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If you were unable to travel this year due to the pandemic, you should look into the possibility of learning a foreign language. You have to find the best app to polish your language skills out of thousands of language learning tools—this Pimsleur Vs. MosaLingua comparison will help you to make a decision.

The vast amount of language learning resources (like Mango languages and Rosetta Stone) is surprising. New language learning apps are released regularly, while the classics are routinely updated. Out of many mobile apps, the Ling app is the hottest new platform on the market.

Pimsleur Vs. MosaLingua 

Pimsleur is one of the language apps with a unique teaching methodology: an audio-based system. MosaLingua app, on the other hand, is a fantastic flashcard software platform for learning new vocabulary words and phrases of your target language. To choose the most appropriate app, we will first examine each app individually.

Pimsleur Review

Pimsleur Vs. MosaLingua

Dr. Paul Pimsleur created the Pimsleur app, and it is based on audio lessons. The Pimsleur Method with its audio system enhances your speaking practice, which is great for more advanced learners. It helps them focus on their pronunciation and words and phrases. It involves progressive interval recall, a focus on vocabulary words. There are no notes necessary while studying a new language. 

Following are some cool features:

  • Its language courses employ progressive interval recalls. It’s a scientifically validated technique for transferring information from the short term memory to the long term.
  • One of the language learning secrets includes learning the most fundamental words and phrases. Thanks to Pimsleur! Beginners, as well as advanced learners, will get to understand necessary vocabulary terms. As a result, you’ll be able to start communicating in a meaningful manner immediately.
  • Like many other apps, Pimsleur teaches languages organically. It allows you to pick up a new language in the same way you picked up your first.

Languages Available On Pimsleur App

With 59 languages available, you can easily find the language you’re looking to study.

Pricing Plan Of Pimsleur

If you want to use the app to study a second language, you’ll have to pay $14.95 each month. You have to pay $19.95 every month to solve exercises (Premium version). Language learners can also purchase a lifetime subscription.

It helps you talk like a native speaker.It is a bit expensive compared to other language learning apps.
Unlike other language apps, the content available is well structured.It lacks in developing necessary reading and writing skills.
59 languages is a big number compared with other apps 
It will help you develop speaking skills with its audio-based system. 

MosaLingua Review (MosaLingua Web And Application)

Pimsleur Vs. MosaLingua

MosaLingua is a flashcard app and website that uses many excellent features to teach languages. It is a perfect choice if you want to expand your vocabulary. The video lessons include native speakers delivering phrases, and you repeat after the native audio to develop great conversational skills. Other features include:

  • Spaced repetition technology allows you to remember old terms right before you forget them. You will be shown more or less review words based on how tough they are for you.
  • You can make flashcards that are used to test and improve memory.
  • MosaLingua’s method also teaches your target language and your target country’s cool cultural insights. 

Languages Available On MosaLingua

It has a separate app for each language it offers. You will find French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, and Russian. 

Pricing Plan Of MosaLingua

For each language, MosaLingua costs $4.99. A MosaLingua Medical English app is also available for $8.99. MosaLingua Web costs $4.99 a month (or $59.90 per year) and offers you access to all of the apps’ content and many other features.

The content available is of high quality for not only beginners but also for advanced learners. You might go through some content that is not original.
It helps you to learn new vocabulary words and phrases quickly.Its website is not user-friendly.
It helps you to learn your target language with scientifically proven methods. 

Pimsleur Vs. MosaLingua – An Honest Comparison

Which language learning application to choose mainly depends upon what you need it for. If you want to enhance your conversational skills, you can select Pimsleur because of its audio-based teaching methodology. On the contrary, MosaLingua uses flashcards and spaced repetition technologies to help you remember new words and phrases. Its drawback includes unreliable content and the small number of languages it offers. 

This was all about Pimsleur Vs. MosaLingua. If you still want to explore other language learning apps in the market, you can read our blogs on “Duolingo Vs. Memrise” and “LingQ Vs. Memrise.”

Ling App – Undoubtedly A Great Alternative

If you cannot find any app that fits your learning style, you should consider using the Ling app. It effectively introduces fresh and innovative features to its customers. You will learn your desired language efficiently with these features, from games and puzzles to quizzes.

Ling is solid in all areas and is good for beginners to advanced learners. You start out with basic phrases and vocabulary and then move on to advanced topics like space travel! Not forgetting, we have an active language learning community to help you along.

Download the Ling app today on the Play Store or App Store and start learning new words and vocabulary of your target language!

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