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Everyone goes through a heartbreak at some point, so you should know some break up lines in Urdu to console your friends. Dating might not be familiar in Pakistan, but a break-up is something that everyone goes through.

Most nibbi/nibbas in Pakistan have to move on from people they never dated. Aren’t you aware of the Urdu term nibbi/nibbas? You will be after a few minutes, so bear with me while I tell you all about dating and break-ups in Pakistan.

Did you know that romance is a pretty big thing in Pakistan? In fact, you can check out Urdu poetry and see that most literary pieces always have a touch of romance and heartbreak in them. You can find countless heart-touching stanzas and ghazals (a type of Urdu poem) that millions love. As Jaun Elia has stated in one of his poems:

  • یہ مجھے چین کیوں نہیں پڑتا
  • Ye mujhe chain kyun nahīñ paḌtā – Why can’t I be at peace?
  • ایک ہی شخص تھا جہاں میں کیا
  • Ek hī Shakhss thā jahān meñ kyā – Was there one person only in the entire universe?

Break-Ups In Pakistan

There is a term called nibbi nibba, which refers to the young kiddos who think they fell in love and experience flirting, relationship, break-up, and loop. They are barely 14 to 17 years old and make it seem like having a break-up is the only problem one can go through.

Nibbi nibbas are famous for their halal flirty lines in Pakistan. Pakistanis don’t let any chance of throwing pick-up lines go, be it about the Lahore ki smog (Smog of Lahore) or political facts like Sheikh Rasheed loves biryani. They will make fun of everything and quickly turn dialogues into pick-up lines. Let’s first walk through some standard pick-up lines used by them and then talk about break-up lines.

An excellent pick-up line that many people use in Urdu is “I was thinking kya aap believe karti hain love at first sight pe? Ya main dobara ghoom ke aau?” meaning “I was wondering if you believe in love at first sight? Or should I show you my face again?”

Another great term is wajib ul cuddle. It originates from the phrase wajib ul qatal, meaning someone who deserves to be killed. Wajib ul cuddle is used for anyone who must be cuddled at any cost. You can use it with the person whom you find to be really cute.

Break-Up Lines In Urdu

Now that you know the most common pick-up lines, here are some break-up lines for you. Use them wisely if you ever do!

I am getting married to someone else, you have to forget me.میں کسی اور سے شادی کر رہا ہوں، تم مجھے بھول جاؤMein kisi aur sey shaadi kar raha hoon, tum mujhe bhool jao
I am not happy in this relationship.میں اس رشتے سے خوش نہیں ہوںMein is rishtay sey khush nahi hoon
I don’t think I love you anymore.مجھے نہیں لگتا کہ میں اب تم سے محبت کرتا ہوں۔Mujhe nahi lagta key mein ab tumsey muhabbat karta hoon
I don’t want to water dead plants anymore.میں اب مردہ پودوں کو پانی نہیں دینا چاہتا۔Mein ab murda poudoun ko paani nahi dena chahta.
I feel suffocated in this relationship.مجھے اس رشتے میں گھٹن محسوس ہوتی ہے۔Mujhe is rishtay mein ghuttan mehsoos hoti hai.
I love him, not you.میں اس سے محبت کرتا ہوں، تم سے نہیں۔Mein us sey muhabbat karta hoon, tum sey nahi.
I thought we could fix this, but we are beyond repair.مجھے لگتا تھا کہ ہم اس مسئلے کو حل کر لیں گے مگر یہ مسئلہ حل ہی نہیں ہو سکتاMujhe lagta tha key hum is masley ko hal kerleingey magar ye masla hal hi nahi hosakta
It’s all too overwhelming, worrying and exhausting for me.یہ سب مجھے تھکا رہا ہے اور بہت پریشان کر رہا ہےYeh sab mujhe thaka raha hai bohat pareshaan kerraha hai
My life has become a mess since I met you.جب سے میں تم سے ملا ہوں میری زندگی اجیرن ہو گئی ہے۔Jab sey mein tum sey mila hoon meri zindagi ajeeran ho gai hai.
Our castes are different; I can’t marry you.ہماری ذاتیں مختلف ہیں۔ میں تم سے شادی نہیں کر سکتا۔Hamari zaatain mukhtalif hain. Mein tum sey shaadi nahi kar sakta.
Was I a toy for you to play with and leave me?کیا میں تمہارے لیے کھلونا تھا کہ تم مجھے چھوڑ دو؟Kya mein tumharay liye khilona tha key tum mujhe chor do?
We can’t be together, and my dad won’t agree to our marriage.ہم ایک ساتھ نہیں رہ سکتے اور میرے ابو ہماری شادی کے لۓ نہیں ما نیں گےHam aik sath nahi reh saktay aur merey abbu humari shaadi key liye nahi manein gey
Why did you have to leave me like that?تمہیں مجھے اس طرح چھوڑنے کی کیا ضرورت تھی؟Tumhe mujhe is tarhan chorna ki kya zarurat thi.
You can go live your life happily.جاؤ اپنی زندگی خو شی سے گزاروJao apni zindagi khushi sey guzaarou
You cheated on me; I will never come with you again.تم نے مجھے دھوکہ دیا میں پھر کبھی تمہارے ساتھ نہیں آؤں گا۔Tum ney mujhe dhoka diya hai mein phir kabhi tumharay sath nahi aonga.
You were everything to me, and you broke my heart so quickly.تم میرے لیے سب کچھ تھے، اور تم نے اتنی جلدی میرا دل توڑ دیا۔Tum meray liye sab kuch thay aur tum ney itni jaldi mera dil tora.
You were good when I met you, but now you are just not what I want.جب میں آپ سے ملا تو آپ اچھے تھے، لیکن اب آپ وہ نہیں ہیں جو میں چاہتا ہوں۔Jab mein ap sey mila tou ap achay thay lekin ab ap wo nahi hain jo mein chahta hun.

Wrapping Up

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