LingQ Vs Mango Languages: #1 Awesome App?

Interested to learn a new foreign language? There are several language learning apps all over the internet, but not all of them are worth your time. That’s why today, I will share with you my honest opinion about these two top-performing language learning apps, LingQ Vs. Mango Languages, and tell you whether they are the best ones out there. If you are ready for that, then let’s get started.

There are so many state-of-the-art language learning apps that are published every day. That’s why it’s tough for language learners to choose which one is the most suitable for their learning style and needs. Most language learners need to review the quality of the language learning apps and identify if it’s economical (premium version) before availing them.

This review will help you distinguish which of these two language learning apps (LingQ Vs. Mango Languages) is the essential language app to achieve language acquisition easily and comfortably. I will also recommend an alternative learning language application at the end of the discussion. Enjoy reading!

LingQ App: A Quick Analysis

LingQ is a language learning application that helps users learn at their own pace. This app offers several language learning resources such as audio lessons, language courses from its library, and a community feature like language exchange partner to achieve language proficiency of their target language.

This language learning app also monitors and collects all the data that users accomplished and performed. That’s why it automatically display interactive lessons and interactive captions related to their achievements.

To sum things up, LingQ is a language learning application that offers a behavior-based approach to learning style.

Can LingQ Help You Become A Native Speaker?

LingQ is an app that focuses mainly on listening exercises to practice reading from a specific written material about your target language. For this reason, this app requires more other language learning skills to help beginners and advanced learners achieve fluency in learning a new language. Thus, It cannot help the language learners to become native speakers of their target language.

How To Use LingQ

Users of LingQ are allowed to choose a written work that they prefer to study. Most languages reading materials are accessible in LingQ’s online library, but they can also upload other reading materials that they wish to read. They can also upload video lessons, news, podcasts, and mixed media lessons to learn a language.

The chosen reading material by the user will highlight various words in blue color. This means that those highlighted words are the unfamiliar vocabulary words that users need to master and understand. If the blue highlight turns to yellow or with no highlight at all, it means that a user has already learned the words and perhaps has become an advanced learner of the new language.

Features Of LingQ

Below are the excellent features of the LingQ app to guide learners in language learning:

1. LingQ offers Core Languages and Beta Languages which has 42 different languages

Available Languages On LingQ

English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Greek, Norwegian, Latin, Esperanto, Ukrainian, Czech, Romanian, Arabic, Finnish, Hebrew, Turkish, and more.

2. Offers several vocabulary training tools such as flashcards, dictation, multiple-choice questions, and cloze tests in learning new languages.

3. LingQ is accessible both on the website and smartphones (IOS and Android App).

Is LingQ A Free App?

LingQ has a free version, and the learning materials are entirely free but are limited to other features like vocabulary training tools.

LingQ Premium Version And Subscription

Below are the premium subscriptions of LingQ:

  • A premium account costs $10 per month
  • A premium plus account costs $39 per month 
  • An annual subscription costs $107.88

Pros And Cons Of LingQ

Pros Cons
Generate own study plan Unstructured language learning lessons and activities
The user can administer all the lessons they learned and attended The graphic user interface is very complex for a beginner
Online tutors or language exchange partners are available via video lessons Online classes from online tutors are partially uncleared

Mango Languages App: A Quick Analysis

Mango Languages App

Mango Languages is a great language learning app for a beginner in mastering and understanding new words quickly. It offers 70 languages, including popular language, foreign language, unusual language, and minority language. Also, this app can be accessed even if the user is in offline mode with limited features. Mango Languages can be used by downloading the App Store (IOS) and Playstore (Android Phones). It is also available using the website.

Can Mango Languages Help You Become A Native Speaker?

Like other language learning apps, Mango Languages only focus on mastering new words. Though this app has various methods in teaching the users to learn a language and help them become more advanced learners, it requires more language courses to be fluent in a specific language. Moreover, grammar notes are insufficient, and pronunciations are unclear.

How To Use Mango Languages

New users need to sign in (either on the website or in the mobile app) and enter personal details. Using this app, they may choose their learning styles in their language learning journey. Language learning techniques and interactive exercises like repetitive flashcards (for listening skills), reading activities, comprehension activities, and speaking skills are available so learners can choose based on their learning style.

Features Of Mango Languages

Below are the remarkable features of the Mango Languages App in helping the users to become advanced learners:

  1. Study the target language like reading a book. Language learners are provided by one of the Mango languages features which is the Learning Pathway. This feature will help the learners to learn languages per unit and chapter through memorizing vocabulary words.
  2. Patterned-colored words are provided to learn a new language and new words easily.
  3. Abridge grammar lessons and cultural notes are provided to passionately learn languages.
  4. Equipped with machine translations that are similar to Google Translate. These machine translations have voice recognition software that compares the recorded voice sent by the user and the correct pronunciation from the machine.
  5. Offers video lessons to teach both verbal and non-verbal languages like facial expressions, body movements and gestures of a specific language that are used in real-life situations.
  6. Administer online courses of 70 different languages that can be accessed using the premium version.

Is Mango Languages A Free App?

Mango Languages has a free version, and this version might not help language learners be fluent like other native speakers of a specific foreign language. They need to subscribe to a premium version to study their target language passionately.

Mango Languages Premium Version And Subscription

Here are the three kinds of the premium version of the Mango Languages App:

Single Language – only one language can be used

  • A monthly subscription costs 7.99$ per month. 
  • Annual Subscription costs 6.67$ per month or 79.99$ per year.

All Languages – all 70 languages are available

  • The monthly Subscription costs 17.99$ per month. 
  • Annual Subscription costs 14.99$ or 179.99$ paid every 12 months.

Enterprise – a few languages are accessible depending on the language learners

  • Price is custom-built

Pros And Cons Of Mango Languages

Pros Cons
Learn a new language quickly specifically, new vocabulary words Repetitive and constant flashcards
Provides cultural annotation Inaccurate pronunciation of words
Impart grammar notes The messages are composed
Deliver English translations for language learners There are no writing exercises
Smooth graphic user-interface The native speaker audio has a slow voice
Speech recognition technology in monitoring speaking skills Machine translation has a monotone voice

LingQ Vs Mango Languages: Final Review

LingQ Vs Mango Languages: Final Review

After honestly assessing the two language learning apps (LingQ Vs. Mango Languages), I choose the Mango Languages. Because of its affordable price (premium version) and various language learning features, I think it is perfect for my learning habit and budget.

On the other hand, choosing the best app to use is still a personal choice and should be based on your requirements and preference. So if you’re looking for the best alternative app to those two that might perhaps suit your learning method, then I suggest trying and downloading the Ling App by Simya Solutions now!

Alternative Language Learning App: Ling App

Are you looking for an alternative app to make your language learning enjoyable? Then here is one of the most convenient among several language learning apps over the internet, which offers various language resources in learning a native language, the Ling App.

LingQ Vs Busuu-Ling App

Ling app by Simya Solutions is a language learning app that engagingly teaches languages. It is also a suitable app for beginners and intermediate learning their target language. This app offers interactive exercises such as listening activities and review sessions about a specific language that learners need to achieve.

Hurry! Grab and download Ling App now and expand your target language in a fun way of learning!

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