Mango Languages Vs Mondly: #1 Best Commentary

There’s no doubt that language apps have revolutionized our language learning experience.

Nowadays, you can pick from hundreds of online learning resources to improve your language skills. That being said, picking one can be challenging, especially since everyone learns differently and at their own pace.

By reading this blog post on Mango Languages vs Mondly, we hope you’ll be able to decide which language learning app to use when learning a foreign language! Keep in mind that whichever app you decide on should help you on your path toward becoming fluent.

Let’s get started!

Mango Languages Review: A Quick Look

Mango Languages Review:

Mango Languages has traditionally been thought of as being one of the most commonly used language learning apps and the best language app for beginners.

Users are able to easily access language courses and learn over 70 common and minority languages by using the Mango languages interactive games! Plus, Mango Languages is available in offline mode, which means you can use your smartphone to access its app anytime and anywhere. It’s also available on Android devices, iOS devices, and a desktop version!

Does Mango Languages Greatly Assist In Fluency Growth?

Mango Languages will assist you in swiftly mastering and learning new vocabulary words of a specific language.

Highlights On Mango Languages

Like other apps, Mango Languages’ main focus is to help you better understand a new language, whether that be speaking, reading, or listening. The app also includes cultural notes and informative questionnaires to help you truly understand the language’s cultural context.

Additional Features Of Mango Languages

Mango Languages’ Learning Pathway feature enables learners to study every unit of their target language. The app can also measure a language learner’s long-term retention of the foreign language. For example, the app uses patterned and colored words as a technique to help introduce new words and vocabulary.

Mango Languages also provides machine translations for voice recordings. In other words, when a user submits an audio message, the recorded message will consolidate speech evaluation to determine the right answers. However, the tone of the machine translation is monotonous and repetitious. Not to mention, unlike other language applications, this one does not place a strong emphasis on correct pronunciation.

Mango Languages also provides video content for practicing advanced phrases and expressions used in real-life situations.

Free Version Of Mango Languages

Mango Languages is a free app with limited support. For example, you may only access offline downloaded materials. As a result, you can only study a limited number of languages using the app’s local library, language lessons, and other offline services.

Premium Version Of Mango Languages

The following are three of the Mango Languages App Premium subscriptions:

  • Single Language: $6.67 per month OR $79.99 annually
  • All Languages: $14.99 per month OR $179.99 annually
  • Enterprise: Calculated on an independent scale

The Upsides And Downsides Of Using Mango Languages

Pros Cons
Great for quickly and successfully learning a new language Not good for learning how to pronounce words
Straightforward user interface Machine translations are tiresome
Excellent software for improving speaking skills in real-world situations Flashcards are quite repetitive
Cultural and grammar notes provided Machine translation’s voice is extremely buggy
Concise, well-structured grammatical explanations for new words No writing exercises available
Words are directly translated into English  

Mondly Review: A Quick Look

Mondly Review

Mondly is a conversation-focused language learning application that incorporates gamification, spaced repetition, and speech recognition.

Interestingly, this language learning app emphasizes the learners’ target language as well as their native language. There are also several approaches and exercises available to make learning meaningful and fun!

Mondly now serves over 20 million language learners by helping them to reach their full potential in learning a new language!

Does Mondly Greatly Assist In Fluency Growth?

Mondly, with all its different interactive language activities, can undoubtedly assist you in improving your fluency in your target language, such as memorizing new vocabulary. This app, however, will not assist you in becoming a native speaker.

Highlights On Mondly

The planned courses are effective and may help you learn new vocabulary within only 1-2 minutes through games and other fun activities! For convenience, the app can be used on your smartphone.

Mondly features outstanding graphics. All of it, from the appearance to the concept, is carefully put together. Mondly’s learning environment is also designed to make you feel like you’re on a sightseeing tour. It’s like a map and each location represents a particular topic or course that you must complete!

Below are the languages offered on Mondly:

English (British)English (American)SpanishFrenchGermanItalianRussianAfrikaans

Additional Features Of Mondly

Mondly’s key feature is the daily lesson. With the daily lesson, you have the opportunity to learn your target language or a foreign language while still speaking your native language. You will be able to hear terms and phrases from your chosen language and correlate them with phrases and words from your native language as you master each lesson!

The app is also designed to be like a game, with each correct response moving you closer to the next level. It also utilizes a spaced repetition system to facilitate in the transfer of information from short-term memory to long-term memory.

You will be notified of any new vocabulary you have learnt at the final result of the lesson. You can also view the leaderboard to see how you’ve been performing in comparison to other learners.

In addition, each Mondly lesson contains three types of learning exercises: vocabulary acquisition activities (match images to words), translation activities (translate words, phrases, and sentences from your native language to the chosen language), and word order activities (arrange the terms to produce meaningful words and sentences).

Furthermore, Mondly has a conversational feature, known as the chatbot, in which you can join in on the discussion through speech recognition technology. This allows you to improve your speaking skills while giving you the opportunity to practice the language you’re studying in a discussion context.

Mondly also has blogs where you can study and learn more about various language learning subjects. This seems to be ideal for anybody looking to improve their language skills and have a better understanding of the cultural context.

Mondly also supports the interests of businesses and youngsters through Mondly for Business and Mondly for Kids. Mondly for Business is the perfect app if you own an international corporation and want your employees to learn a new language that they can use at work. Mondly for Kids makes learning other languages more enjoyable for children by featuring fun activities and visually pleasing images.

Mondly’s augmented reality feature also allows you to construct your own world in which to participate, learn, and travel!

Free Version Of Mondly

In its free version, Mondly allows users to access one language and its corresponding lesson materials.

Premium Versions Of Mondly

Here are the three Mondly App premium subscriptions available:

Monthly Subscription: One month for $9.99

Annual Subscription

  • One language per year for $47.99
  • All languages per year for $47.99

The Upsides And Downsides Of Using Mondly

User interface is visually appealing and well-designedNot a lot of grammatical explanations
Wide range of language courses and learning activities Lack of distinctions between levels of learners
Uses games and spaced repetitionNo rooms for errors
Comes in both a free and premium version 

Immediate Thoughts On Mango Languages Vs Mondly

Mango Languages Vs Mondly

The Mango Languages app is great for newbies, as well as Intermediate and Advanced level users, who want to learn a new language quickly by playing interactive language activities. With its interactive lessons and clever features, this learning app delights and stimulates users in their language learning experience!

On the contrary, Mondly deserves credit for incorporating technological breakthroughs into language instruction. Learning languages with Mondly is fun, yet challenging. With this app, you have the option to learn through games or well-thought-out lesson plans.

Hopefully, this blog post has helped you decide which app is best for you! If you feel that neither of these applications is for you based on this review, we have the perfect alternative language learning app that can help you learn a new language and new vocabulary successfully!

Learn A New Language With The Ling App

Mango Languages Vs Mondly

If you enjoy reading about language learning applications like this, check out The Ling App offers over 60 common and minority languages. Due to the various language activities provided, the language learning process is entertaining and simple for the user. Here are some of the best features of Ling:

  1. Language sessions are established with the help of actual native speakers, language consultants, and instructors
  2. Uses spaced repetition technology (ex. entertaining mini-games and educational quizzes)
  3. Has an AI chatbot to support you
  4. Available on the App Store and Google Play

Download the Ling App today and start speaking like a native!

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