Remarkable Ways To Introduce Yourself In Urdu – #1 Guide

If you are soon traveling to or staying in Pakistan, you should know how to introduce yourself in Urdu. Confidence in body language and an efficient introduction to the locals can help you get along with Urdu native speakers.

If you are a travel enthusiast, then you can understand the importance of knowing a second language. If you want to communicate with the native speakers of a particular language, you can always start with a self-introduction. Urdu is the official language of Pakistan, a South-Asian country. Seventy million people speak Urdu as their first language, while 100 million people speak it as a second language. You can learn this highly spoken language through the Ling app.


Express Gratitude With Basic Urdu Greetings

People enjoy and take pride in speaking their native tongue. Hearing a foreign person that speaks a native language is an unusual experience. It serves as a foundation in creating an understanding with them.

The majority of Pakistanis are Muslims. The first step to start the convo is by saying لسلام علیکم (Assalam-u-Alaikum) which means “Peace be unto you”. Whenever or wherever Muslims are gathered, the greeting is commonly used. If you are greeting a native speaker, try the following words before starting a conversation or introduce yourself in Urdu.

Hello!السلام علیکمAssalam-u-alaikum
Good to see youتمہیں دیکھ کر اچھا لگاTumhe daikh kar acha laga
Good morningصبح بخیرSubah bakhair
Good eveningشام بخیرSham bakhair
Good nightشب بخیرShab bakhair
It’s a pleasure to meet youآپ سے مل کر خوشی ہوئیAap se mil kar khushi hui

Keeping in view the Pakistani religion and culture notes, you should follow some basic rules while greeting someone. Don’t make consistent eye contact or shake hands with the opposite gender. It’s frowned upon in Pakistani society. Also, when conversing with the other gender, maintain a reasonable distance.


Sentences To Introduce Yourself In Urdu

Before starting, first, develop confident body language and then speak in a kind manner. It will help you to introduce yourself in a better way. Start with your name and then talk about your age, family, profession, and favorite hobby. Read the following sentences and learn Urdu words and vocabulary.

English SentencesUrdu SentencesPronunciation
My name is Amnah.میرا نام آمنہ ہے۔Mera naam Amnah hai.
I am twenty years old.  میں بیس سال کا ہوںMein bees saal ka hun.
I have two brothers and two sisters.میرے دو بھائی اور دو بہنیں ہیں۔Mere do bhai or do behanain hain.
I am a doctor by profession.میں ایک ڈاکر ہوںMein ek dactar hoon
I can understand the knowledge of computers and games as well.میں کمپیوٹر اور گیمذ کو آرام سے سمجھ سکتا ہوںMein computer aur games ko araam sey samjh sakta hoon
I am a little familiar with Pakistan.میں پاکستان کے بارے میں تھوڑا بہت جا نتا ہوںMein Pakistan key baarey main thora bohat janta hoon


Common Words And Phrases After You Introduce Yourself In Urdu

Talking to someone in their native language is not as easy as it seems. You should know some basic vocabulary words that will help you in writing and speaking the Urdu language. Here are a few of them.

English phrasesUrdu phrasesPronunciation
I lost my job.میں نے اپنی نوکری کھو دی۔Mein ne apni nokri kho di.
I can’t read this properly.میں اسے ٹھیک سے نہیں پڑھ سکتا۔Mein ise theek se nahi parh sakta.
I have no interest in painting.مجھے پینٹنگ کا شو ق نہیں ہے Mujhe painting ka shoq nahi hai
Save it for tomorrow اسے کل کے لۓ سنبھال کے رکھوIse kal ke liye sambhal key rakho
My services are for the poor.میں غریبوں کی مدد کرتا ہوںMain ghareebon ki madad kerta hoon
I am a teacher in a primary school.میں ایک پرائمری سکول میں ٹیچر ہوں۔Mein aik primary school mein teacher hun.
I forgot my dialogues.میں اپنی لا یئنذ بھول گیاMein apni lines bhool gaya


End Of The Conversation In Urdu

A strong conclusion shapes the nature of your future relationship with the other speaker. Don’t rush things; instead, attempt to bring the conversations to a logical conclusion. So, mastering these examples sentences might help you in making a long-lasting impression on another person.

English phrasesUrdu phrasesPronunciation
Goodbye!خدا حافظKhuda Hafiz!
See you soon.پھر ملیں گے.Phir milein ge.
I should go nowاب مجھے چلنا چا ہیےAb mujhe chalna chahiye
It’s been good talking to you.آپ سے بات کر کے اچھا لگا۔Aap se baat ker key acha laga
Thank you for your time.مجھے وقت دینے کا شکریہMujhe waqt deney ka shukriya


Learn Urdu With Ling App

Now you can talk to any Urdu native speaker in formal and informal situations and introduce yourself in Urdu. Learning Urdu is not a big deal as long as you have a good tutor. Why pay for courses when you can learn Urdu through the Ling app? A language learning app developed by Simya solutions. Through its audio and video recording, you can grasp your target language quickly.

You can learn Urdu verbs, adjectives, nouns, and alphabet and spellings. Look at our blogs on “Happy new year in Urdu” and “Basic Urdu words and phrases” to understand the Urdu language better. If you want to learn multiple foreign languages or need more information, open your browser and visit the Ling app website (free) and start your language learning journey today.

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