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Tandem VS Busuu: The 2 Best Apps Today?

In today’s Tandem VS Busuu review, we are going to provide you with an unbiased head-to-head comparison so that you’ll have an idea of what to expect from these popular brands todayJust for the record, we can never say which language learning app is better because at the end of the day…it all depends on your learning style and the target language you are planning to learn. So, when we get to the end of this text, we will also describe why Ling App is the best language learning platform and how to sign up today!

There is no denying that the Busuu language learning app is top-rated since it has a large and influential community of users where you can interact with native speakers. However, despite its popularity, it still doesn’t make this app perfect. There are many pros and cons, but if you want to learn grammar, Busuu will undoubtedly cover a lot about that. Of course, this also applies to more advanced language learners.

Tandem, on the other hand, is much more different than the previous app we have mentioned. You won’t get exercises of grammar vocabulary and stuff like that. Instead, it will connect you with the native speaker for the language of your choice. Yes, it sounds exciting, and you’ll probably get a new foreign language friend, but it should not be the way of learning a new language. You should probably get much more language resources than just language partners.

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Busuu Language Learning App Quick Review

Tandem Vs Busuu Review

We talked about Busuu a lot in the previous period, and it truly is a great app. It’s hard to compare it with Tandem because they are whole a lot different. With Busuu, you can truly become a great speaker of your chosen language; there are many grammar exercises, vocabulary, and a large community of users.

But the thing that is probably the best when it comes to this one is a connection with native language speakers. This app also has a beautiful interface, and you’ll enjoy each day on your learning path. But the language choice is relatively poor. There are only 12 languages you can choose to study, so if you don’t find the language you want to learn, you should probably go with some alternatives.

How Good Is Busuu?

As we said, Busuu is a hell of an app, but it isn’t the perfect one. If you like its user face and its exercises, then you should probably go with it. But by the time it will probably get you bored.

Later, we will talk about Busuu’s pricing plans, but we should mention for now that there is a free plan. With this plan, you will get cards for exercises, so you’ll probably feel like a kid in first grade. Unfortunately, you cannot get advanced with this plan, so you’ll have to pay. Now, let’s jump right through this topic.

Busuu Pricing Plans

This is something you have to know if Busuu is the app of your choice. There are three plans, the free plan, premium plan, and premium plus.

With Busuu’s free plan, you’ll almost get nothing, so you should know that you have to pay for one of these other plans if you want to learn. I would probably go with the final plan because it is the best and there is little price difference. The difference is only a couple of cents, so that’s why you should go with it. If you want to find more about Busuu pricing plans, then check our other blog post right here.

Tandem Language Learning App Quick Review

Tandem Vs Busuu Review

Tandem is a pretty exciting language learning app as well. We must admit that they are giving their best and that they are truly creative. Also, Tandem is somewhat different from others, which you must know from the start. If you want to be connected with native speakers, then you should go with it. That is pretty interesting, but sometimes it is not the best way for language learning. Foreign language speakers sometimes aren’t the best teachers, and they could have some difficulties with speaking English, for example.

You can probably find language partners in some other places, but you should always know if they are native speakers of your choice. You won’t have such a problem with Tandem. Also, one interesting fact about this app is that many people think it’s a dating app. Well, it isn’t, and you should probably know that.

How Good Is Tandem?

The Tandem app is a language learning platform, and it allows you to work on your proficiency in a foreign language by being connected with a real native speaker. Besides its newer app compared to its competitors, like Busuu, for example, it has proved its worth attention, since it already has 10 million users, and that number grows each day!

With Tandem, you don’t need to stick to structured lessons at all. It means that you are free to chat with native speakers and ask them any question you want. You won’t get bored with this app at all, that’s for sure. It also has an exciting feature that will make your whole interaction much easier. We do appreciate its very active community as well, so you’ll never feel alone on your new language learning path.

There are over 160 target languages to learn with this great app when it comes to language choice. With this app learning, languages will become quite a fantastic experience. So there are more popular languages available and some others that are not, and you won’t find them anywhere else. The most significant advantage is creating your learning style, and there is no waiting period. Just create your account and start learning. Also, it’s completely free, but there is also a paid version which we’ll cover in our next topic.

Tandem Pricing Plans

So, we are going to be pretty straight with you around here. There is a free version and also paid version. The second one is called Tandem PRO. If you want to get more severe with your target language, engage with native speakers, and get fantastic language resources, then you should choose this one. But, on the other hand, the free version is more beginner-friendly, and you should choose this one only if you want to test this language learning app and your new language tutor.

The price for this pro version is $6.99/mo which is much cheaper than Busuu. However, real native speakers are waiting for you, so jump on it!

Tandem VS Busuu: Final Thoughts

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to discover the reasons why both of these apps are popular today. If you enjoyed this post and would like to learn mo about the best platform to support language learners like you in 60+ foreign languages, we recommend checking out the Ling App by Simya Solutions Ltd. The Ling App is a unique platform guaranteed to give you FREE access to courses created by real native speakers and language professionals. Moreover, thanks to its gamified structure, it will keep you motivated and excited to learn on the go!

Download it today and discover a better way to mastering your chosen language today!

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