Preply VS Quizlet: 2 Popular Apps With Major Difference

Are you looking for a teacher or do you want to study by yourself? This is the essential question that we’ll answer today in this Preply VS Quizlet review.

For a citizen of this fast-changing world, it’s no surprise that there are lots of people who want to go beyond their native language and learn different languages. Given the advantages of learning a foreign language, it’s amazing to see how far someone can go just to achieve their learning goals. But, people who want to learn languages should know that learning a new language is no picnic. One must invest time, effort, and even money.

So, before diving deeper into your language learning journey, you should first look for resources and tools that can help you achieve your goals. Luckily, the technology already did the magic for you – the invention of language learning apps and platforms. In this blog, we will compare two apps/platforms that are totally different from each other – Preply VS Quizlet.


Preply VS Quizlet: What Do They Offer?

Like James A. Garfield said, “Things don’t turn up in this world until somebody turns them up.” Let’s start this review by discovering the two apps. We will discover a little bit of the history of the apps, the pros, cons, and what to expect from the apps. These factors are essential for future users. So, let’s start digging.

Preply Overview

Preply VS Quizlet: Preply Overview

Preply is a language learning application that was first released in 2012. It’s also an e-learning portal where students may book online tutors and teachers based on their availability, rate, and, of course, the languages they teach. But, Preply is more than just a language study platform. It’s also a place where you may learn about a variety of subjects and interests from tutors of your choice.

Just a quick throwback, when Preply first began, the goal was simple: to make language learning more successful for everyone. Today, with millions of users and over 140,000 teachers teaching 50 languages in 203 countries across the world, Preply has become one of the largest platforms among the other platforms of its like.

What’s Nice About Preply?

Being one of the leading platforms for finding language tutors, here are the things that users love about Preply. You can also check out the Preply review for more information.

1. Nice User Experience

The first thing that the users love about Preply is the user interface. Browsing through Preply while looking for tutors is like scrolling through social media but in a more formal way. The platform is simple and easy to use, plus the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The way that the features are developed is incredibly amazing. But the best part for the users is they can freely explore the different filters used to find tutors.

2. Find Your Desired Language Teachers

Learners have different ways and styles to learn; that’s why finding a tutor that suits your learning styles and needs is essential. In Preply, there’s a wide range of language teachers to choose from. You can try having lessons with different teachers according to your preferences just make sure to distinguish their difference and see who can help you the best.

In finding a tutor, there are lots of factors to consider. First is, of course, their capabilities and skills. There are native speakers, and there are also those who have just mastered or are fluent in the language. Remember, being a native speaker doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re great at teaching the language. Sometimes, there are non-native speakers, just fluent in the language, that teach way better. After all, the tutor you need is someone that can improve your language skills.

Another factor is the review from other students. To have a glimpse of the tutors, you can check the reviews from past students or watch the preview video. You can also see how many current students they are teaching, and from there, you can somehow draw a conclusion about their effectiveness as tutors in learning languages.

3. Trial Lessons

The most effective way of finding the right tutor for you that can help you improve your studying is through free trial lessons. If you have some free time, you can scroll through different tutors and book a free trial. Learners don’t have to pay anything for booking a trial lesson with tutors; it’s completely free. This is one of the reasons why language learners are digging this platform. If the live tutor suits your preferences, you can already book a paid lesson.

4. Rate (For Learners)

The rates of the tutors vary depending on their level of proficiency, education degree, and sometimes, even their experience in teaching languages. You can actually book a tutor for less than $10, but of course, you’ll get what you have paid for. Sometimes there are low rates tutors that are actually very good, but since they are still new Preply, they have to make their rates low. This is something that learners with a low budget or also new to this language learning app can enjoy.

5. A Platform For Language Teachers

As the world becomes extremely connected through technology, there are lots of people who want to learn languages. This is a good opportunity for language teachers to share their knowledge with others and earn at the same time. To enter as a tutor, you’ll need to create a profile and give the necessary information. Once your profile is approved, you can start building a profile to attract students.

Being a language teacher in Preply, you can enter the system even if you’re just a C1 level. This level is based on the CEFRL levels or the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which is a global standard for language proficiency. In fact, even if you’re not just a language teacher, just a native language speaker, you can still enter the Preply app or website and start teaching. If you are not into languages, you can also offer your service in teaching other subjects and disciplines like test prep.

