#1 Pimsleur Vs. Memrise Review – Find Out Best Alternative

Learning a new language is quite a challenging task to do. But popular language learning apps have revolutionized many aspects of language learning and made it much easier. Read this Pimsleur vs. Memrise comparison and find out which app to choose. Also, keep on reading to know the best alternative app to learn your target language.

To learn a language, you do not always have to sit in traditional classrooms. With language learning apps at your fingertips, you can learn a foreign language anywhere and anytime. Apps provide a more dynamic language learning experience than many other language learning resources.

Language apps use creative new ways and different aspects to help you enhance your language skills. Some language apps concentrate on a single skill, such as vocabulary. Other language applications such as the Ling app have comprehensive courses that teach you everything you need to know.

If you are a beginner, a language app with a whole course is excellent. Intermediate and expert language learners can choose an app that focuses on improving individual abilities—this Pimsleur vs. Memrise comparison will assist you in selecting a language that suits you the best. 


Pimsleur Vs. Memrise

Pimsleur is a language learning tool that will give you a practical understanding of the language for real-life situations. On the other hand, Memrise is a language learning app based in the United Kingdom. It uses spaced repetition system of flashcards to accelerate learning your target language.

Let’s explore both (Pimsleur Vs. Memrise) individually to understand the features, price, pros, and cons.

Pimsleur Review

Pimsleur Vs. Memrise

Dr. Paul Pimsleur, a linguist, and psychological statistician invented the Pimsleur app. It is one of those language resources that use an audio-based system. The Pimsleur Method teaches speaking and reading abilities through audio lessons. It includes progressive interval recall, an emphasis on acquiring key vocabulary, and organic learning through language exchange.

By learning languages through Pimsleur, no notes are required. Just listen to the classes and follow along. Reading exercises are also available. This app features a lot of other stuff for its visual learners.

  • Everything is set up to encourage your brain to learn your target language quickly and easily. 
  • The method claims to teach you enough to start chatting in as little as ten days. 
  • Audio-based language courses are ideal for those who want to learn during their commute to and from work. You won’t need to be connected to a computer to progress in your classes, unlike Rosetta Stone. 

Languages Available On Pimsleur App

This language learning platform offers fifty-nine languages through its unique audio-based learning style. Learning Spanish is not a problem anymore. With this language app, you can learn Spanish and many other languages, including Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, etc. 

Pricing Plan Of Pimsleur

If you want to try this language learning software without paying, you can use its free trial. If you like the app to learn your target language, you must pay $14.95 for a monthly subscription. To solve exercises, you have to pay $19.95 per month. A Memrise pro or lifetime subscription is also available.

Develop speaking skills through audio lessons.It doesn’t focus on reading and writing skills. Way expensive as compared to other apps
  Fifty-nine language options are available to learn a foreign language.It does not develop writing and reading skills.
Content available in the language app is well structured. 

Memrise Review

Pimsleur Vs. Memrise

Memrise is one of the language learning platforms that focuses on teaching real-life conversational phrases and new words. Its casual approach to language learning makes it particularly useful. Memrise progresses from simple common interactions such as self-introduction to more advanced conversation tools.

While Memrise is best known for its language courses, it also provides literature, history, engineering, and other subjects. Some of the features are:

  • If you want to learn a native language of a country, you can conveniently use this app. Memrise uses videos of native speakers to help speak the language like them. 
  • It has a spaced repetition system to help you review the lessons easily.

Languages Available On Memrise

With Memrise, you can get access to 23 languages. Learn languages like Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Italian, and more. 

Pricing Plan Of Memrise 

It is a free language learning app that offers a lot of cool features. Through its premium version, you can access premium features as well. Its pricing plan is as follows

  • $9(Monthly)
  • $59(Annually)
  • $129.99(Lifetime Subscription)
You can learn from native speakers.User-created content has low quality.
Its free version has a lot of content to learn your target language.It is suited for beginners.
It makes you fluent in learning vocabulary. 


Pimsleur Vs. Memrise – Which One Is The Best?

Pimsleur’s usefulness is confined to conversational discourse rather than in-depth grammatical understanding. This audio-based system will neither teach you to read or write nor provide you with any games or interactive exercises.

On the other hand, individual words or phrases are much easier to learn and remember using Memrise. Memrise will not teach you how to speak a new language fluently but will get you to an upper-intermediate/advanced level.

If you like this Pimsleur vs. Memrise review, you may want to explore other language learning apps reviewed by the Ling app too. Read our blogs on “HiNative Vs. Memrise” and “Memrise Vs. Lingvist“.


Learn A New Language With The Ling App – A Great Alternative

If you still want to explore more options after reading the Pimsleur Vs. Memrise comparison, consider Ling App by Simya Solutions. It is one of the language mobile apps that will help you to learn your preferred language conveniently. Furthermore, all the specifically designed best language learning apps by Simya Solutions will make learning a language fun, easy, and accessible.

Moreover, with the Ling app’s game elements and puzzles, one can learn 60+ popular languages in a fun environment. You can use chatbots to develop conversational skills. From vocabulary building to grammar learning, you will have a tight grip on your language.

Pimsleur Vs. Memrise

So, whether you are a complete beginner or intermediate learner, download the Ling app completely free, and start learning a foreign language today and reach fluency!

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