Memrise Vs. MosaLingua – Pick #1 Best Learning App

If you couldn’t travel this year due to a pandemic, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn a second language. In search of learning a new language through language learning apps, you might have come across, Memrise and MosaLingua. 

Memrise Vs. MosaLingua comparison will assist language learners in finding the best language learning app whether you are a learning enthusiast or want to explore different foreign languages,. There are plenty of options available on the internet to improve conversation skills. But sometimes one finds it difficult which language app to choose.

Other language apps such as Rosetta Stone and Ling app have their language learning resources and teaching style. You can conveniently learn your target language by using these language learning apps as well. 


Memrise Vs. MosaLingua – Which Is The Best Language Learning Resource

Memrise is the best app to learn a foreign language with its unique memory techniques. On the other hand, MosaLingua is an excellent flashcard app to learn new words and vocabulary. As far as Memrise Vs. MosaLingua comparison is concerned, firstly we have to talk about these apps one by one in detail.

Memrise Review

Memrise Vs. MosaLingua

Memrise is one of the best mobile apps or websites that employ its user community to teach and improve speaking skills, new vocabulary, cool cultural insights, and other basic skills. It uses music, pictures, and memory strategies to help you correlate words with one another for quicker recall, as well as regular exams to verify you retain the information.

  • The app focuses on grammar lessons, audio lessons, and official Memrise courses. 
  • If you want to learn with your friends, the site’s Groups section may be of interest. It will help to improve your speaking skills and listening skills to learn a language.
  • To help you learn a language quickly, it has a proven memory technique. This technique works to enhance your abilities to learn new vocabulary, words, and phrases.
  • You can also improve your speaking skills by listening to the pronunciation of native speakers of your target language. 

Language Courses On MemriseLeading Language Learning Resource

It is the best feature of Memrise so far. It has a variety of foreign languages to learn. From learning Spanish to Korean, Chinese, German, Italian, Arabic, and French, you can learn 21 other languages quickly.

Memrise Pricing Plans 

As far as the pricing plan is concerned, both free version and premium version or paid version are available. Following is the pricing of Memrise according to the duration of the subscription. 

  • $8.99(monthly)
  • $59.99 (annually)
  • $139.99 (Lifetime Subscription)
Memrise uses mnemonics to learn vocabulary and words.Generally, people who have a long-term plan to learn a language are more benefitted than the others.
The free version has plenty of free material for its users.Sometimes, exercises are repeated again and again.
The languages offered by Memrise are enormous.You might get tricked by the interface if you are a novice.

MosaLingua Review

Memrise Vs. MosaLingua

MosaLingua has an app as well as a website to learn a foreign language. Thousands of flashcards in your target language are available in the apps to help you learn new vocabulary and grammar, and each language has its mobile app. MosaLingua Web, on the other hand, has all of the content from all of the applications.

  • Like many other language learning apps, MosaLingua uses flashcards with spaced repetition to teach you new words. This strategy allows you to learn the words and phrases you’ll use while also assisting you in committing them to long-term memory.
  • Rather than wasting time hunting for learning materials, MosaLingua allows you to focus on learning new vocabulary and revising previously studied material. 

Available Languages on MosaLingua

MosaLingua teaches languages with its individual app for your target language, including English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

MosaLingua Pricing Plans

MosaLingua has pricing plans based on the number of languages you want to learn. For each language, it costs $4.99. This is only applicable to learn a single language. But if you’re going to access MosaLingua web with all its cool features and content, you have to pay $4.99 per month or $59.90 per year.

It includes content whether you are a beginner or advanced learner.Its interface is not entirely user-friendly.
With its flashcard and spaced repetition, it helps you to learn new phrases and words quickly. Content available on MosaLingua is not reliable.
It has an individual app for each language.For additional content, you have to pay more. 


Memrise Vs. MosaLingua Reviewers Review

Memrise Vs. MosaLingua? Which app to choose mainly depends upon your necessity. If you are a beginner and want to explore an international language better, you should go for Memrise. You will be able to learn some basic skills with proven memory techniques. Additionally, Memrise has a lot more languages to offer than MosaLingua.

 MosaLingua has flashcards with spaced repetition, which is very helpful in remembering words and phrases, but it lacks in many languages. That is not the only drawback of MosaLingua, and some of its content is unreliable and costs more for additional content. 

I hope this Memrise Vs. MosaLingua comparison helped you better understand the two language learning apps. If you are not satisfied with either of the two languages, you can read our blogs on “Memrise Vs. Speakly” and “Memrise Vs. LinguaLift” anytime. 


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