#1 Comparison Of Pimsleur Vs Lingvist – Best Review

Do you know what the best language learning app is? If not, then read with me to improve your command of a second language.

If you are searching for the best language learning app, you must think about these two apps. Read our Pimsleur vs Lingvist comparison for choosing the best App. Of course, there are times when you do not find the App that is right for your needs or preferences. Here you need to pair it with another app, such as the Ling app, to support your language learning journey.

Let’s dive right in.


Pimsleur Vs Lingvist – The Language Learning Apps 

Pimsleur provides effective learning lessons on more than 50 foreign languages. However, Lingvist also provides multiple speaking lessons, but the number of languages is comparably less. So, let’s compare the features of both apps to find the one that will focus on your training and learning goals. 

Pimsleur Review

Pimsleur Vs Lingvist

Simon & Schuster’s Pimsleur is one of the top eLearning programs helpful for serious language learners. This online language learning program is defined as an “all in one platform.” 

It provides online compliance training sessions along with an integrated proctoring service. Pimsleur helps in the continuous learning of the language without any restriction. You can get achievement outcomes if you put in your effort while learning with Pimsleur. It also gathers deep user insights on the respectful and inclusive culture of the given language.

Benefits Of Pimsleur

  • It offers in app knowledge checks that many competitors lack.
  • Moreover, it offers comprehensive assessments on selected foreign languages and values deep user insights.

Available Languages On Pimsleur

If you need to learn a new language, Pimsleur is here to help you out. This learning engagement app delivers lessons in 50 languages.

It teaches languages like Albanian, Arabic, Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari Persian, Dutch, and Persian. 

Pimsleur Pricing Plans

The cost of Pimsleur courses varies. However, you can and should listen to the first lesson for free before purchasing anything. If you are buying Pimsleur as a subscription, you can also get a seven-day free version trial. Subscriptions are the best option.

Prices for subscriptions are as follows:

  • $14.95 (per month for audio version only)
  • $19.95 (per month for a premium subscription)
  • $ 119.95 (lifetime subscription)
Efficient and effective for those who speak the English language.  Audio-based services in PDFs do not teach reading and writing.
It is well structured.It is expensive.
It has a program for 50 languages and includes ESL courses.Its digital version, which has an interactive session, is only available in eight languages.  

Lingvist Review

Pimsleur Vs Lingvist

It is one of the best language learning software platforms on the market. You can approach it with the single secure site managed by the odoo’s intuitive database.

And this online learning is done by portal branding that helps in the sharing of digital content. Thus, you can achieve measurable results with Lingvist. 

Multiple applications provide language learning lessons for advanced learners, but none are perfect. It is not the case with Lingvist, as it offers relevant information about the desired learning language. 

You can learn one language or more than one with Lingvist. After learning with Lingvist, you will be able to speak like a native speaker.

Benefits Of Lingvist

  • On the Lingvist app, learners respond to the questions of professional instructors. Instructors also provide recorded lessons so you can learn the language anytime by watching the mobile video. 
  • You can access the App using cloud hosting as it makes the application accessible by other cloud resources. 

Available Languages On Lingvist

Lingvist provides limited languages as compared to the other platforms we’ve looked at. As an English speaker, you can learn Asian languages, Russian, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.

Lingvist Pricing Plans

Lingvist’s pricing plan depends on the language you are learning. Sometimes price varies on the type or number of languages you aim to understand. Moreover, do consider free lessons before getting subscriptions. 

Prices for the subscriptions are as follows:

  • 6.67 $ (per month)
  • 79.99 $ (per year)
  • 99.99 $ (lifetime subscription)
It provides effective learning with flashcards and spaced repetition.It offers only a few languages.  
It adjusts automatically according to the language learning level of the user.It becomes monotonous over time.
You can learn vocabulary directly in its context.Lingvist gives only minor attention to grammar.


Pimsleur Vs Lingvist? Which One App To Choose – An Honest Review

If we compare Pimsleur Vs Lingvist, Pimsleur provides courses in multiple foreign languages. Also, this language learning software offers engaging, interactive sessions. You can achieve the learning goals with all tools of Pimsleur. On the other hand, Lingvist provides a minimum number of language classes. It also doesn’t provide interactive sessions with instructors.

I hope this Pimsleur vs Lingvist review will help you choose the perfect App for you. You can also read our hands-on review comparing “Rosetta Stone vs Duolingo” and “Memrise vs Lingvist.”


Ling App As An Alternative – Learning Languages With The Best Language App

Simya Solutions presents Ling App.

Bite-sized episodes, realistic videos, and interactive knowledge checks are part of Simya Solutions’ behavior-based approach to eLearning. So, the Ling App, along with these apps, can help to improve your writing and speaking skills in a foreign language.

Furthermore, the Ling app can also assist you in facing foreign workplace business challenges. We gather deep user insights to understand better business outcomes and the impact of engagement and learning. People can learn by enhancing their skills, from vocabulary development to grammar standards.

Ling is an ever-expanding company. We recently introduced Ling Live which is a platform designed to match Thai students with Thai language learners. We book times that are convenient for you with a teacher who matches your goals and targets. Keep an eye out for Ling Live moving into other markets related to what languages we teach.

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