No Afrikaans On Babbel? 2023’s Best Alternative To Learn!

No Afrikaans On Babbel

No Afrikaans on Babbel? Don’t worry! In this blog post, you will find an efficient alternative that will pull you through a fulfilling learning experience. As Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe said, “He who knows no foreign language knows nothing of his own.”

Are you interested in adding a feather to your cap by learning a new language? Let me congratulate you, as this learning will be worth it. Moving into South Africa or making a New South African mate will require learning its native language.

There is a lot more to its learning. But if you find No Afrikaans On Babbel, our best alternative to learning the language, the Ling app, will keep you covered. Read on to find the best alternative to make your language learning journey easier and more enjoyable.

The Afrikaans Language Overview

People sometimes get confused with Africans and Afrikaans. Today, after reading this article, you will get a clearer idea of how these words are different from each other.

What Is Afrikaans?

The Afrikaans language has similarities with the Dutch language, but you can see major differences in its sound systems and gender distinctions.

The Afrikaans language started blooming in the 17th century when the Dutch people settled in the region. That’s how the language became a blend of Malay, Indonesian, Portuguese, and European Dutch. Nowadays, you can find Dutch, Spanish, German, and French people speaking Afrikaans in many parts of the country.

Where Is Afrikaans Spoken?

Afrikaans is popular with so many names. People speak the Afrikaans language in South Africa, also named Cape Dutch, and the West Germanic language, or Netherlandic, is well known with many other words.

Most of the time, you will see one official language used in the country. Still, if you know the list of official languages of South Africa, Indo-European languages like English and Afrikaans can be found easily.

No Afrikaans on Babbel About The Afrikaans Language

About Afrikaans Native Speakers

Afrikaans native speakers tend to communicate straight and to the point. They also appreciate humor, so they enjoy talking in a fun way. These characteristics become evident in their language as well.

Afrikaans natives can easily comprehend the Dutch language as some of the words of Afrikaans were influenced by it. In addition, many Afrikaans use English as their second language, so it’s not so difficult to talk to them if you don’t know how to speak some words in their language.

You can meet many Afrikaans native speakers in various parts of the world with whom you can speak in English or Dutch. However, it will always be best to make an effort to talk to them in their language. They will appreciate your efforts if you focus on their language to form strong bonds. You will enjoy the experience even more!

If you are not convinced yet, let me show you 10 reasons why you should learn the Afrikaans language.

No Afrikaans on Babbel About the Native Speakers

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Afrikaans

  1. Learning Afrikaans will be a piece of cake for you if you speak English, as it has no difficult verbs or grammar. You can start speaking Afrikaans in no time.
  2. The best part is you can hit two birds with one stone. Wondering how? By learning Afrikaans, you can easily get a command to understand and speak Dutch too.
  3. If you can talk to Afrikaans, your journeys to South Africa will be much easier and more pleasant.
  4. You would also be glad to read some of its great literature as it has rich literary traditions.
  5. You can be very good friends with Afrikaans when communicating with them in their native language. They understand you better.
  6. If you like to enjoy sharing jokes during conversations, Afrikaans can be the way to go! This language has got humor that allows you to laugh out loud.
  7. You can explore some better employment opportunities while working in South Africa.
  8. Learning foreign languages like Afrikaans will help you understand the culture and provide you with a broader vision.
  9. The language is very expressive, and you need to describe your feelings and emotions.
  10. It sharpens your brain and helps you become more intelligent.

After learning all these benefits and a little, I’m sure you are eager to start learning. However, there is no Afrikaans on Babbel! So we got you a great alternative.

The Ling app has got your back! If you wish to talk to native speakers with confidence and enjoy easy conversations, begin learning with Ling and extend your Afrikaans vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

No Afrikaans on Babbel What You Can Learn In The Ling App

A Taste Of What You Can Learn In Afrikaans Using The Ling App

Get Familiar With Afrikaans Vocabulary

Ling will provide you with the most useful vocabulary. Let’s have a quick taste of some common words and phrases that can help many English speakers like you enhance your Afrikaans Vocabulary.

How are you?Hoe gaan dit?
I love you!Ek het jou lief!
Good nightGoeie nag
Excuse me!Verskoon my!
Thank you!Dankie!
Can you help me?Kan jy my help?
I like itEk hou daarvan

No Afrikaans On Babbel? Speak Afrikaans Fluently With An Alterative App!

If you wish to speak Afrikaans, get the most efficient and effective language-learning app that will allow you to learn Afrikaans in the best possible way.

You can easily practice the basic conversation topics and learn some common Afrikaans humorous phrases to add life to your conversations. The exercises are made by native speakers to ensure you learn the natural language that you will be using in a daily life conversation.

How Do You Enhance Your Speaking Skills?

The Ling app has some most admirable features that make it a unique online learning application. You can talk to Afrikaans native speakers easily by using the most intelligent chatbot option to offer you the benefits of conversing with native speakers and comparing your speech with them.

You can practice all the basic and common conversations of your daily routine by trying wonderful phrases and transforming yourself from a beginner to a pro.

No need to search every other word on Google or hire a tutor. You can learn Afrikaans vocabulary easily by practicing 10 minutes a day on the go! While traveling or waiting for the meeting to begin, just open the app and go through any Afrikaans lesson.

Convinced? Learn Afrikaans With The Ling App Today!

Hopefully, you’ve learned all there is to know why there is no Afrikaans on Babbel. But as we mentioned, we have a better alternative for you. The Ling app proved itself the first choice of all language learners. It caters to all the learning styles of language learners. Whether you like to learn by listening or writing, experiencing it in a fun way has got your back.

Whether you find no Urdu on Babbel or no Afrikaans on Babbel, the Ling app has made learning Afrikaans easier. You can learn any new language anywhere you are and whenever you want to.

Leverage the opportunity to assess your fluency levels and see your progress by playing fun mini-games and quizzes. Try out the most outstanding language learning app for free. If you like it, you can continue with a subscription and get the best out of all lessons!

If you like it, you can continue with a premium subscription and get the best out of all lessons! With this app, you can boost your learning experience to a higher level. Download the Ling app on the Play Store or App Store now!

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