Memrise Vs. Speakly Best Review – Which App is #1?

No one can deny the importance of knowing a second language. If you are one of them, you have to find out some of the best language learning apps that will assist you the most.

Are you planning to move to another country, to get hired in a multinational company, or to want to get more career choices? If yes, then learning the native language of any place will help you a lot in your future. Memrise Vs. Speakly comparison will further assist you in which foreign language app you should use in learning a second language.

Other language learning apps such as Rosetta Stone and Ling app have their teaching styles. But you must explore which language learning app suits you entirely with a personal learning style and having the best insightful tips. This will help you learning languages quickly. 


Memrise Vs. Speakly – Language Learning Apps

Memrise is best known for its outstanding online courses and a handful of multiple languages to learn. In comparison, Speakly has an excellent teaching methodology. Let’s explore one by one which language learning app to choose.

Memrise Review

Memrise Vs. Speakly

Memrise is a flash-card app described as one of the best language learning apps with various foreign languages. This app focuses on new words, basic phrases, and lesson walks for language learners. Use this app to memorize and practice vocabulary words from various online courses to learn more languages. Modern technologies have enhanced the mobile app, and it uses mnemonics and spaced repetition to help you remember random words and phrases.

It would help if you began with the first lesson while beginning a course. The following lessons are locked until you’ve completed all of the previous ones. If you are one of the advanced learners, you can get to select more advanced courses. 

  • You can learn with the with native speakers of the target language, which helps you better grip your listening and speaking skills. 
  • Moreover, to enhance your writing skills, you can chat with the native speaker or other language learners. Having real conversations will develop confidence in your personality.
  • Memrise has some proven memory techniques to help you learn fast and memorize vocabulary words and phrases.

Memrise Available Languages

Learning a new language is not as challenging as it was before. With over 21 popular languages, Memrise is still the best of other different apps. Learning Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, Italian, Arabic, and French is more manageable with Memrise. 

Memrise Pricing Plans 

From free lessons to paid subscriptions, Memrise has everything you want. If you are a learner, you can buy an annual subscription, but if you are a beginner, monthly subscriptions will suit you the best. 

  • $8.99 (monthly subscription)
  • $59.99 (annually)
  • $139.99 (Lifetime access subscription)
A free version can get you access to basic vocabulary words and phrases.Primarily suitable for long-term plans. 
Memrise mnemonics will help you a lot in learning quickly.Repetition of exercise is a big concern here.
  A variety of foreign languages are available. The interface is quite tricky for beginners.

Speakly Review

Memrise Vs. Speakly

For its streamlined approach to teaching, this app is attracting a lot of interest from language learners and tech sites alike. Speakly maintains bringing up those basic terms like vocabulary, phrases, and sentences until you’ve mastered them, rather than branching out into various parts too quickly. With a series of activities that focus on a small selection of essential words, you’ll be able to pick up a language instantly. 

Speakly focuses on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to develop your confidence in your target language. It is another excellent app to learn a new language conveniently.

Speakly Available Languages

If we compare Memrise Vs. Speakly, here the downfall of Speakly is that it offers very few languages. It only offers eight languages, including Italian, French, English, Spanish, German, Finnish, Russian and Estonian. From beginner to advanced, you can learn your target language as you want. Visit their website and get access to all the languages and courses.

 Speakly Pricing Plans

You can get access to all eight languages free of cost, but if you get into the depth of language and want to explore more, you can also use their subscription plans. You can learn all languages either free or get a lifetime access subscription priced at $399.

You can learn all eight languages for free.  It has either a free or lifetime subscription.
  It plays a vital role in teaching good vocabulary words and phrases.Only eight languages are available to learn.
  Based on real-life relevance, it teaches essential words and sentences.Price is somehow a little high for language learners. 


Memrise Vs. Speakly – Reviewers Review

Memrise Vs. Speakly? most language apps are valuable in their way, but they also have drawbacks. It largely depends on your requirements. Memrise is great for beginners, and you may quickly learn about your selected language, from vocabulary to basic grammar and sentences. Furthermore, if you are interested in learning other languages, Memrise is the perfect option because it includes a variety of languages.

Although Speakly has a suitable teaching methodology, it has a significant drawback. It only has eight languages available, which is not a plus point for the app. 

 I hope you got a better knowledge of these two mobile apps with the help of Memrise Vs. Speakly comparison. If you don’t want to learn from either of the two apps and want an honest review on other apps, you can check our reviews on “Babble Vs. Duolingo” and “Memrise Vs. Mondly”.  


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Memrise Vs. Speakly

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