Another nice thing about Preply for language tutors in the series of training provided. Even if you have no experience in teaching, Preply will give you a series of training and seminar to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills.

If you already have a stable job, but you still want to earn extra money, Preply can help you with that. You can teach languages based on your free time. You have full control of your time. Just remember that students are from different parts of the world, so you may want to consider that in scheduling your lessons with the students.

Aside from flexibility in schedule, teachers can customize their lessons and resources for every subject area. The learners go to Preply to have one-on-one tutors that can help them either learn languages or just get higher grades in different subject areas, so, as a teacher or tutor, you should really take time to assess the student’s skills and knowledge. This way, you can plan the learning goals and experiences that they need to achieve.

What’s The Downside Of Preply?

Preply is indeed one of the leading sites in terms of finding tutors, but of course, this platform has areas that need to be improved. Here are some of those:

1. Limited Tutors For Other Subject Areas

If you’re a student who wants to learn a new language, let’s say you want to learn Spanish, there are lots of tutors that you can find on the website or app. But, if you want to learn a less popular and in-demand language, you might find it hard to look for a tutor, or you’ll have few options.

2. The Quality Of Learning Depends On The Private Tutors Not The App

This is not a downside but more of a reminder to maximize your opportunities in getting to know your tutor first before paying for their services. Once you have booked a paid lesson, the teaching and learning process is already between you and your tutor. Preply can no longer track what’s happening in your sessions. Every teacher is different, just as every student has their own learning style, so find the right puzzle piece that fits.

3. Long Time Of Free Trial (For Teachers)

Starting your career as a Preply teacher/tutor is not a walk in the park. You will start from the very bottom before you can even earn a lot. You’ll have to accept a lot of free trial lessons to build your profile and earn money. Trial lessons are one hour long, and you won’t be getting any amount from it.

Quizlet Overview

Preply VS Quizlet: Quizlet Overview

Quizlet is one of the leading language learning platforms that uses flashcards and other study modes to improve learning. Quizlet provides a wide range of user experiences to meet their learning goals, thanks to its advanced AI.

It was developed by Andrew Sutherland in 2005 with the goal of creating a study help that helps language learners achieve their language learning goals. Today, millions of learners use this to make their learning better not just for languages. It also caters to other subjects which makes it more useful.

What’s Nice About Preply?

What makes users love Quizlet? Here are some answers to that question. You can also check the Quizlet review to learn more.

1. Variety Of Study Modes And Game Modes

Are you tired of learning your study set in the same way over and over again? With Quizlet, you can choose a variety of ways on how you want to learn your study set. Here are the different study modes and game modes of Quizlet that can make you learn in different ways:


When it comes to the flashcard app, Quizlet might be the first platform you can think of. It is indeed one of the biggest platforms to help students learn vocabulary and master their material. The procedure is easy; just create your own flashcards by typing the vocabulary words or information. Once you’re done creating flashcards, you start using them just like how a typical flashcard works. Just click see the definition to view the meaning of the word, and you can also click again to see

But, did you know that the founder himself doesn’t actually mean for Quizlet to become like flashcards? Yes, the flashcard feature is the most popular study mode of Quizlet, but the founder believed that Quizlet is more than just a flashcard because it requires a learner to master their material in different ways. Below are other study modes and game modes that Quizlet offers:

Learn Mode

The Learn Mode allows learners to create a personalized study plan based on their familiarity with their material. They will answer a series of questions that range from multiple choice to written questions with varying complexity that range. Aside from vocabulary building, this will somehow improve your reading skills.

Write Mode

The Write Mode is a study mode that measures learners’ mastery of their material by typing in the answer. This mode will also help them track their progress and focus on improving the points they usually miss. This will somehow improve their writing skills, especially when they are writing sentences using a foreign language.

Spell Mode

Learning vocabulary from a foreign language will require you a lot of hard work in remembering the correct spelling. The Spell Mode of Quizlet helps learners practice spelling by typing out the words they hear, helping them improve their writing skills.

Test Mode

The Test Mode is pretty much like the test that students answer in school. This will measure their mastery of the material. It is basically an overall assessment of the study set the learners are learning.

