Quizlet Vs Duolingo: 3 Must-Know Savage Truths

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 02:35 am

Looking for a superb app to use for language learning? Today’s post will dive deep and compare Quizlet vs Duolingo in terms of their features for total beginners in a new language. Since both of these free apps are considered as one of the top apps out there, it is only fitting that we give you an unbiased opinion to help you understand these platforms more profoundly. At the end of the day, there are tons of applications geared for learning languages, but not all of these are actually worth your time, money, and commitment. If you are here for real tea, then read on as we spill all there is to know about these apps today!

Interested to learn languages on a shoestring budget? Contrary to common belief, you do not really have to spend tons of money just to ensure that you can start learning your target language from scratch. With today’s technology, all the free resources can be found in just a few clicks! On top of that, there are available learning apps (built for different learning styles) out there that offer a free version so that learners can easily continue mastering whatever language they want to learn.

Some of the best platforms that have been consistently raved around in the language learning world are Quizlet and Duolingo. Quizlet is basically a flexible flashcard app that allows you to create your own flashcards or re-use those flashcard decks that other students create within the platform. It capitalizes on the use of spaced repetition to ensure that you can learn new words and concepts, retain the information in your brain, and memorize it for the long term.

If you will ask us, this somewhat works like the ever-popular Anki, and the only difference is that this one has more modern features.

On the other hand, Duolingo is one of the most popular apps which makes use of gamified approach towards learning a new language. Not only does it have its own type of flashcards, but it comes with amazing immersive features guaranteed to hook users right into the app. Thanks to its humorous chatbots (like Renèe the Driver, Chef Roberto, and Officer Ada), you can start practicing and learning a language in a totally fun manner. Who said learning couldn’t be this fun and exciting, right?

While these may seem like cool apps at first, please do note that they only work on specific people. Depending on your personal learning style and studying preferences, you can use either Quizlet or Duolingo.

For us, Quizlet is the best app for mastering vocabulary, new phrases, and even concepts not only related to languages. The app is so flexible that it can be used to review and practice other subjects. On the flip side, Duolingo is the best app if you want to unlock really cool and standardized lessons. Interested to learn more about these platforms and whether any of these can be a great supplementary tool for your language learning session? Read on below!


Quizlet Vs Duolingo: Which Is The Best Langauge Learning App?

Quizlet Vs Duolingo Which Is The Best Langauge Learning App

With the pandemic taken into consideration, traveling to meet the locals or a particular native speaker of your target language is somewhat impossible. Today, we have no choice but to consider taking online classes or virtual language tutorial sessions in order to boost our skills even at the confines of our home. Thankfully, online learning is not that boring as there are tons of platforms that you can use which has features for gamification. Some of the top apps include Memrise, Duolingo, Quizlet, and Ling App. For the sake of this review, our focus will be on Duolingo and Quizlet.

These apps are not really alike when it comes to the learning approach it offers. In the case of Quizlet, the students are urged to create flashcards of their own for multiple subjects. It does work like Anki but what we personally love about this one is the fact that its web app version has the same functionality as the mobile app. As you probably know, Anki has been around for quite a time now, and the user interface somewhat looks very outdated as compared to Quizlet.

What sets Quizlet apart from Duolingo is that the company is mainly providing the platform but not the language lessons. All the available language courses there are created by the student, which means that they have a vast range of decks for various subjects. Whether you are learning German, Spanish, French, or even Math and Science, then the Quizlet might have an already created deck for you.

For the case of Duolingo, all the lessons are developed by their professional team, which means that you will have confidence in what you are learning from the app. Aside from helping to master words, it also aims to holistically develop your skills by adding features to practice reading, writing, and speaking. Using the pro version, you can also unlock explanations on answers that can be handy if you want to learn grammar points.

Truth About The Availability Of Language Courses

Want to learn English or master Spanish vocabulary? With the readily available lesson decks on Quizlet, you can start learning on the go and download all the content from other decks and put it under yours. What makes it even more interesting is that there is literally a deck for different languages within the app, but there is no guarantee that the language you are learning will have a deck. The reason for this is that the users only create all the flashcard decks, and if no one creates one for your topic, then there won’t be a deck for that.

You’ll have streaks in Duolingo, which will drive you to learn more since you don’t want to miss out on a streak. The main distinction is that while Duolingo offers a large number of courses, certain languages are still unavailable on the program. At present, Duolingo offers 95 courses in over 38 languages. However, they seem to focus more on popular languages, and they do not have niche-based ones on their incubator lineup.

Truth On The Unique Features For Language Learning

Quizlet has a learn mode which can be perfect for students who are trying to memorize bits of information. In addition, it also has games like the match (where you will match the words with the meaning based on your deck and the gravity. Aside from the two games, the only thing that Quizlet is really good at is the flashcard feature.

Duolingo’s teaching approach is based on research which means that you can expect quizzes from the app that embeds academic types of tests like close, sentence completion, speaking practice, listening tasks, and writing tasks. All of these might seem scary for some, but you can rest assured knowing that the app is fun to use and won’t stress you out.

Truth About The Pricing

Quizlet is available for free, and you can easily access it from the web app and through the mobile platform. However, you can also consider signing up for the Quizlet pro, which boasts that it has explanations and solutions especially for academic subjects, use the app offline, and unlock customization features for your decks. The Quizlet Plus ·is available at $35.99/year, but we highly suggest that you wait for the promos (which they regularly hold) to get extra savings.

The Duolingo app is similarly free, but there are some features that can only be unlocked if you purchase a membership plan. Duolingo Pro is now $6.99 per month, and it offers you access to the software without advertisements, unlimited tests, and attempts. It also allows you to read an in-depth explanation of your errors in the target language.


Wrapping Up

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to learn more about how Quizlet and Duolingo works. Given their unique features, there’s no surprise why both of the apps are well-loved by online users. On top of that, who doesn’t want to use platforms that are available for free, right? If you enjoyed this post and figured that you would love to learn more about languages and learning app reviews, then we highly recommend that you check out our previous posts here.


Ready For The Best Language Learning App ?

duolingo spanish

While Quizlet and Duolingo are great, they may indeed not work for everyone. If you want a breath of fresh air and something that is truly innovative, then try out Simya Solutions‘ Ling App is your best choice. The Ling App is a platform guaranteed to help you master 60+ foreign languages, including niche languages that no other platforms have lessons for. It combined all the unique features of top learning apps and created something much better for all types of language learners.

Each of the lessons you can come across on the app is developed by real native speakers, language professionals, and educators who truly understand your needs and the best curriculum for you. It also has a gamified design which ensures that you can learn easily without ever feeling overwhelmed or too tired from all the monotonous lessons. Lastly, the app is perfect for busy people as you can simply use it for at least seven minutes a day to start learning something new! Download it today and see for yourself why we highly recommend it.

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