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Do you know how to talk about the common furniture and rooms of the house in Turkish? Learn the related vocabulary before you check in to your Airbnb in Turkey!

So you’re planning a vacation in Turkey. Have you decided where you will stay? Learning the vocabulary rooms of the house in Turkish would help you communicate better with your Airbnb host.

Or, if you want to live in Turkey, you won’t believe how many times you wish you knew the basic furniture like masa, kapı, and rooms like mutfak, banyo in Turkish. They may sound blivit as there is much more important Turkish vocabulary to learn. But believe me, you’ll have to use them every other day, if not every single day.

So, I prepared vocabulary lists of common words related to the house and some furniture for you.


Rooms Of The House In Turkish Vocabulary

This vocabulary list below includes rooms and parts of the house in Turkish. Make sure to listen to their pronunciations as well!

  • Room – Oda
  • Living room – Oturma odası
  • Bedroom – Yatak odası
  • Dining room – Yemek odası
  • Kitchen – Mutfak
  • Bathroom – Banyo
  • Hallway – Koridor
  • Laundry room – Çamaşır odası
  • Attic – Çatı katı
  • Basement – Bodrum
  • Balcony – Balkon
  • Flat – Daire
  • House – Müstakil ev
  • Floor – Kat
  • Roof – Çatı
  • Garden – Bahçe
  • Door – Kapı
  • Window – Pencere
  • Wall – Duvar
  • Floor – Zemin
Living room


In The Living Room

The living room, oturma odası, literally translates as the sitting room, and I think it makes sense as we sit there chatting and watching movies all day long. Did you know that most Turkish houses have two separate living rooms? The one is called salon, and guests are hosted there as it is a fancier room than the casual living room.

Here is the vocabulary list for the standard furniture in a living room:

  • Armchair – Koltuk
  • Carpet – Halı
  • Rug – Kilim
  • Chandelier – Avize
  • Curtain – Perde
  • Sofa – Kanepe
  • Cushion – Minder
  • Television – Televizyon
  • Bookshelf – Kitaplık
  • Coffee table – Sehpa
  • Furniture – Mobiya
  • Vase – Vazo
  • Indoor plant – Ev bitkisi
  • Painting – Tablo
  • Floor lamp – Lambader


In The Bedroom

Bedroom means yatak odası in Turkish. It’s my favorite part of our family home because it’s a room of my own and where I take a good sleep. Here is the vocabulary list for the standard furniture in a bedroom:

  • Bed – Yatak
  • Blanket – Battaniye
  • Double bed – Çift kişilik yatak
  • Single bed -Tek kişilik yatak
  • Dresser – Şifoniyer
  • Lamp – Lamba
  • Night light – Gece lambası
  • Pilow – Yastık
  • Pillow case – Yastık kılıfı
  • Sheet – Çarşaf
  • Duvet – Yorgan
  • Wardrobe – Dolap
  • Drawer – Çekmece
  • Hanger – Askı
  • Dressing room – Giyinme odası
  • Bedding – Nevresim
  • Scented candle – Kokulu mum
  • Ottoman – Sedir


In The Kitchen

Kitchen means mutfak in Turkish. For me, there is nothing better than cooking a grand meal with all family members gathered in the kitchen. Here is the vocabulary list for the standard furniture in a kitchen:

  • Dishwasher – Bulaşık makinesi
  • Microwave oven – Mikrodalga fırın
  • Drawer – Çekmece
  • Fridge – Buzdolabı
  • Oven – Fırın
  • Stove – Ocak
  • Pot – Tencere
  • Plate – Tabak
  • Glass – Bardak
  • Cup – Fincan
  • Chair – Sandalye
  • Cutlery – Çatal bıçak takımı
  • Spoon – Kaşık
  • Fork – Çatal
  • Knife – Bıçak
  • Table – Masa
  • Tablecloth – Masa örtüsü
  • Kitchen cabinet – Mutfak dolabı
  • Counter – Tezgah
  • Sink – Lavabo
  • Pantry – Kiler
  • Napkin – Peçete
  • Teapot – Çaydanlık
  • Coffeepot – Cezve
  • Coffee machine – kahve makinesi


In The Study Room

Not every Turkish house has a study room but if you see one, it means that the house is huge. Mostly, people who work from home prefer separating a room for study or office.

Here is the vocabulary list for the standard furniture in a study room:

  • Desk – Çalışma masası
  • Office chair – Ofis sandalyesi
  • Computer – Bilgisayar
  • Laptop – Dizüstü bilgisayar, laptop
  • Tablet – Tablet
  • Keyboard – Klavye
  • Mouse – Fare
  • Monitor – Monitör
  • PC case – Kasa
  • Clock – Saat
  • Calendar – Takvim
  • Home office – Ev ofis


In The Bathroom

I want to give you one interesting fact about Turkish bathrooms so that you won’t be shocked when you’re desperate for a toilet. Turkish toilets are… well, different from what you have in your bathroom. You’ll mostly encounter squat toilets but don’t worry; toilet bowls are available everywhere in the country.

Here is the vocabulary list for the standard furniture in a bathroom:

  • Mirror – Ayna
  • Bathtub – Küvet
  • Shower cabin – Duş kabini
  • Tap – Musluk
  • Shower head – Duş başlığı
  • Toilet paper – Tuvalet kağıdı
  • Towel – Havlu
  • Bathrobe – Bornoz
  • Washing machine – Çamaşır makinesi
  • Toilet – Tuvalet
  • Hair dryer – Saç kurutma makinesi
  • Soap – Sabun
  • Shampoo – Şampuan
  • Shower sponge – Duş lifi


In The Garden

Most apartments in Turkey don’t have a garden even if they have an empty yard that could be a backyard they usually prefer having a parking lot for the cars. But if we’re talking about houses and villas, of course, they have beautiful green gardens.

Here is the vocabulary list related to the garden:

  • Pool – Havuz
  • BBQ – Mangal
  • Fire pit – Ateş çukuru
  • Backyard – Arka bahçe
  • Frontyard – Ön bahçe
  • Veranda – Veranda
  • Tree – Ağaç
  • Flower – Çiçek
  • Bush – Çalı
  • Plot – Arsa
  • Estate – Emlak
  • For sale – Satılık
  • For rent – Kiralık

I hope the Turkish vocabulary you’ve learned here comes in handy when you’re on an Airbnb hunt in Turkey!


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