Gravity And Match

To put a twist and make learning fun, Quizlet also offers two game modes where learners will learn while playing a game. They can earn points for every correct answer, so it can keep them motivated.

2. Generous Free Plan

Despite being a well-known platform, Quizlet maintains a pretty generous free version that you can use to effectively learn the study set. According to the developer, the cost of running Quizlet is very low, so it doesn’t ask for too much from the users. But, if you want more advanced and upgraded features, you can subscribe to Quizlet Plus.

3. Expert Explanations And Smart Study Tools

Like what is mentioned above, Quizlet also offers paid subscriptions with upgraded features that can help learners achieve their goals. The function is still the same, but the systems are way more advanced. Studying with expert explanations and smart study tools will make learning easier and more meaningful.

What’s The Downside Of Quizlet?

There’s no doubt that Quizlet is one of the most popular and successful platforms in current times, but it has a lot more to improve. Here is the downside of Quizlet:

1. Do Not Improve Other Language Skills

For learning vocabulary, practice reading, and mastery of the material, Quizlet has indeed climbed its way to the top, but for language learning, it’s still a long journey. According to the founder, Quizlet is still in the process of improving its feature to help develop other language skills such as grammar, speaking skills, and writing skills. For now, learners can enjoy using Quizlet to build their vocabulary.

2. Ads

Since it’s free, there are ads that you can see popping out on your screen while studying. Honestly, this is not so much of an inconvenience, and it’s pretty reasonable given the convenience that the app offers. If you don’t want ads, you can subscribe for a paid version.

3. Not Verified Content

Since anyone can freely make and share their study sets, you can’t really be sure about the accuracy of some of the contents, so you’ll need to verify and do your research first. The most ideal is to create your own flashcards.


Preply VS Quizlet: What Is The Language Learning App For You?

Preply VS Quizlet: Key Differences

Choosing between Preply VS Quizlet is not that necessary because both platforms are entirely different from one another. But, for the sake of this Preply VS Quizlet Review, let’s look at their key differences.

Preply VS Quizlet: Interface And Learning Experience

The interface and language learning experience is very important in language learning. Not everyone learns the same way, and not all the features of a platform are your cups of tea.

Preply is a platform to easily find a tutor with varying rates anytime and anywhere. Finding a tutor in Preply is easy because there are lots of filters to be used, video previews to watch, and free trial lessons to book. The app can be easily downloaded from the Play Store and App Store, or you can also access the website version.

The actual language learning is in the hands of the tutors booked from the app. Since it’s done by a tutor, expect a structured and authentic learning experience just like learning in school; the only difference is that it’s more flexible.

With this kind of setup, learners can have immediate feedback from an expert. They will also be more prompt and motivated to attend scheduled classes since the lessons are based on their strengths and weaknesses, and they are paying for the service.

On the other hand, Quizlet offers different language learning experiences because it promotes independent learning. There’s no teacher or tutor involved because you’ll be the one who will create your own study sets and learning plan. With advanced AI, varied study modes, and smart study tools, you’ll enjoy learning with Quizlet.

Preply VS Quizlet: Features For Language Learning

Preply and Quizlet offer very different features for learners, so comparing Preply VS Quizlet in terms of features is a no-brainer. Basically, with Preply, their features focus on finding a tutor that will create a language learning experience for you. This tutor will help you improve your language skills.

Quizlet can’t help you develop other language skills even if it has a lot of features. These features are helpful in vocabulary building and drills but not so much for writing and speaking skills, which are essential for language learning.

Preply VS Quizlet: Price

For Preply VS Quizlet in terms of price, Quizlet is way cheaper than Preply because you can use Quizlet for free. Then again, the language learning experience you’ll get is different compared to Preply.

In Preply, you can book tutors according to your budget. There are tutors with less than $10 rates, and they can be really good. Another thing is that Preply also offers free trial lessons for every teacher, so there’s nothing to lose.


Final Thoughts

Preply VS Quizlet: Final Thoughts

Nothing can ever replace a teacher in the teaching and learning process. Language learning apps and tools like Quizlet can help improve learning, but they can never give you the quality of learning you’ll get from a teacher. For Preply VS Quizlet, there’s nothing much to compare because these apps can be used simultaneously. After learning with a tutor, strengthen and master what you have learned through drills and review. That way, learning will be more established and effective.


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