No Romanian On Rosetta Stone? 4 Best Alternatives For You!

No Romanian on Rosetta Stone? Don’t worry, we got you! With these alternatives, not only will you be able to learn a new language with more ease, but learn Romanian very effectively. If you’ve always wanted to learn Romanian, or another language, definitely read on!

Basics About The Romanian Language

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to learn a foreign language or improve your language skills, you have come to the right place because this might just be your sign to learn Romanian! Considered to be one of the most easiest languages to learn, you can definitely jumpstart your language learning journey today.

Where Is Romania Located?

Romania is located in Southeastern Europe, between Bulgaria and Ukraine. The country also borders the Black Sea. If you plan on going to Romania, you should consider traveling to some of its neighboring countries.

Is Romanian A Romance Language?

Yes, Romanian is actually considered to be a romance language, like French and Spanish!

This aspect makes the language not only interesting because of its rich culture and heritage, but because it is indeed very romantic. If you start learning Romanian today, learning other languages like French, Italian, and Spanish will definitely be a walk in the park!

The Best Alternatives When There Is No Romanian On Rosetta Stone

We have the best language learning apps for you to use to learn Romanian if you can’t find the language on other platforms, like Rosetta Stone. With these applications, you should be able to practice Romanian through comprehensive lesson plans, fun activities, exercises, and more!

No Romanian On Rosetta Stone


Perfect for beginners, Duolingo is definitely considered a favorite among language learner’s. With free lessons, language learners can build up their Romanian vocabulary and also practice their speaking skills.

Unlike other applications, Duolingo focuses more on building vocabulary and helping you learn new words and phrases everyday. If you are a complete beginner, this is one of the best language learning applications that can help you get started.


If you want to learn Romanian, RomanianPod101 will be your new best friend! On the website, learners can access a variety of lessons and courses that can help them Romanian better. Equipped with extensive courses that can help you read, write, speak, and listen to the language better, you’ll find yourself fluent in no time.

As you create your free lifetime account, you will be able to access certain lessons and courses that are tailored to your needs as a student. Whether you are a complete beginner or need a more advanced level, RomanianPod101 has the perfect lessons and course structure to help you improve all 4 language skills.


Are you interested in talking to native speakers and improving your speaking skills? If your answer is yes, Preply is a must! This language learning application is best for learners that want to master their everyday speech and talk to native speakers of the language that they want to be fluent in.

With Preply, you can choose a tutor who will provide courses and lessons to help you learn their native language. What makes this particular platform great is that learners can learn according to their individual needs and complete lessons at their own pace. Regardless if you want to improve your listening skills, build up your vocabulary, understand grammar, or just practice your pronunciation, the teachers at Preply can help.

Although it’s not entirely free, it is still a great resource to help you practice the basics and immerse yourself in the language.

The Ling App

Looking for the best language learning application out there? That would be the Ling App! Designed to make the process of learning a new language easy for every learner, Ling is the way to go! The app features courses in over 60 languages, highly effective activities, fun mini-games, useful grammar tips, and more!

With the Ling App, the activities are made to be easy enough so that you can actually retain the information and content as you’re learning. Again, since the app is committed to making the process of learning languages easy, both the application and website are convenient and user-friendly as well! With Ling, you can learn anytime, anywhere.

Start Your Language Learning Journey With The Ling App Today!

Looking for a sign to start learning a new language? This is it!

While the process of language learning is never easy, the right language learning app will sure go a long way. Good thing the Ling App is here! Offering a range of languages, from Finnish to Bosnian, you can find everything you need with the Ling App!

Romanian Ling App

Aside from that, learners don’t have to worry about inaccurate lessons anymore since all of Ling’s lessons are verified by native speakers of that language. This way, you can learn a new language correctly the first time around!

Apart from the app, Ling also has an awesome language blog that’s filled with content related to specific languages, countries, cultures, food, and language learning tips. You can even get fun tips on how to learn languages with Netflix!

If you ever find yourself confused in the middle of a lesson or you simply want to learn more, all you have to do is visit our blog for all your worries to melt away!

We know there is no Romanian on Rosetta Stone, but don’t let that stop you! Nowadays, there are so many great language learning applications out there. If you want to learn Romanian, or another language, be sure to download the Ling App today!

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