Uruguaynước Uruguay
Venezuelanước Venezuela

Names Of African Countries In Vietnamese

Please refer to the note above. Many names are borrowed and simply spoken with an accent.

Egyptnước Ai cập
Ethiopianước Ethiopia
Kenyanước Kenya
Madagascarnước Madagascar
Morocconước xứ Ma rốc
Mozambiquenước Mozambique
Nigerianước Nigeria
Somalianước Somalia
South Africanước Nam Phi
Ugandanước Uganda

Names Of European Countries In Vietnamese

European nations don’t get the same treatment! Enjoy learning the interesting names of some famous nations in Vietnamese.

Austrianước Áo
Belgiumnước Bỉ
Bulgarianước Bungari
Czech Republicnước Cộng hòa Séc
Englandnước Anh
Finlandnước Phần lan
Francenước pháp
Germanynước Đức
Greecenước Hy lạp
Hungarynước Hung gia lợi
IrelandnướcCộng hòa Ireland
Italynước Ý
Netherlandsnước Hà Lan
Norwaynước Na uy
Polandnước xứ Ba lan
Portugalnước Bồ đào nha
Russianước Nga
Spainnước Tây ban nha
Swedennước Thụy điển
Switzerlandnước Thụy sĩ
Ukrainenước Ukrain
United Kingdomnước liên hiệp các quốc gia

Names Of Asian Countries In Vietnamese

It’s always interesting to see what countries call their neighboring countries and beyond. Let’s take a look.

school kids
Afghanistannước A phú hản
Cambodianước cao miên gần Việt nam
Chinanước Trung hoa
Cyprusnước Síp
Georgianước Georgia
Hong Kongnước Hồng Kông
Indonesianước Nam dương
Indianước Ấn độ
Irannước Iran
Iraqnước I-rắc
Israelnước Israel
Japannước Nhật bản
Jordannước Jordan
Kuwaitnước Kuwait
Laosnước Lào
Lebanonnước Lebanon
Malaysianước bán đảo Mã lai
Myanmarnước Myanmar
Nepalnước Nepal
Pakistannước Pakistan
Palestinenước Palestine
Philippinesnước Phi luật tân
Qatarnước Qatar
Saudi Arabianước Ả Rập Saudi
Singaporenước Singapore
South Koreanước Nam Triều Tiên
Sri Lankanước Sri Lanka
Syrianước Syria
Taiwannước Đài loan
Thailandnước Thái Lan
Turkeynước Thổ nhĩ kỳ
VietnamViệt Nam

Names Of Oceanic Countries In Vietnamese

These are just a small few of the countries in this region. There are hundreds more! If you’d like us to add some more countries to this list, comment below!

Australianước Úc
Fijinước Fiji
New Zealandnước quần đảo Tân tây lan
Papua New Guineanước Papua New Guinea
Samoanước Samoa

Phrases Related To Countries In Vietnamese

Where are you from?Bạn đến từ đâu?
What is your country of origin?Quốc tịch của bạn là ở đâu?
I am fromtôi đến từ
My country of origin isXuất xứ của tôi là
I live intôi sống ở
What languages do you speak?Bạn nói ngôn ngữ nào?
How many languages do you speak?Bạn có thể nói bao nhiêu thứ tiếng?
I speaktôi nói
Does Vietnam have a good relationship with that country?Việt Nam có quan hệ tốt với quốc gia đó không?

What Countries Does Vietnam Have Good Or Bad Relationships With?

This is far from a simple question to answer; for example, you might assume that Vietnam and China have a good relationship; after all, they’re both communist and even share the same flag! However, it isn’t as clear-cut as that. 

Again, you would think that because of French and American colonialism, the Vietnamese people would feel that they have an axe to grind, but that’s not the case either.

One trend after 1990 is that Vietnam shied away from making military alliances and chose to make economic alliances. This is a key concept to understand when thinking about Vietnamese foreign policy.

In terms of direct allies nowadays, one close ally is India. India signed a defense contract with Vietnam, and Indian prime minister Modi agreed to sell Vietnam weapons. In-kind, Vietnam allowed Indian drilling in the South China Sea, some of which was to spite the Chinese.

Two other important allies include Korea and Japan. The capital Hanoi is now awash with Korean and Japanese banks. Notably, in the first six months of 2022, Samsung’s export revenue in Vietnam was almost $35 billion!

Undoubtedly the most complex relationship is with China. Throughout history, China has been both an invader and supporter- most notably during the Vietnam War that devastated a lot of the country.

In some ways, Vietnam walks the balancing act between Chinese and U.S influence. This strategic neutrality has been very successful over the last few decades but remains tenuous.

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