No Telugu On Rosetta Stone? #1 Exciting Alternative!

No Telugu On Rosetta Stone

You’re probably here because you did a Google search and discovered there’s no Telugu on Rosetta Stone. Have no fear! Ling is here to help you learn a foreign language.

The rapidly expanding language learning app has up to 60 languages you can choose from. With an all-around slick user interface and exciting gamification elements, what’s not to love?

What Is Telugu? And Why Is There No Telugu On Rosetta Stone?

The Telugu language is one of many Dravidian languages and is spoken by approximately 82 million people. This native language can mostly be found in the Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh (note many Indian states have more than one official state language). Because of recent migration to the U.S., it is one of the country’s fastest-growing languages.

So why is there no Telugu on Rosetta Stone? After all, it’s the 15th most widely spoken language globally. Well, the answer is complicated. Historically, these areas of India were impoverished, and there weren’t many economic opportunities. There is no more powerful motivating force than economics.

The reason English and Spanish came to dominate the world was that that was where the money was. For a long time, the only reason to learn Telugu was if you were going to live there, and levels of migration to that area have always been low. People tended to want to leave instead of entering. However, that has changed since the Indian economic miracle of the last 30 years.

No Telugu On Rosetta Stone The Economics Of Telagana

The Economics Of Telangana

Perhaps you have heard of the city of Hyderabad, the capital of the region. If you have heard of it, it’s probably for the country’s economic miracle. The city was, in fact, a historical economic hub(where there was a famous diamond market, but nothing compared to recent years). 

A large part of Hyderbad’s success has been the diversification of its economy. The country moved from pharmaceuticals and electronics in the 1970s to IT, Insurance, Finance, transport, and Real Estate. The employment rate is also unbelievably high at almost 100% of working-age adults. 

Reasons To Visit Hyderabad

  1. Cuisine- Indian food generally is excellent, but you shouldn’t miss out on the birthplace of the biryani! But what exactly is a biryani? Take spiced meat and rice and mix in a leather pot over an open fire. You can also expect to taste cinnamon, star anise, and black peppercorns.
  2. Extravagant architecture- The first thing to say is that Hyderabad is famous for its fancy hotels. You have amazingly high-quality places such as The Park Hotel as well as the Taj Falknuma Palace, which has the look of an old colonial palace. There are also actual palaces built by the Nizam dynasty. One such example is the Chowmahalla Palace. For more modern areas, check out HITEC City. It is a shining beacon of Indian economic development. The most famous religious building is called Charminar and is an almost 500-year-old Mosque. The views from the top are stunning.
No Telugu On Rosetta Stone Alternatives For Learning

Alternatives For Learning Telugu

Learn Telugu With Preply: Preply is a private tutoring service that connects native Telugu teachers with students. You might have seen something similar with Ling Live for Thai or Cambly for English.

This is definitely not ideal for beginners. In my opinion, you should have at least 50 hours of classroom time before you begin speaking with a teacher.

The great thing about Telugu is that you can learn for extremely low prices; for example, this tutor charges $8 per hour and has taught over 700 lessons. That is amazing value for money.

Undoubtedly speaking skills are the most underused skill of learners. Teachers in school are often much happier to teach grammar because it’s easier for them(perhaps their speaking isn’t as good), and with a class of 30+ students, it can be tough to maintain order and make corrections. 1-1 teaching is a unique experience, and you will see big improvements if you try it out.

Learn Telugu With Ling

Now we know why there’s no Telugu on Rosetta Stone, so what else can you do? As things stand, your best option for learning a new language on the internet is Ling. There are several advantages language learning apps have over other traditional forms of learning, chief among them their ease of use. With an app, you are not constrained by the heavy books you have to carry and the classroom you have to attend. You can literally just pull your phone out of your pocket and get your daily learning done as you wait for the bus or you’re queuing at the post office.

Another thing to consider about an app is its aesthetic element. Books have a propensity to get old and worn out. After a while, a book doesn’t feel good to touch anymore. An app never has that problem, especially one such as Ling, with such a good user interface.

Seeking For Other Alternatives? The Best Is Just Using The Ling App!

You can learn more than just Telugu with Ling. There are 60 other languages to choose from. But it gets even better than this. Imagine you’re learning Telugu, but you also want to practice Malayalam. You could set your base language as Malayalam and your target language as Telugu or vice versa.

Ling offers speaking, listening(with native speakers), reading, writing, and non-intrusive grammar practice. Ling’s strongest facility is its SRS flashcard system. It is a process in which vocabulary is presented back to you at spaced intervals, so it’s always being refreshed in your mind and thus stored in your long-term memory. What are you waiting for? Check it out on the Play Store or App Store now!

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Join the Ling app now, and along with 80 million other Telugu speakers, you’ll explore more about this amazing language. Learning languages has never been as fun and easy.

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